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Genres: action, comedy, fantasy
Themes: crossdressing, online computer gaming, otaku, parody, virtual reality
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 25
Vintage: 2012-10-07
Opening Theme: “DT Suteru” by Golden Ixion Bomber DT; “DT-sha Tele” by Ixion Cast
Ending Theme: “Let’s Go ED” by Ixion Cast

Plot Summary: Kon is a normal teenage boy who is spends his time playing a MMRPG where he is going nowhere, that is, until a girl in the game asks him for his help in the “real world” and he agrees. Then he does go somewhere - where, he isn’t sure, but it is a fantasy setting much like the game, though nothing looks familiar. He saves a princess and her followers upon his arrival from the sky, when he lands squarely upon the leader of the group threatening them. He ends up joining the princess’s group as he searches for a way back to his own world. (from ANN)

Capcom’s Ixion Saga Game Gets TV Anime with Gintama’s Takamatsu

posted on 2012-06-19 03:43 EDT
Brains Base to produce anime of online fantasy action PC game

Episode 1 –


Funny that just like American TV, when a formula works, it is copied over many times. Here we have yet another guy pulled into a video game, but in this case, lust draws him in to another world! I like how he falls through his floor and falls on the bad guy, still seated in his computer chair. But where is Flora???

I laughed when Kon was lassoed and pulled away from the soldiers. Thank goodness there are wheels on his chair! Laughed again when he insults the princess and makes a play for the maid that is really a man. Wonderful reaction from Kon when Mariandale made him “touch” her.

Kon discovers that the eight year old bratty princess is on her way to be married and that is why she was attacked. Kon thinks that eight year old girls should not be getting married. And we discover that Kon is a virgin. As thanks for saving them, he gets a pair of high heeled dragon boots that look more suited to KISS. I’ve no idea how he can comfortable in those things! :lol: Anyway, Mariandale has some nice guns, while Kon is stuck with a sword that he doesn’t know how to use.

I have to say the bad guys are very pretty. One of them meets the party as they try to leave the city and Mariandale thinks he’s “hot”. He introduces himself as Erec - Erecpyle Dukakis – ED for short. I am so laughing at this! Before he can hit Kon with his ultimate attack, Kon kicks him in that manliest of manly places with the horn of his dragon boot. Yeah, that hurt! :lol:

As a result, the party flees in safety and Kon takes Erec’s “Alma Gear” sword to replace his broken one. Funny, because he so easily upgraded his equipment but still doesn’t know how to use it! The princess makes him her knight against his will and he officially joins the party. There is a view of the mysterious Flora at the end of the episode and she looks like she’s wearing the same uniform as the bad guys. I am going to enjoy this show!! Or at least laugh till it hurts!!

Wicca, this one gets crazier and crazier. Hold on to your posterior, it might try to leave you…

I see that Red, but I am enjoying this one immensely! :laugh: :laugh:

Episode 2 –


Poor Erecpyle wakes up in the hospital and finds out that one of his testicles had to be removed. He vows vengeance against Kon for having done this to him. I guess those boots of Kon’s came in handy after all. But it looks like Kon has traded them in for something a little more normal. Oh well.

Meanwhile, Kon is still complaining about working for the princess and wants a right to choose. Besides, he needs to find a way back home. Once Erec is reunited with his men, it seems their innocent words cut him to the quick and reminds him of his loss. This is going to be a running joke throughout the series, isn’t it? :lol: And his men notice that he is walking kind of lopsided as well, which is good for another laugh.

The carrier pigeons were hysterical – I thought at first they should be carrying people! Kon finds out a little more about his Alama Gear sword and how it might work, although he thinks it’s broken. But Erec just needs to get his sword back.

The bad guys have found the party in the town and attack. This time, Erec is in a huge tank – compensating, I wonder? :lol: He holds the town hostage and will destroy it unless “DT” gives himself up. The party is confused at first, not knowing who DT is, but due to Kon’s embarrassment, it must refer to the fact that Kon is a virgin. Funny when his fellow party members start referring to him as DT too! How he hates it! :lol:

The party is flushed out in to the open and Erec faces Kon with his tank, telling him men not to interfere. Not really going to be a fair fight, is it? However, due to his lopsidedness, Erec can’t aim straight and ends up almost hitting his own men! Sainglain figures that Kon can go up against the tank alone with that fancy sword of his and can save them all. He insists that Kon can do it and opens a path for him. Perhaps it was Sainglain that gave him the courage, but Kon uses the sword and it works! Erec thinks that Kon must be a Hyperion, whatever that is.

Kon heads for the tank, but trips over a rock and drops the sword. And now the sword has turned in to a giant hammer which makes Erec laugh. He thinks he’s won. But wait! Somehow Kon destroys the tank! This makes Erec angry and he attacks Kon with a sword, but that lopsidedness of his kicks in again and Erec can’t maintain his balance or even run in a straight line. Kon takes advantage of this and uses the hammer to hit Erec once again in that very manly spot. By Erec’s reaction, I think he just lost his other testicle! Erec allows them to go and once again, Kon has saved the princess. I look forward to Kon’s next encounter with these guys!

Kon agrees to stay with the party in exchange for their help in helping him get home. The princess hints that there may be a way to do just that at the capital, so I guess they are off to the capital. And once again, Flora from the video game is watching them. I like the bit of mystery here too.

Episode 3 –


Once again, poor Erecpyle awakens in the hospital and learns that his one remaining testicle had to be removed. On the bright side, maybe now he’ll be able to keep his balance.

Flora has sent out a little blue flying squirrel after the party and it finally caught up to them. But for what purpose? The squirrel seems to choose Kon, but Kon opts to leave it behind, much to Mariandale’s dismay. Funny, the way he went on about the “law of the jungle” and no one had any idea what he was talking about.

It turns out that Erec has taken a leave and his men speculate about his state of well being. The squirrel shows up again and Mariandale decides to keep it and Kon can’t convince her otherwise. I don’t know why he thinks it’s so bad. Kon decides to “hunt” the squirrel but is thwarted at every turn. It turns out that Kon is just allergic to animals, but he’s lying about that!

In the end, Kon tells a story from when he was a little kid and found two kittens in the rain. He takes them home and is allowed to keep them, but the kittens grew up never liking Kon and that hurt him. Because of that, he swore never to have a pet again. The others convince him to give the little squirrel a chance and in a touching moment, Kon does, getting his hand bitten in the process! He ends up fighting against the squirrel with his hammer, but it looks like the squirrel wins and Kon must be resigned to having the squirrel join them. But he doesn’t have to like it!

Episode 4 –


After trying to think of an appropriate name for the squirrel, Kon comes up with the name of “Pet”. Well, that’s original!

Erec returns to his family estate to find his fiancée waiting for him. Variation is surprised that Erec has a fiancée, but I think he may be half in love with Emilia himself. I had to laugh when Emilia asks Erec about his “wound” and asks to see it so that she may apply some salve to it! The look on Erec’s face was priceless! Erec imagines losing his Emilia if he tells her the truth, so instead he rejects her offer of the salve. Emilia looked so sad!

