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Captain Earth / Kyaputen Asu


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Genres: action, science fiction
Themes: aliens, mecha, real robots, war
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of Episodes: 25
Vintage: 2014-04-05
Opening Theme: 1. “Believer’s High” by flumpool
2. “TOKYO Dreamer” by Nico Touches the Walls
Ending Theme: 1. “Amethyst” by HANA star. Ai Kayano
2. “The Glory Days” by Tia

Plot Summary: After seeing a strange full-circle rainbow appeared near Tanegashima Space Center on TV news program with strange deja-vu feelings, high school sophomore Daichi Manatsu traveled to Tanegashima (where his father serving as the commander of the Space Center) on the first day of his summer vacation. There he met a mysterious girl Hana Mutou, a genius hacker Akari Yomatsuri, a quiet boy Teppei Arashi (but with fiery side), and — to his biggest surprise — a giant robot called “Earth Engine,” designed to repel invading KILL-T-GANG, a mysterious mechanical life form from Uranus. Meanwhile, the invasion from KILL-T-GANG is already underway, giving Daichi and his team of teenagers no choice but to pilot Earth Engine to defend his home planet. (from ANN)

Star Driver Team Makes Robot TV Anime Captain Earth

posted on 2013-09-06 12:30 EDT
Studio BONES reunites director Takuya Igarashi, head writer Yoji Enokido


ep. 2

Daichi summons Livlaster, It’s super effective!


Episode 2 -

[details=spoiler]That seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through just to get the mecha into space. LOL I think the getting there lasted longer than the actual fight! LOL

I’m glad Daichi got rid of those gear things. They seemed rather cruel. And it was nice that he got Hana and Teppi outside too. I’m not sure who or what they are, but I don’t think it was necessary to keep them virtual prisoners like that.[/details]


Press Release


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Daichi is put in handcuffs for giving Teppei and Hana a taste of freedom. This organization is ridiculous! And Salty Dog is going to put the kids in those Gear things again. I’m glad Tsutomu put a stop to that. He also takes Teppei and Hana to live with him. Daichi and Tsutomu’s daughter, Akari, join them as well. One big happy family! LOL But I think it’s what the kids need.

The Kiltgang that was responsible for Daichi’s father’s death makes an appearance after nine years and that nasty man from Salty Dog tells Daichi about it, hoping to get rid of him. Daichi does take off in the Earth Engine and Salty Dog thinks he’s done for. But I have faith in Daichi!

Tsutomu is getting a taste of Akari’s hacking abilities. I think the more he finds out about his daughter, the more afraid he is of her. LOL His little darling is very skilled! Hana finds out what Daichi is doing and sings a song. It seems to be giving off power, but will it be enough to help Daichi? Daichi is definitely his father’s son, but he also happens to be in an unrepaired mech!

Another mech appears and the enemy calls it “Albion”. However, it attacks the surprised enemy. Is this the power that Hana sang for? And the pilot of the other mech is Teppei! Was he originally part of Kiltgang? In any case, I’m sure Salty Dog is not going to be pleased with any of this. Good![/details]



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Captain Earth & Haikyu!! Each Listed with 25 Episodes

posted on 2014-04-06 23:57 EDT

Online retailer Amazon is listing nine volumes each for the Blu-ray Disc/DVD releases of the television anime series Haikyu!! and Captain Earth. Haikyu!! is listed with seven 70-minute volumes and two 47-minute volumes for an estimated 25 episodes. Captain Earth is explicitly listed with 25 episodes.

Crunchyroll is streaming both series as they air in Japan.


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]“Belly Button Forte!” What a way to try to cheer a guy up. LOL And it actually worked too. Even better!

No wonder Teppei looked so sad when he returned. He’s not the same anymore, but now a Kiltgang – a threat. But at least Tsutomu is still on his side and swears everyone to secrecy. However, there is a ring imprinted on Teppei’s hand with one spot filled. I wonder if this is the number of times he can use the mech before something happens.

The enemy is undercover on the island. Daichi and Akari meet Moco when they buy crepes from her, and Daichi seems to enjoy her exposed belly button too, much to Akari’s annoyance. Pitz seemed not to like Moco, and perhaps the kids should have made better note of its reaction.

Daichi is allowed to visit Teppei, but the enemy has followed him to the base. They’re in, and hacking the security systems too. Now I am wondering what is in that trailer. A mech? Luckily, Akari spots the virus, but it’s too late to do anything about it. Tsutomu knows that Teppei is the target and rushes to where he’s being held.

