Important Announcement - Please Read

Has anyone relayed our request to merge the forums with HiDive?


I’ve sent the link for their review.


Something else I’d like to add.

The AN forums are where I find out what the newest Sentai licenses and upcoming physical releases or Sentai sales are.


That is very true. In addition, I get information on what manga is getting an anime. I can keep track of it here, without searching all over the internet for updates. All the news is here so I don’t have to go to other sites. I like that about the AN forums. This place is just near perfect. Everything I need is right here! I still think connecting the forums to Hidive is a great idea.

We also get site maintenance reports, so we know when either Hidive or this site is going to be down. We get announcements on when the offices will be closed. This is important news and the forums are a perfect platform for these announcements.

I am not a social media person, so the point is I can log in here and not have to go anywhere else. I even keep the forums open as I watch my anime, so I am always up to date. I also track anime watching here - when the new episodes are up on Hidive, as well as what I have watched. If the forums were with Hidive, even better!


I consume more manga than I do anime nowadays and finding these forums has made it more so. Similar to what Wicca said, when I see there’s an anime adaptation coming out I get excited to check out the manga.

Also in the forums, I get reminded of manga series I had started a long time ago and think, “I never read any more of that one. I’m going to pick it up again.” Or maybe I give a series another chance.

This has been a great resource to help me find more manga to read. And I appreciate it and all the people who make it thrive. If we could just make more hours in a day that would be perfect. I need more hours to read all this manga.



I hope HiDive doesnt think that Twitter, Threads, or Instagram is a better place to reach people over a dedicated forum.


It maybe a great collaboration if Hidive can merge one of their social media feeds with a database forum layout. Because it seems like everything is starting to merge together, with businesses nowadays and it will attract a larger audience, connecting the best of both anime worlds :thinking: