That's How I Crunchy Roll 24/7

Explain how you watch or how you want to watch, Crunchyroll content or Hidive or Netflix or however you consume your anime and you can even post whatever else, non anime you consume.

But at the end of your explained post, you post. That’s how I ( Type in what source your viewing the content from ) Roll ( and you have the option to put 24/7 ).

then the below member can ask the above member , why do they " Roll " like that?
and anyone can give an answer to maybe why the above member feels that way about anime

A quick side note you don’t have to put Roll, you can write something that’s more related to you.

Game in Action

I’m going to watch the S2 Dub of Laid Back Camp, with an indoor fire pit and while roasting marshmallows

That’s How I Crunchy Roll, on the low

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I’m going to watch Gushing Over Magical Girls, while squeeing like a schoolgirl over Bat Yami.

Cause that’s how I Hidive roll for Yami!


Question why do you Roll like that? is it because Yami drives you Batty

Im going to be watching my new CYBB claim’s show A Condition called Love, on one condition and
that is if she is secretly a Magical Girl

Cause Magical Girls is who i Roll with. Thats how i Crunchy Roll Big time

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@Psychopuppet Is she like a Black Magic Girl?

Going to watching Blue Giant on Bluray because im feeling Blue

All Blue Everything Thats how im Gkids Roling tonight cold_face:

HI Red Lurker nice to see you around im Blue Watcher today