But the enemy has already found Teppei and calls him by a different name. They also wonder if he’s gotten his memories back. Teppei just looks sad again. Tsutomu and the troops arrive and Akari beats the virus just in time. The security system is back and the enemy is forced to retreat to the trailer. There was a mech in there! Will it be Daichi or Teppei that stops this thing before it destroys the base?

Looks like it’s going to be Teppei. A deal is proposed. If Teppei goes with them, the others will be spared, for now at least. Teppei moves forward, but a hand reaches out to stop him. It’s Daichi! He’s badly injured, but he’s not going to let Teppei go. The Livlaster appears in his hand and he shoots at the mech. The enemy has to retreat again, but they’re certain that Teppei is still one of them. Can’t wait to see what comes next![/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 01 is now LIVE![/b]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Akari taught Hana “Belly Button Forte”! LOL But it doesn’t quite work the same way with a dress. At least that’s what Daichi said. Teppei is looking a bit depressed. He knows who he is now, but isn’t too happy about it. He’s worried that he may change and become an enemy.

Teppei is given a mission to capture and protect a Kivotos Plan Sleeper that is also a prisoner, and is the one that gave Teppei his genes in order to make him a designer child. Technically, this man is Teppei’s father. In addition, Tsutomu is covering up the fact that Teppei is connected to Kiltgang. Teppei is sent to the Tenkaidou for his mission, where the Sleeper is being kept in the Ark block. Akari is sent with him with the excuse that she wants to see her mother.

When they arrive, Teppei notes a supply shuttle at the dock and seems a little suspicious about it. His suspicions may be confirmed when Akari sees that some of the alarms have been turned off in the Ark block. Teppei and Akari get to the Sleeper with no problems and Teppei is amazed that one so young was his gene donor. Akari tells Teppei that the other intruders are already in the area and will be there before they can wake the Sleeper. Teppei comes up with a quick plan.

Akari traps the three intruders as they begin the process to wake up Arashi. Once awake, Teppei fills him in and Arashi knows exactly who Teppei is, for he gave Teppei his name. Now, they just need to escape before the other intruders can get to them. The intruders arrive to find their target gone, but they have a pretty good idea of who has taken him and begin their pursuit. But they have been tricked again!

It was funny when Arashi asked Teppei if Akari was his girlfriend. She makes a face when Teppei says that she isn’t. One of the other intruders has found them. Another quick plan but Teppei is almost shot. However, Arashi protects him and takes the shot himself. I don’t think Teppei liked that he did that. Arashi comes up with another escape plan and Teppei disagrees with it. Arashi tells Teppei to listen to his father. Teppei seems to resent that as well. He had never even known what a father was and now he suddenly has one.

An alarm goes off in Command when they blow through a hatch with explosives. The escaping trio makes their way to the supply shuttle, but finds more armed men guarding it. When Arashi mentions being Teppei’s father again, Teppei tells him to stop. He doesn’t see this man that way. Arashi just hugs him and apologizes as more alarms go off. Teppei pushes him away and see that the hug was a ploy to get his tranquilizer gun. Arashi shoots Teppei and tells Akari that the plan has changed. He is going to surrender in order to protect them. He tells Akari to take care of his son and leaves.

Back at Globe, Tsutomu is telling the other that while Arashi is indeed a criminal, his assault and attempted murder was to protect Teppei. He had tried to stop Teppei from being used by Macbeth Enterprises. On the Tenkaidou, Arashi is taken at gunpoint to the supply shuttle and is gone before anything can be done. On the way back to Earth, Teppei and Akari talk about their parents. Akari tells Teppei that Arashi looked at him the same way her mother looks at her. That surprised Teppei.

It’s learned that Salty Dog was behind the abduction of Arashi. However, they are denying it. Teppei apologizes to Tsutomu for the mission’s failure. But was it a total failure? Tsutomu tells Teppei that once the shuttle landed, Arashi escaped his captors and disappeared. Teppei later thinks about what Arashi told him and I think he may be ready to accept Arashi as his father. Besides, although he denied it, I think Tsutomu wanted Teppei to meet Arashi, and gave him this mission to bring it about. Knowing that he has a father may make Teppei more human.[/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 03 is now LIVE![/b]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Eiji is still missing and Yomatsuri knows her ex-husband had something to do with setting him free. Tsutomu can’t even look at her, so she knows it’s true. But their conversation is being hacked – by Akari! I thought she was better than that. How did she get found out so quickly? Anyway, dad is annoyed and forbids her to use her magic. Akari brings up the “Kivotos Plan”. It’s an escape plan for humanity. Akari wants nothing to do with it. Her father reminds her that it’s top secret and threatens her with arrest.

