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A bit dialog heavy.

[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E07: Much to Discuss[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]7YCLWHYHXcU[/video]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

In a brief break from Gamers-related celebration… LAST CALL FOR ORCISH WORDS! If you haven’t sent your words in, you’ll soon be out of time! That’s all; resume thy revelry.[/quote]


[quote][size=5]Episode 8 Delayed[/size]

Update #48

Hi, everyone!

We’re still finishing up episode 8—it has a tricky [spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler] and we’ve decided we’d rather get [spoiler] right than rush it. Thanks for your patience!

In better news, we hit our fundraising target yesterday for The Gamers: Hands of Fate, so we’ll be jumping straight into that the moment that JQ Season Two is finished, which means more awesome content for all of you next year!



This one was even more awesome than Ep. 06!

[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E08: Fall Into Darkness[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]NmjM7q39bQI[/video]


This part applies to JQ…

The Gamers: Hands of Fate by Zombie Orpheus » The Final Hours

[QUOTE][B]JOURNEYQUEST[/B]: Since many of you already backed JourneyQuest last year (and everyone is probably sick of updates), here’s just a quick word about our final two episodes. They’re going to be late. Managing this campaign turned into a full time job this week and we’re behind. Also… we’re reshooting a big fight from episode nine tomorrow. The opportunity to fix a weather-related problem from that horrific March shoot came up and we’re taking it. It will make a huge difference in the quality of the final project. (And if you’re not watching JourneyQuest yet, go catch up! We’re super-proud of our other fantasy comedy show!)[/QUOTE]


I smell a new episode of Rude Mechanical brewing.

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We’d like to say we took the day off. Instead we shot some pickups and inserts for the next episode of JourneyQuest. Then Zoe showed up and things got weird.[/quote]


[quote][size=5]**Show Update **[/size]

Update #50
Sep. 11, 2012

As you’ve likely noticed, we’re missing another Tuesday deadline today, for which we deeply apologize. We got crunched with the Gen Con shoot for Gamers 3 and haven’t recovered. Our original plan was to complete and lock the edit of the show by July, but when the shoot extended into April and June—due to scheduling issues beyond our control, not to mention the weather that fought us every step of the way—we lost valuable editing time in the spring and our post-production timeline began to bleed into our Gamers 3 timeline. For the final three episodes, we’ve had to decide whether to release subpar work or to take the time to get it right: we think we made the right decision, despite the delays.

The good news is that we’re in the home stretch. Episode nine will be locked this morning and go to the composer, VFX, and sound editing. Episode ten has far fewer weather issues that nine did (we had to shoot five pickup shots last Saturday!) and should go quickly.

Once the episodes are complete, we’ll deliver them to Hulu, who just accepted our second season, and put them together into a feature version for the DVD and digital download. That means taking out the credits between episodes and the title screens, so that the entire season can play without interruption, as well as changing some timing elements to fit the feature format. At that point we’ll do a studio mixing session to sweeten and fine-tune the audio, tweak some of the music and VFX, and compile a final version of the credits. From there, we’ll be able to send the show out for DVD replication and to make the digital downloads available.

For the Seattle premiere of the feature version, we’re strongly considering November 9th and hope to lock that date by the end of the week. We’re planning something extra-special for that weekend and hope to see many of you there! More details about that soon.

We’ve been learning a lot from our season two experience and our first kickstarter campaign. Thanks for your patience as we’ve figured out a process, learned what does and does not work, and solved timeline issues. For your rewards, as many of you have been asking, we’re getting close to doing our next shipment. The embroidered supporter patches have arrived and they’re beautiful. We also have our posters and season one DVDs in. (The season two DVDS, of course, can’t ship until they exist, which means finishing the season.) Now that the patches are here, we are preparing to ship Yellow Robe rewards shortly. Our office is full of boxes from the storage unit and packing and labeling is scheduled for this week. The first batch of posters shipped already and, now that more backer surveys have been completed, we’re preparing the second batch to go out as well. As we are also shipping Mask of Death modules this week, those of you who pledged for both campaigns may receive a combined shipment. If you have still not completed the survey, please log into your Kickstarter account and do so this week! Otherwise you risk missing the primary shipping window.