On a drive with Variation and Emilia, Erec debates on telling Emilia again, but the scenario he imagines this time is worse than the last one! And another priceless look from Erec when Emilia shyly asks him how many children he’d like to have. Poor Erec – how is he ever going to tell her what happened t him?

Once they return home, friends are waiting for him and Gabriella offers him a secret family medicine. He graciously accepts it, hurting Emilia even more because he would not take hers. But I don’t think her medicine is going to help Erec any more than Emilia’s would.

It’s hysterical to think that these distant relatives of Erec’s are plotting to have Gabriella seduce him and that that medicine isn’t really medicine at all, but an aphrodisiac! Limpus wants Erec to marry Gabriella so he can marry Emilia himself. Erec later drinks Gabriella’s medicine and she does try to seduce him, but Erec rejects her. Unfortunately, Limpus barges into the room at the right moment and plays the injured party. Variation and Emilia show up too and Gabriella also plays her part well in front of this audience.

A challenge is issued and a duel is arranged. However, Limpus doesn’t plan to play fair and it was good that Variation overheard him. But Erec decides to go ahead with the duel anyway. Once the terms are set, Limpus calls in a substitute! Sicoderio looks a lot stronger than Erec and Variation takes offense at the switch, but Erec won’t let him interfere. But then Sicoderio calls on some friends and Aguayo, Solitario, Berasco, Satanico, Bucanero and Gerero pop out. Now Erec is facing seven masked muscle men! Or perhaps they are a wrestling team? :lol:

Erec is still good with a sword and quickly dispatches the look alikes, daring Limpus to face him at last. But instead, Limpus calls for Gran Exotico and now Erec is facing a giant purple, masked, chicken! Erec almost loses, but then Emilia shows up and Gran Exotico rushes to attack her. With her life in danger, Erec finds the strength to fight and defeats the bird.

Limpus is forced to admit his guilt but as soon as Erec turns his back on him, Limpus aims a kick at that manly place and… nothing happens! But it did make Erec pretty mad and he sends Limpus flying. Erec offers his victory to Emilia and the pun here made me laugh again. Erec decides he’s had enough and determines he may be better off at a spa. It was sweet that he finally accepted Emilia’s gift of the salve as they said their goodbyes. And as Erec and Variation head for the hot springs, I’m just wondering who gets a huge chicken dinner out of all of this! :lol:

Episode 5 –


And now back to our heroes! They stop to rest at a beach resort, where Marian becomes the center of attention, and Kon just feels inadequate. I have to say that it seems Kon is just a bit jealous. But Sainglain begins to tell a story.

Marian was also a popular young man and had jealous brothers. It’s believed that Marian will be chosen as their father’s successor, but it looks like one of the brothers murders their father and Marian is blamed. The proof? The murder weapon was the very dagger that Marian’s father gave to him and which Marian claims he lost. Such a typical story!

Even with this hanging over his head, Marian is still the favored successor. So, one of his brothers tries to murder him and is unsuccessful. Marian vows to seal his powers away and leave the family. But this still doesn’t explain much and now Flora is also at the beach!

Marian’s story continues. He is found unconscious by a young girl and nursed back to health. He stays with her, but the girl becomes ill and eventually dies. It turns out her name was Marian! And so Marian is living the life of his lost love. That’s very sweet and very sad and kind of odd as well. It was so funny when Marian came back to the room, drunk! “Practice” indeed! :laugh:

I’m not sure what happened, but Kon wakes up next to Marian and thinks he’s had a bad dream! And it turns out that the whole story about Marian was totally made up! Kon is such a dupe! :lol: But Marian does tell Kon something interesting. She says that the “first time” really doesn’t hurt. Now, I just have to hear all about this bad dream of Kon’s! :blink:

Episode 6 –


The plot is still in place to kill the princess, but it now it looks like there are many more people involved. These men think Erec is the best at what he does, but they aren’t sure even he can handle this mission. Thus, what looks to be a monster cannibal named Georg is released with orders to eat the four travelers.

Meanwhile, Kon is disappointed to find that it may take two more months to reach the capital and perhaps find a way home. And now Marian reports that the princess is acting weird and may be entering a hyperactivity period - apparently that is something extremely dangerous that happens to all members of the St. Piria royal family. The entire inn is rented out for them and Sainglain and Kon go out and buy tons of food. On the way back from the shopping expedition, Kon is warned not to talk back to the princess or agitate her in any way. Sainglain warns Kon that once the princess has three cowlicks standing on top of her head, “it’s over”.

What an appetite that child has! And poor Marian can’t even cook fast enough! Kon accuses Ecarlate of having a black hole in her stomach. :lol: When a second cowlick appears, Ecarlate requests that Sainglain end his sentences with “meow”. And with this princess, a request is really a demand! Then she tells Pet that he is a bird.

Later, Kon has had enough and goes to speak with the childish princess. The others try to warn him off, but he’s determined to put a stop to all this nonsense. He does speak nicely to her and asks her to treat Sainglain and Marian better – he even gets her to help him bring the dirty dishes back to the kitchen, much to the shock of Sainglain and Marian. Once Ecarlate returns to her room, the others tell Kon that he could have died! But he only tells them to stop “coddling” her. He declares that this is over and they should all just go to bed.

Now enter Georg. He thinks everyone is asleep and enters the inn to do his job. However, he finds Marian in the kitchen, still cooking up a storm. He attacks her, but she seems to be in her own hyper mode; so intent is she on cooking, that she easily deflects his blows, telling him not to interrupt her. She even burns his face in the process. After a few more “accidents”, Marian tosses him out of her kitchen. Georg even apologized! :lol:

Georg then decides to go for the princess. Now, why do I think that this is a major mistake? He creeps up the stairs only to find Sainglain guarding her room. Or is he really guarding others from her? Once Sainglain warns him off, ending his sentences with “meow”, Georg seems terrified of him and runs to hide in a room. Perhaps Sainglain growing animal ears had something to do with that! :lol: But it was only Pet.

However, the room that Georg chooses to hide in just happens to be Ecarlate’s bedroom. Regaining his confidence, he heads towards the sleeping princess, knife in hand. He slices her bed curtain and bends over her. But just as he is about to stab her, the third cowlick pops up and as she opens her eyes, they are red and glowing!

Kon is in the bathroom, relieving himself, when Georg barges in and jumps into his arms, screaming about a “monster”! :lol: Kon things his friends are playing a joke on him and that Georg is an extra that they hired. Kon has had it with all of this drama and he and Georg return to Ecarlate’s room. By the light of a single candle, Kon checks the bed to find that the princess isn’t in it. Then the candle goes out and Kon goes to check the window, leaving a cowering Georg by the bed. Glowing red eyes pierce his back and as he turns to face them, Kon hears him scream.

In the dark, no one answers Kon’s call, but then something slimy drips down his back. He looks up at the ceiling, but nothing is there. Suddenly, as he turns, something falls from the ceiling and viciously attacks him! He sees the red eyes and the silhouette of the three cowlicks in the darkened room and runs like heck, screaming for help. He even jumps out of a window to escape! Now he knows that all the warnings about the princess were true.

