Hi i have returned once agen,it me Andy-X :)

i know some of you…some are new faces my user name was once Andy-X so yup,i’m back :slight_smile: :side:

Hello, poster formerly known as Andy-X. I think I might be one of those new faces. Glad to see you came back to the mad house!

lol i’m guessing things hasn’t change good to meet you. :laugh:

Andy!!! Welcome back dude, how’ve ya been? What have you been up to?

ive been trying to get back in but all of this new stuff was blocking my path :frowning:

Ha, it’s the pre-2012 madness! What do you think of the new look?

Welcome to you! Glad you came back!

Here’s some news since you were gone

Rai went to Sweden and finally got that operation he wanted