My intro

my name is prote lets see i like a lot of anime but here is a few off the top of my head bleach, outlaw star, cowboy bebop, flcl, trigun, blood, gintama, most of the gundams, akira, samurai harem, g.i.t.s, eyeshield 21, and many more :evil:

Hello! Welcome to TAN! Have fun, follow the rules, and if you have any questions just ask. Someone will be glad to answer.

and that’s all I’m saying on the matter :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to you! You have quite a nice list there. :slight_smile:

Welcome to TAN. :slight_smile:

If you like Cowboy Bebop/Outlaw Star and Samurai Harem, you’ll love Demon King Daimao.

to all and i will check out Demon King Daimao

Hi Prote. Welcome to TAN!

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here. Just don’t break anything, or Slow may come after you. :wink:

And I second the Daimao recommendation.

Hi and welcome! Come back and post often. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the homeland.


Welcome, Prote!

I see that you’ve already posted a few times around the forums, that’s great! We always like to have new people!

Feel free to jump into any convo that interests you or start a new thread. All we ask is that you use the Search Function before starting a new thread (especially in the Anime Section).

Please read the Rules located in the Grey Tab at the top of the page, it will tell you all kinds of cool things like how the boards run (and also how to make a sig and get those nifty icons under your avatar).

We have an Online Player that has several complete anime that are free to view for Registered Users (which you are now). You can get a Premium subscription for very reasonable prices. The first two episodes of every anime are always free.

If you have any questions, just ask! Many people will answer you and most often than not, they will all be great answers; but remember, Moderators generally have the best chance of having the CORRECT answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

We want you to always have fun while you’re here, so please come back and post often!