In the end, the little known assassination plot fails and no one ever sees Georg again. And now a legend is told in this town about a three haired monster and it scares little children into being good!!

Episode 7 –


Our heroes arrive at a hot springs resort and Kon notes that it isn’t all that different from his own world. Hot spring? Why do I get the feeling that they are going to run into Erec?

Once in the bath, Kon is really enjoying himself for a change. I think it’s the first time he’s really gotten to fully relax in a long time. But Sainglain reminds him not to let his guard down as they never know when they will have to fight, although Kon hopes it doesn’t come to that. While in the water, talking to Sainglain, “something” happens and the embarrassed Kon hopes he isn’t getting excited over Sainglain! He keeps trying to blame other objects like rocks and shampoo. :lol:

Kon leaves the bath, but also realizes that he can’t exactly walk around in public in the state he’s in. Then he remembers Sainglain telling him that these waters can restore the libido. Now I know Erec must be around here somewhere because the waters sure seem to work well in that area if Kon is any example! And sure enough, as Kon is trying to figure things out, here comes Erec! This is the last person Kon wants to see and so he hides. Now he’s worried about why Erec is there. He fears for his life and doesn’t even know how he was able to defeat him the times he faced Erec in battle. Kon is worried that if they fight again, this time he would lose. Now he needs to come up with a plan to avoid Erec at all costs!

Why is it taking the hostess so long to take Erec to his room? It seems they are walking around in circles which is making it just that much harder for Kon to avoid him. Especially in his state of embarrassment! At least he is finding some creative hiding places. Kon finally decides to return to Sainglain for help, but can’t find him and wonders if he’s gone to the “gentleman’s playground”. Well, he might have after such a bath!

But while Kon is searching for Sainglain at the bath, Erec walks in and begins to undress, causing Kon to hide again – and this time, Kon is kind of trapped! Due to his own embarrassed state, I wonder why Erec didn’t take a room with a private bath. Then again, it wouldn’t be as funny! While Erec beseeches the God of Alma and the waters to “restore his soldier”, Kon is watching him and can’t even laugh.

Kon still can’t get to the princess and Marian to warn them, so he leaves a message for them at the front desk and Erec almost catches him. But Erec can only see his back which he thinks is familiar, but dismisses the idea of it being Kon, thinking that there is no way Kon would be there. Boy, is he in for a surprise!

Kon, still in his aroused state, heads to the erotic district to find Sainglain. After Kon analyzes Sainglain’s fetishes, he finds him in a bar full of cute cuddly cats! Dang, Kon is good! Kon begins yelling at him and doesn’t stop even as they walk along outside. Sainglain is under the impression that Kon wants him as a second in a duel with Erec until Kon convinces him that he just wants to avoid Erec at all costs. Then they see Erec strolling through the town and run to hide. About this time, Kon loses his state of arousal and is suddenly ecstatically happy. However, another little problem pops up when he body starts to glow and he’s embarrassed again as he has to walk through the town in that state now as everyone stares at him. Poor Kon just can’t catch a break!

Once back in their room, Sainglain wonders what to do, but Kon just wants to go to bed for the night. However, when the lights go out, Kon is glowing too brightly for anyone to sleep. Sainglain wonders if Kon will glow for the rest of his life and Kon wonders if that is the case, how he will ever get a job interview or be able to give blood or how he will even get a girlfriend. This could be a major problem!

Kon heads back to the bath and blames everything that happened on his being a Hyperion. He guesses that is why Erec is also there. Once in the bath, the glow fades and Kon is happy again – until he realizes that he’s sitting next to Erec! As they argue, Kon begins to glow again and he’s even brighter than before. Erec says that Kon’s body is ready to fight and calls it the “glow of Alma”. And it also looks like Kon is aroused again as well, which seems to provoke Erec, although he can’t seem to keep his eyes above Kon’s waist!

Erec wants to fight and is ready to attack, but Kon tries to talk him out of it. He brings up some good points such as not wanting either one of them to die “buck naked” in a public bath. Erec finally agrees with him and they decide to dress. And I miss getting to see these naked men fight! Thanks a lot Kon! :silly:

Kon puts on his robe, but it takes a little longer for Erec to dress, since he’s wearing his full uniform. As Erec politely asks Kon to wait, Kon grabs a nearby broom and hits Erec over the head. This gives Kon enough time for his party to flee the inn in the middle of the night, much to everyone’s disappointment. However, due to his glowing state, at least the party has plenty of light to travel with!

Episode 8 –


Kon is all done up like the Invisible Man! Apparently, he’s still glowing all this time later. They are trying to keep him inconspicuous, but it’s sad that he can’t even eat. The villagers look suspicious of him and end up unwrapping his bandages, but instead of fear, they kneel to him as their savior! I wonder what he needs to save them from. I did like the strategically placed Pet too! “Sacred Beast o’ Concealment” indeed!

He also introduces the rest of the party as his servants and you can imagine their reaction. But at least he gets to eat now. Proclaiming himself a god may have been the convenient thing to do, but now the people expect a miracle. He makes himself glow even brighter and attracts thousands of blue butterflies. Then the people ask him to restore their water and taking his hammer, Kon smashes the town’s fountain and water comes pouring out.

But then the priest asks Kon about the “beginning” and he comes up with the “Big Bang” – that turned out to be the NES gaming console and a “Happy Family”. And he just keeps going with all the gaming consoles. Thankfully, his friends were there to “translate” for him!

The next day, Kon is asked about reincarnation and he again refers to games. A man challenges him to save all of mankind and Kon manages to get past that with another game reference. Then he is asked if he created the world and, you got it, another game reference. But again he is challenged by a man that says the earth was not created by gods. His answer? A game reference! This just keeps going and I wonder how long it will last. He even comes up with new words for his people, such as “Kon-trol” and “Kon-sumer”.

Things get out of control with the offerings and the worshiping. Kon’s friends tell him that the people will eventually find out that he isn’t a god and they should go while the going’s good. But Kon is too full of himself and wants the people to build him a huge temple and give him even more offerings and maidens. I think Kon has convinced himself that he really is a god.

Ecarlate smacks Kon and asks him his true purpose and tells him that he’s lost his way. But before he can answer her, the priest comes to tell Kon that his people want him. There are so many more followers now and he gives them the word “Kon-vict” and looks really intimidated. He decides to run, but it’s too late. The priest catches him trying to sneak out and his excuse only means that all the believers will follow him – just what he needs! Especially if he wants to keep a low profile.

But now his people want a holy war with the Ulga religious sorority! He tries to get out of it, but a crusade is called and they want Kon to lead it. Kon appears before his people in all his glowing glory and tells them that they need a holy land. He points to a mountain and tells the people to build a temple there – “Kon-struction!”

Kon is surprised to find out just how smart Sainglain really is, as he designs a magnificent temple. Hopefully he designed it with a back door! Once finished, Kon appears at the top and waves to his believers. He throws off his sacred robes and wearing only his “Sacred Beast o’ Concealment, yells “Kon-plete”. He increases his glow and gives off a lot of heat, which in turn activates a hot air balloon. Thank you Sainglain! They take off and Sainglain yells down that “Konpika” is returning to the heavens. They make good their escape as they are concealed by a big fluffy cloud.

The people are left to follow Kon’s teachings and the party breathes a sigh of relief. Kon’s energy is flying the balloon and of course at this point, he loses his glow. The Alma energy is gone, but don’t they realize they have a bit of a problem? As they start to fall, Kon tries to get his energy back by yelling “Pikachu”. He tries to squeeze it out but to no avail. But he does say that “something else” came out. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Episode 9 –


This is interesting. Flora meets Erec and they seem to know each other. He calls her an “Ixion” and her name here is Alma Flora. Meanwhile, the boys in Incognito await Erec’s return. But now they argue over who his right-hand man will be.

At a village inn, Pet checks in on all his fellow travelers - funny how they all talk in their sleep! Then he leaves the inn and rounding a corner, a mysterious glow is seen.

In a tavern, Incognito is already toasting Erec’s return. And they are still arguing over Erec’s right-hand man. To settle the matter, they choose to recount their heroic deeds. This should be good!

Flora takes Erec to one of the “Takumi” and why do I get the feeling that this is Pet? The Takumi has forged a sacred sword and call it “Calibre”. Flora finishes the sword and imbues it with power. She gives Erec the new Alma Gear sword and cautions him not to lose it. He promises and Flora says that she will be watching. The Takumi also has something for him and I wonder what it is.

Incognito ended up drunk and fighting, but their stories were funny. Now, they have found a much better way to settle the question of Erec’s right-hand – they go to fight a dragon! Whichever one of them delivers the finishing blow will be the winner. Leon misses a kill with his special move and Gustave only manages to cut off the dragon’s tail. KT tries to kill it with love and Variation also misses, but manages to slice off its horn. The dragon retreats and they chase it, but then an even bigger dragon appears to challenge them – and this one breathes fire!

As the guys recover, Erec is just there, in all his glory and with his new sword! He thinks they were fighting the dragon as their daily training! :lol: Erec takes over the fight and blows the dragon to oblivion. I think he likes his new sword! His men run to meet him and welcome him back. He tells them that he knows Kon’s location (is that what the Takumi gave him?) and before they go off, Erec apologizes for trying to defeat him on his own. He now wants to fight as a team. His men accept that and ask for his orders. And off they go to find DT!

Episode 10 –


Incognito is happy that their Erec is back, but wonder if his wounds have healed. But wait – they still don’t know where DT injured him and end up thinking it was his soul. Well, I guess that is true in a way. They are also a little surprised to find out that he has a fiancée and decide that it must be a political marriage. How they would all like to “console” him – right before they go out to a hostess club! :lol:

Meanwhile, it seems that Kon is feeling a little homesick. He misses his video games, comics, anime and junk food and really just wants to go home. Perhaps this is driving him a little crazy too. The next day, he has carved a game controller. Gee – he does really nice work!

The group arrives at a town and Sainglain finds Kon “playing” a video game with his wooden controller when he returns from the bath. He has no idea what Kon was doing and tries to explain it to the others over dinner. Kon doesn’t want any dinner, but asked Sainglain to being him back comics and junk food. Later, the others bring him some snacks and find him staring at the “monitor” he has drawn on the wall. It seems that he is watching TV now. There he is, staring at a blank wall and crying. No wonder his friends are concerned! He rejects the “snacks” they have brought him – as anyone would! – and returns to his video game.

His friends know that he is homesick, but can’t let him continue this way – they need to do something! The first thing they need to do is get him to eat. Marian ventures back in to his room and asks if there is something he’d like. Of course in his current frame of mind, he asks for a “big hamburger meal from Smackdonald’s”! Marian asks him to explain it to her and he tells her that it’s a “big hamburger with fries and chicken nuggets and a large cola”. Marian is still confused and asks him to explain each item. The hamburger is greasy, sweet and seasoned and so bad for you that it’s good. Marian still doesn’t understand and asks for more info. This time, Kon tells her about the disgusting beef that such a hamburger is made from. No wonder she doesn’t think she can get the ingredients!

But it’s nice that his friends care enough to want to try to duplicate the things he likes. Kon is finally called to his meal and seems impressed that the hamburger actually looks like a hamburger. And the cola looks like cola and Kon seems pretty satisfied with it. Next is the hamburger and Kon takes a huge bite and immediately asks for another! He liked the fries too. Marian really outdid herself. However, when Kon follows Marian in to the kitchen, he sees all the chemical experiments and ingredients that went in to his meal, he panics. He runs back to his room, locks the door and goes back to playing his video game.

Next, Marian brings Kon this world’s version of a comic book. She tells Kon to “enjoy” it and leaves him to his privacy. Kon opens it and gets an immediate nosebleed – the “comic” is nothing but porn! Kon is just slipping deeper into his fantasy world and Sainglain decides to take matters into his own hands. He confronts Kon and tells him that he will take him to a “real” game. The excited Kon goes along and Sainglain takes him to a place where he can “unleash his male spirit”. It’s only a casino, but Sainglain and Kon are taken to a special caged fight.

It does seem like something from Kon’s own world – that is until his name is called to enter the cage! :lol: Sainglain actually signed him up to fight! Kon lets the others fight it out until there is only one left and hits the remaining fighter with his famous “Nut Kick”. Kon wins the match. But now he must face the champion and Blood Heart has a chainsaw! Kon can’t keep running forever and gets his face cut as his friends urge him to fight back. But when Blood Heart moves in for the death blow, Kon manages to draw his sword and turning it into a hammer, knocks the chainsaw out of the cage. Blood Heart is weaponless know and it’s Kon’s turn to move in for the final blow.

But instead of delivering the blow that will win him the match, Kon says he gives up and runs through the hole in the cage that the chainsaw had made. He just keeps going and doesn’t look back! Once in his room, he tosses the wooden controller into the trash, yelling at what his friends have put him through without the least little bit of consideration. Well, I guess Kon is back to normal. And of course, Flora is outside, watching all of this and tearing up her own losing ticket! And now Eric and Incognito are coming after Kon!

Episode 11 -


As our heroes travel along, they are attacked by Incognito. Their attack is more coordinated this time and this is due to the fact that Erec has supplied his men with new Alma Gear weapons – ones that even normal people can use! Erec attacks Kon with his new Calibre sword and once Kon blocks him with his hammer, the force is so great that the mountain road falls apart and they fall. Once the dust clears, Leon is found to be missing. And when Kon’s party regroups, Marian is found to be missing, but they do have Leon with them. Incognito searches for Leon and finds Marian. This should be interesting!

Erec has Marian tied up and begins to question her, but Marian thinks Erec has other things on his mind. She is just putting on an act, but Erec and his men don’t have to know that! Kon also has Leon tied up and of course he refuses to cooperate with them. Ecarlate repeatedly stomps on him, but it seems that Leon is enjoying that a little too much. So, it seems that both sides have a masochist on their hands!

Marian flirts with Erec and now his men think she’s a “lust monster” as well as a fool and a masochist. Sainglain questions Leon, but he refuses to provide any answers. But then Kon takes over the questioning and tricks him into giving them the answers they need. By now they realize that Marian must have been captured and Ecarlate is all for killing Leon and rescuing Marian. But Kon has something else in mind.

Erec is still trying to question Marian when he is told that Leon has been found. He was tied to a tree, but otherwise all right. They wonder why Leon was left unharmed and Erec is handed a note that was found with Leon. Kon wants to “settle things” and has named the castle ruins as their meeting place. Erec accepts and releases Marian as a return favor. Marian shows up at the castle to find her friends preparing a “welcoming party”.

Incognito attacks the castle and Erec warns his men against DT and his tricks. They enter the castle and find a white arrow pointing to a door. Erec finds it suspicious but decides to play along. In the room is a piece of exercise equipment that excites Erec. He sits down and explains to the others how it is used. However, he gets hurt and to the others, it was such an obvious trap! The next arrow points to a girlie magazine and while they know it’s a trap, Gustave picks it up and gets injured.

Next, an arrow points to a variety of liquor on a table. Again, they know it’s a trap and KT moves forward to check, but Gustave pulls out his gun and shoots the bottles. And the rest of his army is hitting traps throughout the castle and Erec orders them to stop touching everything. When it looks like Erec and his officers are the only ones left, they enter a room and an echoing voice congratulates them for getting so far. Erec knows it’s Kon’s voice and orders him to come out. But the voice says it is the “king of kings” and none of them can figure out where the voice is coming from. Then the guys get slimed! Erec has had enough and demands that Kon show himself so they can fight properly to settle things.

But Kon says that he won’t fight battles that he can’t win and then the floor collapses, sending Incognito plunging down to another floor. Erec calls for Kon to come out again and this time, Kon does. Erec raises his sword, but Kon warns them about coming any closer to him. Is he kidding or not? The men are unsure, as well they should be after all that has happened so far.

Erec begins to laugh and uses the power of his Calibre to attack from afar. Apparently he destroys Kon and Ecarlate and his men congratulate him. Erec feels that his days of humiliation are finally over and declaring the mission compete, he and his men leave. Didn’t they realize that this must have been a trick as well? And as always, Flora is observing everything from atop the castle.

Episode 12 –


Although Ecarlate and Kon are supposedly dead, Gustave and KT are following Marian and Sainglain just to make sure. Gustave may just turn out to be a pretty smart guy! But then again, Marian and Sainglain are intelligent enough to know that they are being followed too. Gustave feels that Ecarlate and Kon died a little too easily after their many battles together and thus is suspicious. Then again they are in Marquesas – a town famous for its hostess clubs and pretty women and KT accuses Gustave of this being his real reason to follow their targets. From Gustave’s reaction, KT may be right!

As they argue whether or not Gustave should visit a hostess club, Marian and Sainglain leave their inn and are soon closely followed by Gustave and KT. When they split up, KT follows Marian and Gustave continues to follow Sainglain who proceeds to an outdoor café. Gustave gets all excited when he sees a man dressed like Kon join him, but of course it isn’t Kon at all and now Gustave is suspicious of this guy. He wants to find out who the stranger is and how he might be connected to Kon. Once Sainglain gives the man money and a note, Gustave is even more suspicious and follows the man out of the town. But then the man disappears into a bank of fog and Gustave suddenly finds himself in a graveyard.

He later tells KT what happened and has to admit he lost the man. As for KT, all Marian did was shop all day and neither the stores nor the shop clerks were suspicious in any way. So, Gustave and KT have both hit dead ends. I like how Gustave amuses himself the next day when he supplies the dialogue for the observed Marian and Sainglain. That was very funny! And even that made up conversation did not produce the result that Gustave would have liked! Nothing unusual is happening during this third day of observation, but at one point Gustave gets excited as Marian begins to undress. However, KT won’t let him watch and accuses him of being a “peeping tom”. Yet, Gustave tries to talk KT into letting him watch and is continuously denied. Thank goodness for that! Gustave may have found out Marian’s “secret”!

That night, Gustave goes out to search for the man he lost the day before. KT thinks he just wants to go to a hostess club and is using that as an excuse. And of course, he’s right! Giving Gustave some credit, he did try to retrace the man’s trail and he did question some people, but Gustave does end up in the red light district eventually – and at a hostess club. Supposedly one of the girls there might know the man. However, in dealing with the hostess, all Gustave got was drunk! Then he had the nerve to pass out – so much for his interrogation!

As, day four begins, Gustave is still feeling the effects of the night before, but forces himself to continue the observation of his targets. KT helps out by kicking Gustave around a bit. Nothing really happens during the day, but that evening, Marian goes out and Gustave follows her to a bar, thinking she will meet Kon there. I must say that Gustave has some horrible taste in obvious disguises! Marian drinks up a storm, but Gustave drinks more and gets sleepy. I laughed when he dozed off and his fake nose went in his drink! He starts to match Marian drink for drink and almost passes out. But Marian is fine and I am wondering if she’s really drinking hard liquor. Gustave would like nothing more than to fall asleep, but can’t afford to miss anything.

In desperation, he joins Marian at the bar, still wearing his cheesy disguise. But once he sits next to Marian, he removes it and tells her that he didn’t come to fight. She puts away her gun and they begin to dance around the issue at hand. Marian begins to cry and tells him that she failed o protect her leader and her friend. She tells Gustave that they no longer have a reason to fight. They talk a bit and then Marian rises to leave and tells Gustave that it’s “his treat”. But before she leaves, she gives him a good punch that knocks him to the floor!

The next day, Gustave and KT prepare to leave. They didn’t get the results they wanted, but Gustave tells KT that although he didn’t understand much of what Marian had said, she didn’t appear to be lying. But then when Gustave thinks of his conversation with her, he realizes that Marian knew that they were being watched! They run over to check the inn, but Marian and Sainglain are gone. Gustave thinks of the strange man and runs to the graveyard with KT. Instead of finding Kon alive and well, they come upon his funeral instead. There are two graves and two coffins. Marian and Sainglain hold mementos of their dear friends and as the dirt is shoveled over their coffins, Marian falls to the ground, weeping. Gustave and KT watch as Sainglain bends down to comfort her. When all is done, Marian lays flowers on their graves and Sainglain says some final words of farewell. Marian cries again, thinking of her beloved Ecarlate as Sainglain promises that they will never be forgotten and even Pet cries in the end.

Not even Gustave and KY could remain untouched by this heart wrenching scene. Gustave makes a final entry in his observation log, saying that he has confirmed the deaths of Ecarlate and Kon and that his mission is finished. Very convincing, but I still think Ecarlate and Kon are alive and well. We shall see!

Episode 13 –


Marian and Sainglain continue their journey and soon meet up with Ecarlate and Kon! I knew it! Marian and Sainglain gave the performance of their lives and now hopefully, they will no longer be plagued by Incognito. The group continues to the next town, and there lives a girl named Miranda – an extremely emotional girl. Interesting how everyone hides from her as she skips and dances through the town! Kon and his friends are at an outdoor café and Kon can’t stop congratulating himself on a job well done in fooling Incognito.

It’s still a week’s travel to the capital and Kon isn’t too happy about more walking, but suddenly he has a pain in his stomach. His friends seem unconcerned and that really annoys him. As they walk along the street, Kon bumps into Miranda. For Miranda, it’s love at first sight, but Kon and his party apologize to her and move on. Miranda puts a whole different twist on their “fateful” meeting.

Kon feels worse and Marian suggests that he go see a doctor. Miranda watches Kon leave the inn and sees an entirely different scene in her mind. She’s under the impression that Kon is dying and is determined to save him with her love. Just as Kon reaches the doctor’s office, Miranda catches up to him and beats the living daylights out of him. Even if Kon was dying, at this point Miranda would have finished the job! Of course Kon has no idea why he was attacked and when he tells his friends what happened, they can’t figure it out either and just blame him.

They send him back to the doctor and this time, Marian goes with him. But a very jealous Miranda watches them leave the inn and her mind sees something entirely different. Now Miranda feels that Kon “used” her and is a threat to all women. She decides that he must be “punished” and this time, attacks him with a sword. But when Miranda missteps and begins to fall, Kon saves her. Marian interrupts their tender moment, for Miranda’s sword attack ripped through the front of her dress. Miranda accuses her of showing off and punching Kon, she runs away.

Kon finally makes it to the doctor and finds out that he has food poisoning. And here I thought he had an iron stomach after eating that hamburger of Marian’s! But the doctor finds that Kon also has a broken collarbone and Kon has to explain about the pretty girl that attacked him. The doctor has no idea what Kon is talking about and as they leave the doctor’s office, Marian questions him again too. Miranda is watching them again and wonders why she loves such a “horrible man”. Again, she sees something else in her mind that explains his treatment of her. This girl is really delusional!

As Miranda attacks Kon again, this time with her love and a chain, Kon is positive that he is going to die. He thinks of his life and remembering where his porn is – for all the world to find after he’s gone, Kon is suddenly determined to live. He begs for his life, telling Miranda that he “has things to do”, but Miranda only hears his confession of love. As a very pleased Miranda turns away from him, Kon runs for his life! She quickly catches up to him and tells him to hurry and make his confession to her. Kon apologizes, saying that he doesn’t understand what she wants. Once he finally figures out what she wants, Miranda punches him in the stomach and demands a duel.

On a grassy plain, Kon faces Miranda with his confused friends behind him. Miranda draws her sword and promises Kon that if he wins, he can do whatever he wants to her. She attacks him and he defends himself with his hammer. She just goes on about the beautiful time they had spent together and how he used her and why he is pretending ignorance of their relationship. As they fight, Miranda says that if he wins, he must confess to her. She continues to attack him both physically and verbally and you have to feel really sorry for Kon, who still has no idea who this girl is. Miranda is a strong fighter and when it looks like she will land the final blow, Kon drops his hammer and tells her that he gives up. He apologizes and still has no idea what she wants of him. But Miranda says with the pathetic way he’s lost, he no longer has the right to confess to her.

A severely injured Kon can’t wait to leave this town and when Sainglain asks him if he’s sure, Kon tells him that if he stays there any longer, he will surely die. At least Sainglain has gotten them a carriage. But it’s sad that his friends think that he’s stalker, which is their view on this entire incident. And when they ask him if they are wrong, Kon says that he just doesn’t even care anymore, but he’s really hurt that they see him that way. Miranda is watching them from afar and thinks he’s “wonderful”. However, this time she’s looking at Sainglain!!!

Episode 14 –


Instead of heading directly to the capital, Ecarlate wants to visit Nanripat for fried sweets. But in the town they are presently in, Kon bumps into a very drunk Gustave. Oh nuts! Thankfully Gustave thinks he’s seeing things and I hope he’s too drunk to remember the incident later. But Kon also bumps into Pet – sending a radio transmission! He also sees Pet put the radio in his stomach pouch and doesn’t know what to think.

It looks like all of Incognito is in the town. Variation and Leon think they see Kon at a public fountain and decide they’re imagining things. Unfortunately Kon didn’t see them. And he argues with Pet, trying to figure out what he is doing with them and who he was reporting to. Kon proceeds to creatively torture him until Pet finally promises to talk. However, it sounds as if he’s giving Kon the run around. He throws riddles at Kon and even tells him that he is Kon’s father. He does tell Kon that he is not in his true form and again I am thinking of that Takumi sword maker.

Pet keeps insisting that he is Kon’s father. He even tells Kon a Sleeping Beauty type story about his birth and of course Kon doesn’t believe it and wonders how long Pet is going to keep the joke going. Then Pet tells him a twisted version of the Princess and the Frog. As Kon gets more annoyed with Pet’s fairy tales, Pet just tells him that Kon is “a chosen person” and that it’s his job to look after him. And he isn’t Kon’s father either!

KT is sitting by a river and imagines he see Kon and his party traveling on the road opposite him. He just shakes his head and goes back to reading his book. Kon tries to explain to his friends about Pet, but Sainglain thinks Kon has relapsed into his homesickness and that it’s getting worse. He tries to get Pet to talk in front of everyone, but he just acts like a cute little animal. Kon tries to taunt Pet into talking and tells the others that perhaps they should mate him and let him have cute little babies. Kon produces a naked mole rat and a fairy tale and Pet finally breaks down and yells at Kon, but I don’t think the others even noticed! Kon goes on about mating season and suggests they neuter Pet to alleviate the pain of his mating urges.

Kon offers to take care of it and picks up his sword. Pet runs, yelling his unwillingness at the same time. Again, doesn’t anyone notice that Pet is talking? Finally, Ecarlate does! But Kon keeps going and when he yells that Pet’s balls are his, Erec just happens to be passing by. That phrase sure got his attention! As Erec grabs his crotch, he looks up to see Kon yelling and he too thinks he’s seeing things. Gee, Incognito is a pretty dumb group! But at least Erec is always good for a laugh!!

Episode 15 –


Our heroes finally make it to the capital and Kon keeps complaining about how small it is. He gets a shock when the castle they enter begins to move and he can finally see how big the city really is. Sainglain tells Kon that the moving castle will have them at the royal castle by the next morning. That is a big city!

At that moment, the king is speaking to his future son-in-law, Lord Nabokov Jugglaburk, about his betrothed, Princess Ecarlate. He informs the king that he has heard a rumor that Ecarlate was murdered. I wonder if he’s been behind this whole thing all along. I can’t imagine little Ecarlate married to this guy, but the king tells Nabokov that the death was staged and that the princess is already in the capital. The king also seems a bit senile. Perhaps that isn’t good either. And it seems that the prince was working with the Ulga Sorority after all!

The moving castle has finally arrived at the royal castle, but the trip to the audience chamber may take another half day. The trip will consist of a cable car ride, a ropeway and using stairs – of course there is an elevator that goes straight there, but it is reserved for the elderly. However, I think a trip like that just to get to the audience chamber would make one feel extremely old!

The party finally makes it and Ecarlate greets her father, but he doesn’t know who she is and has to be told she’s his daughter! Ecarlate receives the token of her betrothal, while the king wonders if he ate breakfast or not. At least Ecarlate asks how Kon might get home and the king suggests he see the astrologist in the Western Tower. Yeah, good luck with that! Just look how long it took to get where they are!

Now that they have the token of betrothal, Ecarlate and her party must travel on to Lord Nabokov Jugglaburk’s dominion – another long journey and perhaps another opportunity for Ecarlate to be killed before she arrives. Since it will take a few days to gather supplies, Kon will visit the Western Tower. However, no one knows where it is! Since they can’t help Kon, they send him to the library where a librarian may be able to help him. Once he finds the way home, Kon promises to come back and say goodbye to them.

Of course, Kon becomes hopelessly lost! He has no idea where he is and calls for help. Amazingly, he comes upon Pet, making another radio transmission. Kon has ended up in the capital’s “Dark Zone” – a place for “secret wheelings and dealings” and Pet is surprised to see him there. He gets Pet to help him, but he takes Kon on a very dangerous route which Kon thinks resembles a bunch of video games. They end up at an illegal gathering and pet gives Kon a mask to wear.

This group wants to overthrow the empire! And Kon has been discovered! They are the AEP (Anti-Empire People) and have to kill Kon because he’s seen them. As they run from this group, they come upon another and now it’s obvious that Sainglain is the leader of this group. This one is the AEM&P (Anti-Empire Muscles & Pets) and has also welcomed Kon to his death. A third group – AEG (Anti-Empire Girls) – and obviously led by Marian also needs to kill Kon for having seen them. And they are on the run again!

Kon and Pet are trapped by the three leaders and I wonder who the other one is. They all know each other and begin to fight amongst themselves over Kon and Pet. Kon and Pet take the opportunity to run for their lives as the leaders of the illegal groups are joined by even more leaders. And in running away, Kon and Pet have finally made it to the Western Tower!

It’s really late at night now and Kon ends up waking the elderly astrologist. He asks him how to get back to Olvidia – the place Kon hopes is his world. After all that, the astrologist can’t help him! He suggests that Kon go see an Alma technician instead! Then a beautiful female voice calls out and tells Kon to go to Jugglaburk’s domain. Kon seems to recognize the voice and rushes to it. He finds someone behind a sheer curtain who tells him the same thing. But when he pulls aside the curtain and tries to see her, she disappears. However, Kon does get a glimpse of Olvidia and I think the voice is most likely Flora’s. She promises that Kon will eventually get to Olvidia and tells him again to go to Jugglaburk’s domain. Then the dawn breaks as Olvidia disappears.

The three leaders are still fighting and it looks like they’ve defeated the others, but with the dawn comes the military to capture them. However, it looks like everyone escapes back into the shadows from whence they came and will live on to fight another night!

Kon finds Ecarlate and wishing her a good morning, tells her that he is also going to Jugglaburk’s domain. Ecarlate tells him that as long as he is still her servant, it isn’t a problem. A very sleepy Marian and Sainglain join them, claiming that they overslept. Sure, I believe them. There is a knock on the door and a man sent by Lord Nabokov enters. Ha! This guy is the other leader! I think I am beginning to get an inkling of what is going on here. Anyway, Lord Nabokov will take them back to his domain – in a sky boat! Ecarlate sees Nabokov waving to them through the window, but she does not look happy.

Episode 16 –


Just when Erec is ready to go after Kon again, he receives orders to stand down. That must have annoyed him to no end! Meanwhile, our friends are preparing to leave in the sky boat. Kon realizes that this may be their last time together and I think that is making him a little sad. He still doesn’t think Ecarlate should marry, but Marian is already teaching her the rituals for her wedding ceremony. Kon doesn’t think much of that either – not with Marian as a teacher!

The sky boat departs, but with an extra passenger. Variation is aboard, disguised as a member of the crew. Now, why is he doing this when Incognito is basically under house arrest? He’s taken upon himself to take matters into his own hands. This can’t be good!

Ecarlate is still in her mood and Marian, in trying to snap her out of it, only irritates her more. Variation spies Kon jumping on the bed in his room in his underwear and thinks he’s a little old to be doing such a thing. But then how does he know how much it hurts when Kon hits his head on the ceiling? Then he watches him doing a couple of other things, including mooning out the window. Variation may think he’s a moron, but he just missed a perfect opportunity to push Kon out of that open window and get rid of him once and for all. Wouldn’t that have made Erec happy?

When Kon pees out the window, Variation bursts into the room and yells for him to stop. Once Kon is dressed, Variation enters the room again, but in a further disguise. And it’s the ridiculous carrot-nosed one too! Kon voices his opinion of the upcoming marriage and Variation realizes that Kon is against it. But he also thinks Kon is naïve. At one point, Kon is suspicious of Variation – he feels like they have met before. “And not just once! Again and again!” As he tells Variation that he has definitely seen his nose before, Variation shoots him! I really didn’t think Variation had it in him! I wonder if there is really lethal ammo in that gun of his.

Variation continues his hunt for the princess, but Nabokov is already being informed that there is an intruder on board – and that he may be a member of Incognito! Nabokov knows he’s probably there to kill Ecarlate and not wanting to anger the Ulga Sorority, he decides to do nothing but observe. What a slime!

Variation next comes upon Sainglain playing with an imaginary kitten in his room. Of course Variation has no idea what Sainglain is doing but finally realizes he’s playing “air-cat”. Of course Variation thinks he’s nuts and just has to interrupt him. He enters the room once again in disguise. Sainglain is also concerned about the marriage although it isn’t his place to question it. However he feels that Ecarlate is like a daughter to him and wants her to be happy. Oh – and he also hopes that Nabokov is a cat lover! Now Sainglain sees Variation as someone familiar and also recognizes his fake nose. Variation shoots him as well.

Variation meets Marian and Pet in the hallway and asks her if she too is opposed to the marriage. Marian wants Ecarlate to be happy be happy as well. She starts carrying on about love and duty and Variation doesn’t understand her either, until she mentions his disguised nose. Of course then he has to shoot her too and when Pet tries to attack him, he gets shot as well.

Variation leaves the bodies in the hall and boldly enters Ecarlate’s room. She asks Variation if he’s come to kill her and he calls her “clever”. Once he removes his cheap disguise, Ecarlate recognizes him as a member of Incognito. He sits across from her with his gun carefully aimed, but he wants to “talk” before killing her. Ecarlate thinks Variation is taking a stupid risk, so he tells her that he’s already killed her friends, so no one will be saving her. He keeps calling her a brat and Ecarlate threatens to cut off his head. Of course Variation can’t take her seriously.

Kon has woken up! I didn’t think he was dead or the story would have been over. I guess the bullet was lethal after all, but it was stopped by all the dirty magazines Kon hid in his shirt. He suddenly realizes that Ecarlate may be in trouble and runs to her aid. He stops at Sainglain’s room to find him just waking up too. He was saved by a gold coin hidden in his chest pocket. Together they run and find Marian and Pet in the hallway. Marian was saved by the iron padding in her bra and Pet hid a sheriff’s badge under his hide. Wait – he’s a sheriff???

The group continues to Ecarlate’s room only to find the door locked. Sainglain breaks it down and they find Ecarlate face down on the bed. As they rush to her, calling her, they think she’s dead when she doesn’t respond. She finally wakes up and tells them to shut up – she was trying to sleep! The friends are relieved, but what happened? Where is Variation?

When questioned, Ecarlate isn’t sure how she survived either. She guesses it’s because Variation asked her why she agreed to the marriage. She told him that it was worth it to sacrifice her life to save others and prevent war. If she is killed there are others to replace her and the marriage will proceed. But there is still no guarantee that this marriage will prevent war. Variation agrees and asks her why she would marry despite all of that. She tells him that a “human sacrifice is needed” and Variation thinks she’s pretty insightful for a kid. However, Ecarlate tells him that is her “diplomatic” answer, so Variation now wants to know her personal reasons. She tells him that it’s hard to list her reasons and that sometimes she’d like to run away. Variation feels that she is wise beyond her years and Ecarlate tells him that she is actually a little relieved that she is to die.

Variation smiles and lowers his gun. He says he quits and being a sadist, he doesn’t want to make her happy. He opens the window and tells her that he will “lend” her a life but may take it back someday. He jumps out the window and as he clings to the side of the sky boat, he isn’t all that surprised that Ecarlate’s friends survived as well. As they continue their talk, Ecarlate sees Variation outside her window, equipped with a parachute. Kon keeps bugging her about what happened as Variation safely makes his landing.

The sky boat arrives at Jugglaburk and Kon thinks his journey is over. He asks what will happen next. He’s told that the wedding won’t take place for another month as Ecarlate performs her eighteen pre-wedding rituals and Kon seems a little happy that they will all be together a little while longer. Of course that also means that there’s also plenty of opportunities for Incognito to come after them again!

Episode 17 –


As Ecarlate gets settled in, Kon is told about a research group that is studying Olvidia – but it’s a secret! Kon wonders what his next step should be, but Pet has already discovered the secret and knows where the research center is. Pet directs him and they soon stand at the gates to the “Ixion Research Center”. However, they can’t “walk” in without permission, so Kon decides to crawl in. Same thing! They enter the building and a receptionist greets them quite normally – even with Kon on his belly.

The receptionist asks Kon his business and as he gives her a very round about explanation, she activates the alarm. I guess she didn’t like what she was hearing. Kon is quickly apprehended and tossed into a room. The lights come on and a figure behind opaque glass asks Kon how he knows he’s a Hyperion. Kon says he wants to know about Olvidia. The figure says that he is willing to exchange information, but first he must see evidence that Kon is a Hyperion.

Kon draws his sword and says that it is Alma Gear and that he can use it. He turns it into the hammer and tells how he came to this land by falling from the sky. He also talks of his world and the figure says he would like to know more of that world. The window rises, revealing – a little kid standing on a box! Alan Yodogawa is the Lab Chief. Kon thinks it’s a prank and wants to talk to someone in charge. The kid assures him that he is the highest authority there, but Kon doesn’t believe him.

Once things get straightened out, Alan tells him that he didn’t come from Olvidia, but someplace else. However, Kon is sure that if he can get to Olvidia, he can get home. So, Alan tells Kon that he will exchange info but Kon needs to be examined first. Kon is undressed and strapped to a chair. As the exam proceeds, two girls in uniform walk in, one of which is the receptionist from earlier. Kon says he likes nurses, but shouldn’t they be wearing white? They “examine” him, getting a very healthy male response, while Alan takes notes and Kon complains that he shouldn’t be “researching” stuff like that. Too funny! Maybe Erec should try these girls.

Kon is then told to get in a pool and the girls show up in bikinis and join him in the water. Kon says “not again” and asks if they can do something else. So, they tie him up to a weight. I don’t think that is what he had in mind. And then they push him under the water. Of course, he sinks and Alan takes more notes. Kon nearly drowns and Alan is ready to move on to the next experiment. But Kon puts his foot down and says they are supposed to be exchanging info. So, Alan lets Kon ask two questions. Kon asks how he can get to Olvidia and Alan says that he doesn’t know. Kon gets annoyed and asks about the airship reaching Olvidia and Alan says that it can’t. I don’t think that was supposed to be Kon’s second question but Alan counted it as such and that annoyed Kon.

Now Kon must suffer through another experiment. He is running around a track and the girls open a door that releases a vicious animal to chase him. Yeah, that makes him run faster! Experiment after experiment brings Kon closer to losing his life. Finally Alan calls for a break and Kon gets to ask four more questions. Kon finds out all about Olvidia, but really learns nothing and was once again tricked into asking his questions. Next experiment is food and once again, Kon is found to be quite ordinary. More experiments and Kon is getting sick of them. But at least he gets two more questions. He asks a little more creatively this time too and finds out there may be a way to get to Olvidia from the ground but no one has found it yet.

Kon has found out all he needs to know and can’t get any help here so he decides to leave. But Alan needs to know more about Hyperions and asks Kon to stay. Kon refuses and Alan tries to stop him with the “adorable little brother” routine. With this distraction, the girls appear and handcuff him. No choice, since Kon is the only Hyperion test subject they have. And now the experiments begin in earnest. Kon is strapped to a table, as Alan prepares to dissect him in order to find the Alma organ. At least the girls show up in nurse uniforms this time. But I doubt that’s of any comfort to Kon.

Kon tries to convince them that they are other ways to do this, but apparently Alan’s world doesn’t have that kind of technology yet and so, he must do things the old fashioned way. Suddenly the power goes out and Pet shows up to help Kon. About time! Where has he been? They make their escape, taking out most of the research center in the process. As they runs towards the front gate, Alan yells for Kon to come back or he will never share any future information he may get about Olvidia with him. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. Kon just keeps running.

Meanwhile, Incognito is still under house arrest and Erec decides that they will now act independently. They will go to Jugglaburk’s domain and hunt for DT. But first he sends Variation to stop the men from torturing themselves any further and in very interesting ways too. Kon is back with his friends and learning all about the wedding rituals – even if he doesn’t want to. But then he finds out that the eighteenth ritual is called “Olvidia” and suddenly becomes excited. However, he will have to go through all the other seventeen rituals before he can find out about this one. “Those are the rules.” Hopefully he survives the first one!

Episode 18 –


Kon completes the first ritual, but almost dies in the process. Only seventeen more to go and poor Kon still doesn’t know why he has to participate since Ecarlate is the one getting married. From what I’ve seen so far, I supposed she’s allowed to have proxies, but maybe someone should explain that to Kon. And if he tries to quit without completing the rituals, it means his death too. Wonderful!

Kon seems to be doing nicely so far – at least nothing else is life threatening to this point. Although each time, his hard work gets completely ruined. And Incognito is back! This should be good! But has anyone noticed them? I think they are working too intensely on the rituals to notice. But Incognito is determined to stop the wedding any way they can. The funny thing is they have been trying to sabotage all the rituals so far with no luck. And ritual number five is no exception. Although it was nice when Erec actually helped Kon with one of them – it seems Erec is a bit of a perfectionist.

The price wars over the dominoes were hysterical - especially when they had to turn to the black market. Then Erec and Marian argue over the black market dealer and who should get the dominoes. It was even more hysterical when Erec and Marian fell together and found out each other’s little secret! Could love be in the air? I doubt it, but I wonder what each of them will do next. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be funny!