Hey I am new

Hey I am new to the network but a die hard anime fan who likes to support and surf anime communities around and have my very own small anime community based on Discourse of my own. I’ll see you folks more around.
Do welcome me or i’ll tell genos kun to give you a beating!

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Welcome to the madhouse @Massacre , hope you enjoy your stay. Oh by the way I have this guy on my side:


Welcome to you, Massacre! We love seeing new people around here. Enjoy the site!

Ah, yes. Another Victim New Member.

Good to have you, explore & enjoy.

Mark Gosdin


Hello and welcome to the tentigo TAN Boards!! :smile:

Glad to see some new faces joining. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you have a great time posting around and making many new friends!! :3

Welcome to you, @Massacre

It’s a great time of year to join us! We love Christmas & anime! :smile:


Now I can give you a proper welcome in Intros. :smile: It’s great to see new members.

I hope you find some threads you’ll enjoy.

Welcome welcome!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!