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I think I’m supposed to introduce myself on here. Well here goes, My name is Joseph. I recently made an account because a friend told me about this website. I actually ignored her for awhile but she finally got to me and here I am. If anyone has any questions about me don’t be afraid to ask.


Hello and welcome to the T[word] TAN boards, Joseph!! :3 Yeah, an introduction is a good place to start out, so I say you made the right call. :wink:

Oh do I have questions for you. :stuck_out_tongue:
What’s your favorite anime? What’s your favorite video game? What’s your favorite color, season, and music genre? What kind of toothpaste do you use? Is this your first forum? Who invited you to come here? What kind of underwear, boxers or breifs? Do you think you’ll spend more time posting or being on the community? Do you think this dress makes me look fat? What are your goals for the future? If you can’t pick a favorite anime, then what genre or list of shows do you highly regard? :slight_smile:
Note: You are required to answer in all feilds.


Shoots Iron with a tranquilizer dart, sorry some members get a little hyper now and then.


I suppose I would say my favorite anime is soul eater, my favorite video game would probably be need for speed no matter how lame that might sound, My favorite color is green, My favorite season is Fall, My favorite music genre is Rock and Roll though I do like music in other genres as well, I use crest toothpaste, this is indeed my first forum, cpmartin98 invited me to come here, I wear boxers, I will probably spend more time in the community, I think you look beautiful in that dress and someday I hope to be an anthropologist. Any more questions?


Welcome! post often.

When you get enough posts,you will be cool enough to join us is our manly forum dance


That looks like jolly good fun.


[quote=“outlander” post=110143]Welcome! post often.

When you get enough posts,you will be cool enough to join us is our manly forum dance[/quote]



Pulls tranquilizer out. You sounds like a very interesting man; in a good way, that is. :stuck_out_tongue: Quite a stunning response with ample and ready details. A good member, you will become. :slight_smile:
I hope you have a wonderful time on here posting around and making many new friends! :3

I hope I get to join that dance soon… it seems almost… hypnotising. :blink:
No, seriously, where’s my invitation? :<


Welcome to you! Enjoy the party!


Yeah that’s right Pretear, you and your uterus can GIT.