Xbox Live Online Player and any Chances of AN returning back as a Cable Channel?

Will there be an online player available through Xbox Live, like Netflix does a subscription? Also, will there be any chances of Anime Network ever retunring back to cable service? VOD is grand and all, but I would much rather pay a little more on my bill each month to just come home, change the channel to Anime Network and relax ratehr than trying to find something new on On Demand.
I am aware that Netflix and Hulu present tough comptetion with your online player, (especially Hulu), but for a site totally dedicated to Anime, it would be awesome to see a place with a huge online anime library.

It’s something I’m sure they’ll consider.

As far as the Cable option, with how the anime industry has been hit through very hard times in the last few years, it’s unlikely. You never know what the future will hold though, but right now the Cable companies have consistently asked content providers, especially alternative programming for VOD since Linear Channels are extremely expensive and there just isn’t enough channels to go through, especially with HD content taking more and more of the remaining bandwidth.

As a consumer what you can do is continue to do what you are doing, support Anime Network and any Legal anime offering and keep calling and writing your Cable provider and ask them to either give Anime Network more storage space or ask them to bring Anime Network the channel (give them the website if needed, sometimes customer support has no idea what anime is, they might think you mean Cartoon Network).

Not to bring up the competition, but Funimation Channel(.com) has an option on their site (think it’s called “get fun”) where you can fill out a little form asking for the channel and they forward it to your provider. Maybe something like that here? The more voices that get heard…
You just never know!

Anime Network did that for many years a while ago… then the cable and satellite companies kept telling Anime Network and other content providers they wanted VOD.

Right now Viacom can’t even get cable operators to carry it’s new movie channel EPIX. If they are having trouble, imagine how hard it must be for someone like Anime Network.

dragonrider_cody wrote:

That’s their fault for flooding the market with channels are basically the same.

blakdragon7 wrote:

[quote]dragonrider_cody wrote:

That’s their fault for flooding the market with channels are basically the same.[/quote]

Possibly, but the point is if a channel that has the potential to get a large audience is having trouble getting on the air, what hope does a channel with a very limited audience potential have. Also, I don’t see how you can say Viacom is flooding the market with movie channels, as they don’t own any.

No, but there certainly is no shortage of movie channels, from basic cable to upgraded cable to premium - plus the VOD pay movie options - and not even counting the ones that only show movies part of the time. I think with our digital cable we get at least 10 - TCM, AMC, IFC, 5 Encore channels, MGM’s movie channel (which I discovered in the HD stuff), Fox’s movie channel, Lifetime’s movie channel… there’s more I’d have to look at the guide to remember I’m sure. Who needs to pay for HBO or any of those guys?

rebecca1/2 wrote:

True, but that’s entirely up to the subscriber. One could make the argument that if you already have Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Boomerang, NickToons, Disney XD, etc, what do you need Anime Network or Funimation Channel for?

Also, most of the movie channels you listed don’t air new movies, which HBO, Showtime, Starz, and EPIX do or will.

I think the real shame is that we have all these channels now, and there’s hardly ever anything to watch. And they wonder why more and more people are streaming and downloading online.

I’ve seen some pretty new stuff on Encore and MGM, but you also have the TWC Pay Per View for new movies. I’m not sure Viacom’s movie channel would be all brand new stuff, though, either. I left out Sundance and Bravo, which also show mainly movies, too.

I really have no problem with TAN staying VOD, I can watch the shows when it’s convenient, be it 4 am or 4 pm, and I have 2 or 3 weeks to watch them. Unlike Sci-Fi, where if I’m not home at 11 on Monday night, I’m out of luck.