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Ipod touch 4th generation


I have subscribed to this on my ipod because it wouldnt let me watch some of the shows. but now that i have subscribed it should let me watch all the shows but it isnt letting me. For example when i try to watch Towanoquon it says "Media missing The content URL for this episode is missing please check your internet and try again. But my internet is obviously working since i can type this and post this…
Also i have IOS 4.2 the most recent one. Connection is wifi and im using the app.


I have the same problem T_T


yeah its kind of annoying that i paid for this and i dont get anything out of it


First of all, there is already a thread for iOS issues. Please post any issues there as that thread automatically notifies admins and mods. New threads don’t do that, and make it harder for admins to track down problems. In the future please make sure to use that thread.

Secondly, if you would have looked in the iOS thread you would see that an update has been sent to Apple to fix the issue. They are just waiting upon approval. The approval process can take some time, but the issue should be resolved soon. Thank you.