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I wonder if it is at all possible for there to be a fifth series, introducing at least one new neighbor, because apparently the manga is continuing merrily along post-Hiro and Sae.

The one hanging story element is Yuno’s indecisiveness when it comes to a life goal. She frequently takes inspiration from the actions of others, and feels keenly the need to live up to expectations – but what does she expect of herself?

It’s possible.
It is a relatively good seller for TBS/Shaft.

Is there any word yet either on bringing the Graduation Arc to the webswite or on releasing Honeycomb on DVD?

Though the Hoshimittsu BD was just announced at AX for a November release.
So I expect a Honeycomb release isn’t too far off in the future.
Though I guess that’s really dependent on when TBS decides to release a Honeycomb boxset, which one hasn’t been announced as of yet.

Q. When is Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb coming?

A. Sooner than you think. #NotakonSentaipanel2014

Q: - Hidamari Sketch honeycomb?

A: - Okay I just asked them, and yes they have the rights to Honeycomb, and will give a release date soon.


Q. What happened with the physical release of Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb? Why doesn’t it have a release date yet?

A. There IS a release date for Honeycomb, but unfortunately it is an internal release date, which could change depending on a number of factors.

Seriously? Come on.

I think they are juggling several issues, there’s the delayed graduation episodes that I would hope would be a part of the Honeycomb release, then there is the question of Blu Ray vs DVD, all the other sets were release as DVD and then later re-issued as Blu Ray. You would think that Honeycomb would be released on both.

I don’t doubt that Sentai has a release date but they know all too well about “best laid plans”. Can’t blame them for keeping quiet until they are completely certain.

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Q. Is their any news on a release for Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb? I really hope so. Oh and thanks for releasing the first three seasons and OVAs on bluray. I just had to double dip to see Yuno and her friends in HD. :slight_smile:

A. Yes, there is news on the Honeycomb front. We have finally hammered down a release date for it on our schedule, so it’s on the way!

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Chances are it might come out just in time for the holiday season then…I hope.

With the stars aligning and Sentai finally able to get Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb into their release schedule, I thought I would start talking about the companion Manga that Yen Press has been publishing under the title of Sunshine Sketch.

I became familiar with Ume Aoki’s work originally thru her character designs for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I liked what I saw and knew that her Hidamari series was available as a Manga and Anime on TAN so I started watching & collecting.

One important thing to note, the Manga is a classic 4 panel and the stories play out sequentially for the most part VS the Anime where the stories are not in cronological order even though they do show the months & days that they cover.

Volume 1 starts the series with stories that cover the early part of the first year that Yuno ( We never do get a clear indication as to any of the student’s family names. ) spends getting settled into the Hidamari Apartments, across the street from the main entrance to the Yamabuki Arts High School, and becoming comfortable with her apartment mates Miyako, Sae & Hiro. The Manga starts with the two older students, Sae & Hiro, watching as the various students read their test results that were posted by Yamabuki. As an example of how the Anime relates to the Manga this short set of color illustrations becomes the basis for the x365 ( second season ) first episode. It gets greatly expanded and consolidated with the first several chapters to create the full episode of the Anime. It really says something about Aoki’s story telling and the Anime’s use of it that you don’t need this story to enjoy the first season, but once you have seen it you want to rewatch and see how it ties in.

Since this series started in 2005 and has been going for 10 years in the Manga you can easily see how Aoki’s style has changed over time, most noticeably when she went to entirely computer based drawing. Her sense of humor and thoughtfulness in the stories have stayed consistent and kept the series entertaining.

The Manga is up to 7 volumes from Yen Press in the US and is even with Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb + the two Graduation Specials which hopefully Sentai will be able to get to go with Honeycomb. There is a volume 8 that was just published in Japan that covers much of Yuno & Miyako’s senior year. It will probably end with a 9th volume as Yuno and (Surprisingly) the ever poverty stricken Miyako are preparing to go to College, so another round of tests, results and another graduation are left for Ume Aoki to write about.

If you enjoy the Anime I do recommend that you collect the Manga ( Watch for a Anime original character that finally puts in an appearance in the 7th volume. ) as it definitely enhances the Anime.

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Looks like everything has been available for a while now except Graduation Arc. I am very surprised and somewhat disappointed that it has taken this long. What happened?

Without any specific information I can only surmise, however Hiro’s VA Yuko Goto had serious health issues in 2012 at the end of Honeycomb and was not able to work consistently for some time after. So the two OVA episodes of the Graduation Arc were delayed roughly a year until she was able to work on them.

I think that Sentai held off on releasing Honeycomb at first in order to secure the two OVA’s and then further delayed it’s release so that it could be on Blu-Ray like the re-releases of the earlier series.

Since nothing in Anime moves fast, other than the actual production itself, here we sit in 2015 waiting for the long promised release announcement for Honeycomb.

As a side note Goto-sensei is actually very much a Biker-Girl in real life, she voiced the sweet girl Ayano in Lucky Star and also did the Gotouza-sama biker girl that is called in to discipline the Lucky Channel characters when they have a falling out. She’s quite a lady.

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Hidamari Honeycomb BD When? #SentaiNotakon @Sentaifilmworks
Soon, hopefully! #SentaiNotakon

Season 4 Cover/Disc Art



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aww…so darn adorable
will add, must complete

wait for graduation…

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“Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb” Blu-ray Disc Box 2017 Release decision!

Noted that this promo shows the two graduation specials as part of the release. Still looking for them from Sentai.

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Unfortunately, this is probably the reason for the excessive delay on Sentai’s release. Hopefully they will be able to nab the OVA’s, but a complete set of the two probably won’t appear until mid or late next year.