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I Dont Understand?


i was just wondering why does cablevision carry Anime Network On Damand :slight_smile: but not the normal anime network ? cause if they have the license to carry VOD then why not Anime Network ASwell ? :dry:


chikane19 wrote:

I guess I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

What do you mean by “normal anime network”?

As you know this is ‘The Anime Network’, so I’m not really following what you getting at by ‘normal anime network’.

Could you give me some sort of description of what you’re talking about? Or, if you know someone that receives this channel, where do they live?


im sorry im kinda new to this animenetwork stuff and i always thought that there was a noraml network Thats not VOD ? again i apogize for been wrong


chikane19 wrote:

There used to be a channel that showed episodes scheduled at regular times. Could this be what you’re thinking of?

Unfortunately, they took this channel off the air several years ago.


chikane19 wrote:

The Anime Network is not like the Cartoon Network.

I refer you to this section on Wikipedia:

24/7 Linear Service
From June 30, 2004 to January 4, 2008, Anime Network offered a 24/7 channel available to cable and satellite providers. The service was only carried by small cable companies. On January 4, 2008, Anime Network officially announced that the 24/7 service would cease operations. The network will still operate as a Video On Demand provider.