Wikipedia help!

There is the TAN page, and I am working to update it and make sure I have correct information on the page and don’t make a mistake, and could use help making sure I have provided the correct type of service TAN provides, and where.

Not all cable companies are listed in the table as I haven’t started working on it to update it, but any changes needed to be made will be done post haste.

While admins here are advised against editing due to the nature of Wikipedia…anyone else wishing to help is encouraged.

So any ideas or corrections needing to be made at this time? (sources for things would be good too. :wink: )

Good idea. Well the first place to stop at is the Schedule page of the menu here. It lists most of the main cable and sat companies providing Anime Network.

Well yeah, but I am not yet working on the cable companies yet, will get to them. First wanting to make sure TAN is properly represented for what it does, and who owns it and such. After the basics of what TAN is/does is done, then I will cleanup the other bits of information on where people can find TAN. I added UK to the list of places TAN has services too in the online environment.

Bringing the total to 3 countries TAN services. B) Also corrected the link to the online player. (Does the UK website need to be connected to for UK viewers since it routes back here anyway as the TLD just uses and aliases it to .com anyway? So do UK viewers have to use the to view programs or is the online player internally checking IPs only rather than IP plus HTTP requested URI?)

Just wanting to make sure I have the services correct

Use for the UK site.

dragoon wrote:

added link to UK online player. :cheer: