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Im back


i doubt most people here will remember me but i have come back my old account was scat
lol when i first joined on that account i used to be confused for omegaweapon i was normally in the spam/rpg sections (i cant find the rpg i gues it got taken out :sadface:)
i used to talk to a few of the mods/amins i havent been on in about 8 to 10 years.
hope you remember me.


i have managed to remember my old password

and mayby its not as long ago as i thought lol but still its been awhile (i still will miss the rp section)


Hello and welcome back to the TAN boards!! :3 I’m Iron Kawaii Tager, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, as I wasn’t on here back when you were. :blush: I hope you have a nice time back! :slight_smile:

There used to be an RP section? :ohmy: Hmm, I never would have guessed. Too bad I got here late. ^-^;

Anyway, I hope to see you around and that you enjoy yourself at this time of returning! :3