On the other side of things, CEO Kube has a conversation with Puck. Once the Kivotos Plan members evacuate, the Kiltgang will kill whoever is left on Earth. Puck describes the Kiltgang as a kid of space vampire. They desire massive amounts of Orgone energy and once they have it, they will leave the Solar System. Once humanity dies, the planet will be useless to them. Kube thinks he can turn Earth into a utopia inhabited with the people of his choice.

Toshiaki has come looking for his nephew. Daichi finds out a little more about Hana. Teppei tells Akari about Planetary Gears. Daichi gets upset that Hana considers herself only as a tool created to fire the Livlaster. Akari asks Teppei if he remember being Albion, but he evades the question.

Kube is confident that he is the only one that can talk to Puck. There is all kinds of security and only Kube’s biometric data can open the lock to Puck’s room. At least that’s what he thinks. Amara and Moco have no trouble breaking through all that great security. Puck greets the two as “Amarok” and “Malkin”. They ask Puck if Kube knows who they are yet, but Puck assures them he hasn’t figured it out. The A.I. is a very good “tool”.

Salty Dog gives Hirosue another job. It seems he’s after Hana again. I still love the old paper cup and string type phone he uses. LOL Toshiaki takes Tsutomu to task for not sending Daichi home immediately. Daichi requests permission to speak with his uncle and explain his situation. As the talk, Pitz runs to warn Hana of danger, but he’s too late. Hirosue has found her, outside and unprotected. He holds her at gunpoint. Pitz runs back to Daichi and interrupts the talk with Toshiaki. He’s able to get Daichi to follow him and Pitz leads Daichi to Hana.

Hirosue has her on a boat and is still holding the gun on her. Toshiaki has followed his nephew and gets shot at. It’s only a warning shot, but it’s enough to scare the heck out of him. Daichi warns his uncle to stay back. He moves towards the boat and Hirosue fires at Daichi’s feet. Calling his Livlaster, Daichi demands Hana’s release. Hirosue asks Daichi is he can really shoot someone and the Livlaster disappears. As Hirosue insults him for not having the guts to shoot, Daichi whips out his boomerang and throws it.

It does the trick and Hirosue falls into the water. Daichi calls to Hana and she jumps into his arms. As Tsutomu arrives with guards to take Hirosue, Toshiaki gets an idea of the situation, although he really doesn’t understand it. Tsutomu says that he can’t tell him anything and Toshiaki promises not to reveal what he’s seen here today. Toshiaki also sees the change in Daichi and knew this day would come.

Tsutomu is later informed that Hirosue was turned over to Salty Dog. He thinks the Ark Faction is starting to go to extremes to make sure the Kivotos Plan succeeds. Tsutomu shows Rita and Peter a view of the dark side of the Moon. Rita is shocked. Very few people know about this, and Tsutomu explains what had happened. He tells Rita that this is how the Earth will look once the Kiltgang are finished with it. Although Globe supports both the Ark Faction and the Intercept Faction, Tsutomu himself supports the Intercept Faction. He feels that the Kivotos Plan and humanity are doomed.

Rita wonders how Daichi faced the Kiltgang and still survived. Peter tells her that Livlaster’s Orgone energy protected him. But even if Daichi can fire the Livlaster, Earth’s situation is still pretty hopeless. Tsutomu gets emotional, wondering how he can protect the Earth and humanity, and punches the wall until his hand bleeds.[/details]


Ep. 03

Still not sure what to think of this one yet.
Save for Robotech, I’ve never really been a fan of big robot shows.


Yea, this one is a bit of a hard one to get into.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 04 is now LIVE![/b]


Ep. 9

Lesson learned this episode:

Don’t mess with Akari . She plays serious hardball.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 05 is now LIVE![/b]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Amara mentions that Albion seems to like his avatar body. Moco says that she doesn’t mind hers either. Globe has made the connection between Macbeth Enterprises, Amara, and Moco. They are designer children too, but I tend to think they are something a little more. The Kiltgang continues to be discussed by Tsutomu, Peter, and Rita. Once again, Tsutomu is not going to report their findings so as not to alert Salty Dog. But Salty Dog may already have enough information of their own.

