Hi Everybody!

Welcome @VitsOfNeoTokyo!

Please feel free to browse our little home. It’s a small community, but very quaint :blush:

As this is your first visit here, a few things.

Firstly, here are The Rules of our forum. Take a few moments to go over them carefully so you can get caught up on things.

Secondly, you mentioned that you have ANOD on your cable provider. We have a thread where you can report in every week on which programs have arrived, and which have not. The ANOD report thread.

New programing should be uploaded every Thursday at midnight.

Depending on your provider, there are 2 access points to find new programing. For most providers, it’s The monthly program blog. but if you are on DirecTV or some versions of Spectrum, here is The weekly schedule

You mentioned K-ON, Akira, and Robotech in your post. What are some of your other favorite animes?

I hope you enjoy your stay here! :grin: