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Ten Years Later: Hidamari Sketch Anime Series

March 9, 2017 at 05:00 PM

Q. Are you guys planning to release Hidamari Sketch Season 4 and onwards on Blu Ray?

A. Yep! Hold tight. Season 4 is being worked on.

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Q. Sentai-senpai, a couple of requests! Please do your best to get the Sae and Hiro Graduation arc OVA’s for Hidamari Sketch and the Alice War OVA from GuP! If you can do that, I’ll go Yandere for you!

A. Thank you for your suggestion, but what degree of yandere are we talking about here?

HiDive just made my day again!


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Dude, clean up your notifications!

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That’s on my old phone lol :joy:

I still use it for stuff like Crunchyroll and HiDive on Wi-Fi

Just curious, but how many episodes of Hidamari 365 are on HiDive?

VRVDIVE only has 13 listed, out of the 14 regular episodes (aka excluding the OVA’s)

Is Hidamari 365 #14 a similar scenario to TLR Darkness 2nd #13 and 14, where the streaming rights couldn’t be obtained?

I don’t know, perhaps @Series5Ranger does

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Wikipedia has it listed as an OVA so I’m pretty much assuming here, but that’s more than likely the case

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Thanks for the input Slow and Series5!

Was curious since the Home Media version has it listed as 14 regular episodes and then the 2 OVAs.

Sentai and their episode numbering system :dizzy_face:


Edit, more thoughts

That makes it even stranger that the S1 OVA’s, and SP have digital distribution through HiDive :thinking:

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Too bad this person doesn’t provide what the answer was. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Please Sentai.


That’s a shame… :slightly_frowning_face:

I might still eventually pick it up if the subtitles are reworked. (Season 1 has quite a few errors, alongside the whole tomato/ tamago misprint.)

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I forgot about the subtitle errors . Someone should probably mention that to them just in case .

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Admin says Hidamari Sketch is going through QC right now and they’re trying to catch everything.


Just for reference, here’s the tomato / tamago scene…


Those aren’t tomatoes, they’re tamagos! (Eggs in Japanese)



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Well, we got one more fixed! :joy: