It's Been a While But I'm Back

Hey I missed everybody… It’s good to be back.[large][AnimePaper]scans_Toshihide-Sano_Axion-akari(0.69)__THISRES__255075.jpg

welcome back im new to the site its very nice 2 meet u

Welcome back, Major!

Nice to have you back! :laugh:

Long time no see, where have you been and what have you been doing?

Good to see you again


Welcome back! I have no idea who you are, so glad to meet you!

thanx 4 accepting my friend request major

Major theres this werid guy with bees flying all around him, whats his story?

Major! Great to see ya! Gonna beef up the art threads, right?

Haissan wrote:

Motherf*cker, I thought I banished him to the netherworld!

We haven’t met yet, but welcome back anyway!

Well I’ve been here since early 2007. But during the site’s rework I was helping Beta tester for the Online Video Player… If you remember it was having problems. That and the Forum was kind of messed up for a while at least for me things would not load rite and sometimes the content page frame was out of alignment and I could not log in and other things… So I decided that I should give it break and wait till the site was working better before I came back. It might have to do with the fact that I use MAC in stead of PC, or maybe not. But That’s why for a while I was gone.

It’s really nice to meet you. I’m not on a lot because I’m on like 5 other sites and I only get like 3 or 4 hours to work and check on other things… I don’t have internet at home so… Many of my replies will be quite late.

Thanks. Well it’s nice to meet you. I hoe we can talk more in the future.

I thought you did too… What a B@$t@rd… May be we should sneak up on him and kill him in his sleep!?

Good to see you too.

Good to see you too… So what happened to your Bar?

PS Cute avitar…

You Know it… I’m just having some trouble posting image links.