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im the new guy and im loving all this anime. my favorites are gintama ,samurai harem,uh-go and elfin lied.i like both subbed and dubbed as there are differences in dialog that make it quite interesting to watch over again. if you have any suguestions of anime i might like ,feel free to let me know .


Hello and welcome to the tyroma TAN boards!! :3 I haven’t actually seen any of those anime before, so I wouldn’t know what to suggest. :blush:

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to you! You have some nice shows there. There are plenty here on the site that you might like.

Dokkoida?! is a good comedy. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is also amusing.

More good ones are Another, Dusk Maiden Amnesia, Ghost Hound, Blue Drop, Demon King Daimao, The Skull Man, GetBackers, Le Portrait de Petite Cossette, Pet Shop of Horrors, Legends of the Dark King ~ A Fist of the North Star Story, Phi-Brain ~ Kami no Puzzle and of course Highschool of the Dead - there are too many to list, but there are plenty that I think you would like on the player here!! Enjoy!!