Newbie here

Hey guys, just subscribed to the anime network and I thought I’d check out the site when I came across the forums, and well…here I am. Greetings, all.

Good to have ya, man. Feel free to discuss whatever, plenty of people to talk to here with some serious love of anime. Visit every single inch of the forums!

Great, thanks. Think I will do just that, its hard enough to find forums on anime at all, let alone good ones lol.

Welcome, PatrioticGringo7487!

It’s great to have you around!! :laugh:

Tell us what types of anime you like, that’s always a good jumping-off point.

And, if you like Asian Movies, I have a Schedule thread you might be interested in (shameless plug) :blush:

Please keep coming back and participating in the forums!! :kiss:

Haha, nothing wrong with shameless plugs. I’ll check the link out thanks.

I guess when it comes to fave type of anime, I’d have to say romantic comedies like Love Hina, Ah My Goddess, and Maburaho, or action like Cowboy Bebop and Burst Angel since those most of the kinds I have seen. I do like sci-fi and giant robot ones like Gundam and Evangelion though also. I’m kinda all around lol.

Welcome young man.

Hi Newbie! Enjoy the site!

Welcome! I just got back myself. :smiley:
*Flowering brought me back from the dead :S *


most likely. There have been a lot of the dead rising lately : D