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to slowhand… my apologies; i thought i followed your link and did according to your wishes. this forum is not all that easy to find where to make a reply or to know just where i am to do so. i will no longer use the forums for any purpose whatsoever. at this point i will start looking for another site for my anime. thank you for your help.


I’m sorry also - I guess I’m just not explaining this correctly.

When you’re on the Main Forum page, the second category down is AN Online.

This category, AN Shows is for discussing anime.

I’m really trying to help you get this resolved. Did you see the questions I asked you before?

[quote]Administration has tried to replicate your issue.

They get the “Are You Still Watching?” prompt, but the player consistently unpauses and resumes the episode. (not jumping to next episode)

Is this still happening to you?
And is Argevollen the only series this has happened on?[/quote]


no, my apologies… you have been helpful and it is appreciated… i understood and thought i was posting on the ANO page… had a main hard drive fail yesterday and i was letting it affect me more than necessary… all problems i’ve had seem to clear themselves up within a day or so; i’ll keep that in mind and not hassle it from now on… again, my thanks…

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