Trying to watch anime episodes,

I have registered Even subscribed, but yet when i go to watch Anime episodes it plays for about 30 seconds stops then gives me the splash screen of the beginning anyone know why?

oh also, i was able to watch 6 episodes of a series before this started happening.

Exactly what time did it start happening? (12pm? 12am? 4am? 5am?)

We have a thread dedicated to these problems:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/

Please post the following info (especially the speed test info) there.

[quote][size=4]Having a problem watching a show in the Online Player? Tell us here! [/size]

When reporting a problem we need some specific information:

  • Show Title(s)
    • Episode Number(s)

    • Language (if avail. in both Sub & Dub)

    • Video Format (SD or HD)

    • OS & Version

    • Browser & Version

    • Flash Player Version

    • Type of Internet Connection (Cable, DSL, WiFi…)

    • Connection Speed

    • Date/Time when problem occurred or Range of time you’ve been experiencing this issue

    • Detailed description of the problem you are experiencing

The more specific and detailed your report is, the better we can troubleshoot your issue.

If you are having trouble with smooth streaming, we highly encourage you to run several connection speed tests & post the results here. Try or a similar service.

Finally, it is very important for you to let us know if the problem persists or gets resolved.[/quote]