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Hi ^_^


some of the anime I like are Rozen maiden,kyouran kazoku nikki,Romeo x Juliet,kaichou wa maid-sama,uta no prince-sama,La Cordo D’oro,shugo chara,and waaay more lol XD I also love to read :stuck_out_tongue: I mostly read manga and am always looking for new ones to read (so if you know of a good manga let me know lol) I also love music :slight_smile:


I watch more anime than I do read it. Prime example I bought a serious of anime called love hina. 850+ hours and I watched it all in one day


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Hello and welcome to the tesserarian TAN boards!! :3 There are plenty of music-lovers around here, so if you want to we have a nice music section in the Media Hub. :cheer:

Well, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to you! Hope you can join us often!


Y HULLO THAR!!! Great to have ya here, discuss some of your favorite anime with us.