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Technically I'm not new... But oh well! :P


[size=4]Please do not comment in this thread it is of no use anymore. I am back to using FoamyFreak so make all comments in that thread. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:[/size]

It’s been a few years since I’ve been on and I created this new account because I can’t seem to be able to get my password for my old account sent to my e-mail. So, if I can somehow get it to work I’ll be back on my old user name, but for now I just decided to use the only other user name I ever used besides FoamyFreak. I’m looking to be checking out the new style of the forums and getting to know some of the newer people, as well as all the really old members that might remember me. lol My name is Bryan Stott, currently I am a Freshman at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and my major is Exercise Science. I am not familiar with most new anime series but I still love all the older ones I own on DVD. My favorites include; Outlaw Star, RahXephon, Saiyuki, Madlax, Full Metal Panic!, Blue Gender, Sorcerer Hunters, and a lot of others… Good to be back!


Full Metal Panic! is a classic. You sir have excellent taste. Anywho welcome er back to the forums. See you around.


Welcome Back, Fateddismay/FoamyFreak!!

I’m sure most of the ‘old timers’ around here remember you! :slight_smile:

I’ll send a note, and probably next week sometime we can see about getting your old username back. Several people have reported that problem. The office has been really busy as of late, so I’m not exactly sure when they’ll be able to get to it.

As always, browse around and jump in whenever you want… and please start your thread back up in ‘Fan Made Media’!!

Glad you’re back, this time stick around!! :laugh:


FoamyFreak, what’s up man! You don’t mind if I still call you that, right?

Is Exercise Science like physiology or something? You plan on becoming a physical therapist?

Nice to see you back.


I like to think I have good taste… :stuck_out_tongue: I remember you from before PretearHimeno.

Lol which thread Slowhand? I’ll do my best to stick around! And thanks for the info!

Yea Hentai that’s cool lol it’s what I’m used to anyways. lol Yeah it’s basically a lot of that. I could do physical therapy but I would have to take a lot of extra classes that I just don’t feel like doing. haha


Fateddismay wrote:

The one with the poems, of course!


Lol alright I’ll do that :stuck_out_tongue: Idk if I even have all the old ones… I’ll take a look around for them, I have one new one and I’ll try to write some others… :slight_smile:


Well, you are new to me! Hello there. Loved your poem. :slight_smile:


Hi again I guess, but this would be my first time to say hi.


Thanks!! Hello to both of you for the first time as well! lol


Hi foamy, love your bod…I’m thinking of going down to Bloomsburg now…rrraawwrrr…

ps I’m not gay.


Hahahahahaha, wow. Thanks? lol I believe you… and neither am I. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back! It’s great to see more members returning.


Fateddismay wrote:

Awe… sweet of you to say. I hope it isn’t for the wrong reasons! :slight_smile: Anyway, welcome back again n stuff.


Lol nope, no wrong reasons! Just remember the name and remember reading through a bunch of your posts. Thanks!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… kay. So on your hiatus from TAN, did you ever go through withdrawals? :laugh:


Hmm… ummm… at times I suppose. I always missed the good times and memories I had with all the people on TAN… Figure most of those times where back when I was in 9th grade and when I started writing all the poems and stories that I had done. And now I’m a freshman in college so it’s been a while since I first joined… :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah I had a lot of times I went on to see what was going on but I could never remember my password… I remember going on maybe once or twice a few years ago… But then I instantly went back to not going on anymore… I was very fixated on my girlfriend back then so I was usually with her or talking to her… But now I’m bored all the time! Looking to stay on for a while this time though.


Hello and welcome. I’ve only been here for a year, so we’ve never met before. But I did like your poem. Very nice.

And everything Himeno says about me is lies!


Haha thanks! I’ll try to keep that in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


I, unfortunately, do. Good to see ya again Foamy!