As the kids enjoy watermelon, Hana mentions that Pitz told her that such times won’t last much longer. Teppei tells them what will happen if even one Kiltgang reaches Earth. They talk a little bit about the situation and Pitz starts getting very excited. The Kiltgang are going to attack! The kids report to Tsutomu, but there really isn’t any evidence to support it, and who can believe a pet squirrel anyway?

Hana says that Pitz has given her a rough time and location. She points it out on a map and tells everyone that it will happen that night. Daichi has already gone to the Earth Engine and is standing by. Tsutomu protests, but Daichi insists that he is ready. Tsutomu sees much of Taiyou in his son.

A Kiltgang does appear and Hana is praised for her prediction, but she tells them that it was Pitz. I guess they still don’t believe that a squirrel can talk to her, let alone predict the use of Orgone energy. Daichi is launched and the Earth Engine is charged. Daichi meets the Kiltgang he met the first time and engages. Pitz tells Hana that Daichi is in danger and she tries to get Teppei to go with her. But he doesn’t want to do that again. He feels that he won’t be Teppei anymore if he does.

Akari slaps him and basically tells him to do his job. She tells him that they will all eat melon together the next day and that it has to be the four of them. That wakes Teppei up and he goes of with Hana. Daichi is now facing two enemies! Hana begins to sing her song, but it doesn’t look like Daichi will be able to last too much longer. Albion appears at the perfect moment to save Daichi. He takes on Malkin while Daichi faces Amarok. Malkin is about to attack Daichi, but Albion stops her and there is a massive explosion.

Back at Globe, it’s noted that Teppei destroyed his own Ego Block. Daichi gets away from Amarok, but the Earth Engine receives more damage. However, he gets a little help. Daichi and Amarok attack one another and there is another explosion. Somehow, Daichi wins! But is Teppei all right? Back at Globe, he’s retrieved and Teppei seems to be okay. However, there is a Livlaster in his hand!

Tsutomu tells his ex-wife that he is canceling the request for Akari to be a Kivotos sleeper. Yomatsuri tells Tsutomu that Akari is very much like him. Yomatsuri looks at Tsutomu fondly and says that he’s found hope. She knows him so well! She tells Tsutomu that she will leave Akari to him. After she signs off, he tells Peter that he’s reported the situation to HQ and he also got them to allow Hana to stay. Everything will be kept classified for the time being.

Tsutomu walks into Command and there are all three kids, standing in line and suited up! Tsutomu says their full names and announces that they are Globe’s independent attack force! He has named them the “Midsummer’s Knights”. Tsutomu tells Daichi that he is the official driver of the Earth Engine and the leader of the team. Pointing at Daichi, Tsutomu names him “Captain Earth”! It seems Tsutomu really has found his hope![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]The team’s first mission is to find the other designer children in Odaiba. Daichi is uncomfortable with everyone calling him Captain. LOL The team ends up in a casino and meets Zin, a croupier there. I have a feeling that this may be one of the people they’re looking for.

Daichi and Teppei go off to search for the Machine Goodfellow, leaving the girls to their own devices. As Daichi looks around the docks, he runs into Amarok. He tells Daichi that he was the one that killed his father, but Daichi already knew that. Pulling out a gun, Amarok takes a shot at Daichi and disappears.

Zin gets a visit from an old schoolmate, Naoko, who tells Zin about another classmate named Takao. Takao didn’t seem like a very good friend to Zin and even took credit for a photo that Zin had shot. Zin is later introduced to an owner of the casino who intends to use Zin’s talent to make the casino more money. Amarok and Malkin walk into the room. As Amarok takes care of the man, Malkin kisses Zin and awakens him. They welcome Zimblat back to them. So, he is a Kiltgang!

Daichi is launched in the Earth Engine to face the Machine Goodfellow. Akari finds out that the pilot is Zin from the casino. More hacking determines the machine’s weak spot. Daichi tries to shoot it, but there is a sudden blackout caused by Zimblat. However, Daichi is able to activate using Orgone energy and fires at Zimblat. He fires as well. Daichi wins and his mission is complete, although he cut it a bit close. The power to the surrounding area comes back on.

Zimblat is retrieved and Amarok says he forgot to let Zimblat know that he would be fighting a Neoteny. Zimblat says that the Kiltgang are the real humans. This is getting very interesting![/details]