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What does the demise of TAN mean for the forums?


It’s as simple as that. What will happen to these forums now that Section 23 has engaged yet another premium service (isn’t Anime Strike enough?) and the TAN TLD has been sold off to apparently become a scheduling website “solely in support of the Anime Network television and cable VOD service.” That announcement leaves me doubtful of the forums future existence. Please tell me I’m wrong.


Look here. Important notice for anime network online users


Snowy, how do I claim the TAN Annual Member discount/credit at HiDrive? So far, I find no mechanism.


Attempting to find this out, @Newshawk


It would be great for this forum to continue at some point.


oh dear, just got nausea. wow.
This is a bit of an emotional shift. good thing my meds keep me balanced

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It was in one of the other TAN news threads that this forum will continue under the TAN VOD / Cable banner.

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An Invitation for Quarterly and Yearly ANO Subscribers from HIDIVE

July 26, 2017
Your pro-rated HIDIVE Premium Membership awaits!



Your answer in the above post.


Got it!