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It’s been quite awhile and boy, has this place changed! Kewl! Been so long I’m having a rough time remembering who everybody is…so, gimme a shout and jog my memory if you remember who the heck I am…(I still have to look at a photo ID every now and then to remember myself! lol!) :laugh:


**Hey, I remember you!! Welcome back!

If you got the email then you know that we just revamped this site and started it up yesterday, so we’re all finding our way around.

To make a sig or put those little icons under your avatar, go here:**,com_kunena/Itemid,65/do,show/func,myprofile/

(it’s not all linked up yet) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions about anything, just ask! (But I’m sure you know that only the mods answers count!) :wink:

Zoom around to all the forums and jump into all the convos that interest you; come back and post often!

Slowhand :kiss:


That was a very bold set of statements, Slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back fgerbil. Name kinda rings a bell, age is finally settling in for me as well.


Hey! Thanks guys…I remember the names…I see your posts managed to stay with you…I must of lost over 1,000…lol! I was a voracious poster at one time…Now I seem to live in Second Life…it takes Role Playing to a whole new level and lets me do something that I haven’t been able to do in RL (Real Life) in quite awhile which is DJ… :slight_smile: That makes me a happy camper and pays my SL rentals…I must warn you though, do not go into SL unless you can handle the addiction…(I think my RL family has abandoned me… :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well…Que sera, sera…


fgerbil46 wrote:

No, no, our posts didn’t stay with us… These posts are just since we started up again in April 2009. We lost everything in Feb 2009 and had to start all over again. :frowning:

I’m afraid to go to something like Second Life, I’ve heard about it and I’m scared I’d be addicted to it. I have that kind of personality. This place is bad enough.

It’s good to see you back here… try to stick around for awhile! :wink:


Wow! Wot happened? That sounds serious bein’ down for 2 months! You get nuked? Next time I do a CW gig I’ll dedicate Alabama’s “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas” to ya! :wink:


Hey fgerbil, welcome back to the forums. I think I may remember you, but I’m not sure. Did you used to have a different avatar? Hope to see you around the forum a lot. Post often.

PS It’s been almost a year since the forums got back online and I don’t even have 1000 posts(I noticed slows’ remark about posts). I must break the 1000 mark by April 1st.


Hey thanks slickwolfe…I did have a dif avatar…it was a naked anime girl in bondage…lol, I don’t think I was much in these forums after April or so of '07…kinda got sucked into sl…but what can I say…stuff happens…


fgerbil46 wrote:

Yes, we got ‘nuked’*. It wasn’t fun. Then, trying to recreate everything was very… interesting. BUT, we did it and what you see is the result.

*hacked… perhaps, nothing was ever proven.


Hey! Havent seen you in forever it seems. Welcome back!


I wasn’t around when you were, but welcome back! I hope you like the changes!


Rai wrote:

Thanks Head Honcho! I appreciate your recognition! :cheer:


dragonrider_cody wrote:

Thanks! They are amazing! But I can see you’ve been busy here! So many Posts! :slight_smile:


fgerbil46 wrote:

[quote]dragonrider_cody wrote:

Thanks! They are amazing! But I can see you’ve been busy here! So many Posts! :)[/quote]

Well, my evil twin occasionally posts under my screen name as well, but don’t tell anyone!


Hujambo! Ahoj! Hallo! Dia duit! Ciao! Bonjour! Hola! Salut!


Welcome back, though I think I should be saying hello as well.


I think I’m new since your time but welcome back. :slight_smile:


spazzysam wrote:

Funny…She didn’t even say “Hello”…What’s up with that? :laugh:


HA! HA! fgerbil46! From the old “Wild West” days. I and The Anime Bar missed you. A hearty welcome back old friend


We’ve never met, but welcome back as well!