New Here. Long Time Anime Fan

***Good evening ladies and gents. Just want to say hi. Name’s Morbid Anjel, and I look forward to meeting you all, talking shop, and all the other things that make us happy. Went to Comicon yesterday, and it *was pretty cool. Should’ve made sure my camera was charged, but I was too excited to remember. At any rate, it was a great show, and the lovely people at animenetwork suggested I show up here. Okay, it’s nice to meet you all, and now I’m going to watch something.

Welcome to TAN, what anime are you into?

This site is haunted by the ghosts of n00bs past! But seriously, welcome and good luck. :3

Welcome to you! Hope you’ll jump in and join us often!

'And now i’m going to watch something." That’s the spirit!

Watch a great many things and welcome aboard.