his it me when click on show i want to watch but page dosent load can anyone help

zameek wrote:

Go to this thread and answer the questions and someone will help you out.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/

OP Technical Issue Report
We need to know some specific information in order to troubleshoot your issue:

  • Give us a short summary of the problem you are experiencing with the Online Player.

  • Did this just start happening, has it been going on for a while or is it a problem that came back after being fixed?

  • Affected Show Title(s) - is it happening to a particular show, certain shows or everything

  • Affected Episode Number(s) - is it happening to a particular episode, certain episodes or all episodes

  • Affected Language Version - if the show is Dual Language, is it the dubbed, dubbed or both versions that are affected

  • Affected Video Format - is it the SD, HD or both versions that are affected

  • What Operating System are you using? Which version is it? (Windows Vista, Mac 10.4, etc)

  • What Browser are you using? Which version is it? (Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 3.6, etc)

  • Is it happening in just one Browser or multiple browsers?

  • Is your Flash Player/Plugin up to date?

If you are having trouble with smooth video playback, tell us about your internet connection:

  • What type of connection are you using? (Cable, DSL, WiFI, ect)

  • Run a speed text and post the download speed results - we recommend[/quote]

Not to mention you are in the wrong subforum, friend. You posted in conventions. Locking this thread, please post the above information into,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/.


Edit: What slowhand said :< Her lightning-fast whip strikes again!