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New here!


Oh hey guys! I’m new to the forums, and wanted to say hai! You guys seem like a nice bunch, especially the ladies. :wink: My hobbies include not failing, skate boarding, animu, and all around being kewl.

By the way, this is my favorite song.



Hello and welcome to the TAN boards!! :3 I have the same interests as hobbies are concerned; except skate boarding, since I can’t do that at all. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice song, by the way. :wink:

Anyway, I was wondering, what are some of your favorite anime titles? Or do you have a specific genre that you enjoy? :slight_smile:


Thanks for welcoming me! One of my favorite animes is Special A!


Never seen it before, but it looks like a good show. :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you have an awesome time posting and having fun on here~! :3


Welcome to TAN, hope you enjoy the site. :slight_smile:


Welcome to TAN. I hope you enjoy your stay here.


Welcome! I’m new too and so far everyone has been very nice. Enjoy your stay!


Welcome to our world of anime. Cool avatar. lol


Welcome to you! Hope you have fun!