Im bored, so i thought ill make my long awayed TAN intro

Hello…im Kyouta

So ive been on TAN for awhile. Since About 2005.

And i just like to have fun on TAN.

THank You for your time.

Hope that everyone has a good time like im going to.

(Sincerly From YOUR Favorite MOD) :side:


Well, welcome anyway…

Hey Kyouta, it’s a good thing to see you making it finally official… LOL! :laugh: It’s good to have you with us, and thanx for hangin’ out with TAN for so long! To make it official from me… welcome again to TAN, and see ya’ around the boards.

And I thought me and Lumis took a long time to make our intro topics.

Hello, Kyouta, and welcome to the tan TAN boards!! :3

Uhmm… I think I have seen you somewhere before, but I am not sure from where. :huh: Oh well, it must be my imagination. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and makeing many new friends!! :slight_smile:

Hey hey now that wasn’t very nice Devil! Yea yea I know but somebody had to. Did they now? Please explain how you were the chosen one to advocate such an undesirable comment. Uhhh I would but do you really think we should continue this conversation here? I mean… you’re talking to yourself John. Don’t you think some might find that awkward? :blink: :blink: :blink:

Well that was certainly alarming, I thought he knew. :evil: While he continues to let that sink in please allow me to extend our warmest welcome to you.

Welcome ME