I’m new and stuffs…yeah…I got into Anime about a month ago (dunno how long…maybe like 2 weeks ago?), anyway. I dunno how to introduce my self O-o if you have any questions for me…feel free to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here!

So, what kind of shows do you enjoy?

Hi! Welcome to TAN. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I like the action/adventure. Horror…and uhhh…that’s it.

Oh and school type shows as well.

So…uh, any questions?

Welcome to TAN. You, should like High School of the Dead that is currently being shown on the Online Player.

I watched the two episodes of H.O.T.D. and read the 26 chapters of the manga. It’s awesome ^-^

Action/adventure/horror, with a dabble of the school theme, hmmm. You may like Yumeria, Pet shop of horrors, Elfen Lied(had a lot of nudity, but blood everywhere), Golgo 13,and Tears to Tiara, those are just a few that I can think off the top of my head, but some of them you’d need a subscription for and some are up for free.

Oh, and A.D. police.

Wow… How did I forget Demon King Daimao, that is an absolute must, one of the best ever made.

I’ve watched Yumeria.
But thanks for the new shows ^-^

I just started watching Elfen Lied…and some guys head blew up O-o

Just keep watching, it is a bit confusing at first, but it makes a lot more sense when you get to the 3rd or 4th episode.

i cant watch the 3rd ep…i cant subscribe.

sucks that i have to subscribe to watch anymore of High School Of The Dead ;~;

Welcome to you! You might also enjoy Gilgamesh and Area 88.

Thanks ^-^

Elfen Lied, one of my favorite shows, that’s a good one. Welcome to the boards and as for the subscription… it’s the best thing you’ll ever spend your money on.

thanks. and my parents would kill me if i asked to subscribe to this O.o

:laugh: Naw, man! You should write out some very good convincing stuff to read to 'em so they’ll agree to it.