Hello! Another not-so-new person here!

Just recently made a return to TAN…it just took me a little while to find my way back here. Wow,am loving the new look!

Peace all! :laugh:

Welcome back. nice to see you. post often

…and yes, I’m still as incredible as before

Welcome back Iluvpeacemaker!

Welcome back, it’s been a while. :slight_smile:

Nice to see you’ve navigated the site!

Welcome back!! :laugh:

Welcome Back!


The ranks are swelling! Good to have ya back.



I gave you a link to here like two days after it came back up.



Ooh, thanks for all the warm welcomes!

Glad to be back! I’ve missed chatting about all the shows…but um, yeah, i have had a bit of a distraction from facebook and all it’s addicting “wars” apps.

Am checking out the topics and promising to post more between battles.:wink: