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How Do U Sort Ur Anime or Manga

Hey TAN im thank U for liking my threads but im not going to be making that many new thread none the less
Because not that many TAN members participate and i don’t do these new threads for my health i do it for U and theres a 50 50 rule to making my thread theres a give and take im giving respect but im not getting respect

so back to the topic at SLOW hand no pun intended :smiley:

Do U Sort Ur Anime or Manga by COLOR, GENRE, A-Z, GENDER ect…






Alphabetical, EXCEPT my favorite shows, and special shape PBS’s.

Favorite shows get their own area, same as the SS PBS.

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Well im the odd man out i do my anime a bit differently
i do mine by date in when i bought them

is that weird ?


Not at all! That’s chronologically by purchase!

And a very good way to remember just how long you have owned a series :grin:

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Alphabetically first & by series/franchise chronology next.


I do put my weird sized PBS on the Bottom Shelf of my turnstile Video Holder and I have a separate Shelf for my DVDs


Due to a lack of shelf space I’ve got my Manga sorted by series, but placed on shelves where they will fit. If there is an Anime associated with the Manga ( Non Non Byori, K-ON, etc. ) then the Anime cases follow the Manga. BTW, the Manga is ordered in volumes Right to Left as that faces the covers correctly to my eye.

Alpha would be nice to put things in order, but that can leave space unused on the shelves and I can’t afford to do that right now.

Need to buy another shelf, then I need space for it. Gotta re-organize the Study again.

Mark Gosdin


I got no idea at this point in time and space . It’s a random nonsensical mess really .


:point_up_2: diddo :point_up_2:


Manga is digital for me.

For the anime, I have a four-shelf thing for my anime discs

Top row, discs I haven’t watched yet (this is huge because of a 30 anime for $30 deal, and most are midseason stuff from when like 2-3 episodes were on a disc). No real order other than stuff I want to watch next are first, then any multiple parts that I have at least vol 1 of, then other series I don’t have vol 1 of.

The other three are in alphabetical, but with another rule first.

The second shelf is for anime with sub and dub, but I only watched it one way. Basically these are series I bought blind, enjoyed, but haven’t taken the time to watch the other language.

The last two (because I have that many), I have watched, and if it has sub and dub, I have watched both (some have jumped to this level because I have watched the sub online, and I was just waiting on the disc to watch the dub)