I Demand a Plain Roll!

That’s a quote from Fumoffu by the way. :laugh:

Doing some testing of the OP shows for this event to test performance and what’s working/not… and came across the Full Metal Panic Fumoffu trailer.
I should be watching it, come to think of it, instead of helping around at this late hour. :stuck_out_tongue:

You all have watched this series already…RIGHT? Like 10x RIGHT? :slight_smile:

If not, here’s your chance!

Based on the thread subject alone, I thought you were complaining about a Crunchy Roll! :wink:

At least it wasn’t a Rick Roll. (I still don’t know what that means. :unsure: )

I have watched Fumoffu a billion times on dvd and now on TAN and I enjoy it everytime. :slight_smile:

Everyone should watch this, at least once in their life.

YES WATCH IT Luci Christian + Chris Patton + Hillary Haag = WIN

Please, please watch more than once! It gets better everytime!

ZakuAce wrote:

You can never go wrong with Hillary Haag. Luci and Chris are like extra icing on the already awesome cake!

I’m definitely over do for a complete rewatch of the whole FMP series. I think I will start that once I finish Princess Resurrection and Chance Pop Session.

And this thread has put me in the mood for sushi. I would kill for a shrimp tempura roll…

***Why Plain?;_-
Now hand over the roll, or else I’ll shoot.

I have seen Fumoffu 3 times and while plain roll is funny I have one word for you


Wasn’t it more like:


Definitely one of Vic Mignogna’s finer roles…lol That episode was incredible though.