Oh Hai There

What the hell has happened to this site? AGAIN? I was this close to not coming back but here you have it. Damn your addictiveness TAN! But srsly, can someone help me navigate this? -le sigh- I’m looking at you Wolfo.

Short story is the forums were hacked 2x and that’s why it was down for like 3 weeks in April. They had to make a totally new forum, using a new forum backend that is more secure and works better with the new site’s back-end (the one that was set in place early this year).

And no you’re not allowed to be negative. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve been wondering where you’ve been… Good to see you back.

Hello, yeah I had the same thoughts about not coming back.

Good to see you… your typing.

Follow the yellow brick road?

Pretear-BABY!! :slight_smile:

Did you get my awesome email?? :laugh:

I’m sure you signed on when I was off-line! :frowning:

Please come back and post more!! I’ve missed your smiling face! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys. Yeah I read your email Slow. I just love how I get to feel like a newb again here. Anyone remember me? -crickets- Awesome.

Oh yeah, are there private messages and stuff anymore? >.>

No, but they’re working on it. They’ve been busy with a lot of stuff with the website lately so that’s got their prime attention with the launch of the new Anime Network Online Player and Membership deal.

They recently updated the website and forum with a lot of new fixes and there’s still lots of features they are looking into implementing, one is the PM system.

(slaps new site’s back end) YEA!

You got that reversed… the new site’s back end is the one that does the slapping around here! It likes to dominate. :wink:

I’ve got the shakes and quivers and quacks and shivers.

Oh Hentai! It’s been ages! You’ve grown into quite the young lady.

Thanks babe.

re: back-end


who would be hacking TAN?

sick and wrong

can we have a new UK forum now please?

Hentai wrote:

[quote]Thanks babe.


Hey Hentai, “Let’s Dance!”

Hey, welcome back, I’ve been trying to post in here since you posted this thread dammit. Anywayz…


sweetkeith wrote:

[quote]Hey, welcome back, I’ve been trying to post in here since you posted this thread dammit. Anywayz…


Hehe long time no see hippie #2. Just have to get your Himeno fix in eh? :slight_smile: Too bad we don’t still have the pager system OR PMs anymore! -glares at Rai-

They’re working on PMs actually.

Couldn’t believe we didn’t have them. I think that they’re tired of getting emails at home. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re all (mods) getting too well acquainted with the tech team. :laugh:

Pfft, that’s what you think.

Wait, we don’t have PMs either? I probably should have been aware of this… How will I flame n00bs now?

y helloz thar

And a tip of the hat to you as well outlander.