Finally, when episode nine does release, keep your eye on the outtake after the credits—it’s super adorable.

Many thanks for your patience, understanding, and support!



Maybe it’ll only be a 1 week delay, and show up on this coming Tuesday!


Episode 9 is out for music and VFX and we’re just finishing up the cut on Episode 10, which is currently 15 minutes long![/quote]


So you want Ep. 09?
Here it finally is!!

Also, Ep. 10 will be 15 minutes!

[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E09: Retromancer[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]8qubNFRMjYQ[/video]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

And for anyone who wants to take a crack at translating the Orcish war chant from Episode 9 (we’re looking at you, Seth Davis), here are the lyrics:

Kekart helaz ek haedart duwudz.
Trogdart huadz ek iuluz malifuluz.
Possagas nubudz shagga, net praolop arwabdjagas nubudz.
Orkulz aggax! Nodar heszax lordhul aka!
Orkulz aggax! Huarit ur drado bawaes!
Batmam nodar bennathesad aka.
Katakaen gadz wuaraggek.


Looks like Seth Davis actually did take the time to translate it.

[B][U]Quoted from the comments section[/U][/B]

[QUOTE][B]Seth Davis[/B]

I wasn’t 100%, but Matt kindly red inked the rest. For those who are curious:

[B]Slaughter the elves and skin the dwarves.
Burn the humans and their cities.
You all may slay us, but shall never break our will.
We are Orcs! Our blood is fire!
We are Orcs! Hide behind your walls!
Justice is our spear-sister.
We will not be enslaved again.[/B] [/QUOTE]

It sounds so much better in Orcish though, rather than reading it in English and trying to fit it to the music.


A new BTS from when they did the Orcish war chant.

[size=5]JQ BTS - Illumni Men’s Chorale will rock you[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]dwidnZQKvfU[/video]


[quote][size=5]Season Finale and the Seattle Premiere[/size]

Update #52

[size=5]Dear JourneyQuest Supporters –[/size]

After an extraordinary effort from our cast, crew, and every single one of you, we are thrilled to present the JourneyQuest Season Finale, “Through Every Trial”. It’s been a long road to get here, with inclement weather, schedule challenges, shooting part of Gamers 3 at Gen Con, and several new babies. Thanks to every one of you for your support, understanding, and enthusiasm as we’ve worked to make this season the very best it could possibly be. While we fell behind on the last few episodes, we stand behind taking the time to get it right, rather than rushing the editing process. This final episode of the season is over fifteen minutes long and we are immensely proud of it.

Our next step is to prepare the feature version of this season, which will be the version that appears on the DVD and for your digital downloads. We’ll be cutting out the credits and episode titles, fixing mistakes that crept into the YouTube version, fine-tuning timing so that it flows as a season, and taking the entire project in for a final studio mix of the audio. We expect this to be the definitive version of our second season and all of you will be the first to receive it.

[size=5]The Premiere[/size]

This final cut of season two will premiere in Seattle on November 9th at our first-ever convention, ZOECon 2012! We encourage all of you to join us if you can for an extraordinary evening with our cast and crew. Blue Robes and above, per their Kickstarter rewards, receive free VIP tickets to this Friday event. The rest of the seating will be reserved for ZOECon attendees, but luckily, it’s not difficult to attend our convention! Information and tickets are available at Attendees will receive

■ Exclusive gaming and partying with the Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen community, for three straight days
■ A swag bag of biblical proportions, so big and so epic that we can’t possibly list all the cool stuff here
■ An exclusive ZOECon1 t-shirt and collectible pin
■ A ticket to the world premiere of the JOURNEY QUEST 2 feature film
■ Screenings and panels
■ Signing opportunities
■ 24/7 gaming and playtest events
■ 24/7 snacks, sodas, coffee and the like, free for the asking
■ The chance to hang out with gaming industry celebs, the makers of some awesome shows, and our cast all weekend long
■ The option of helping us out as an extra in convention crowd scenes as we shoot GAMERS 3. Comes with credit and bragging rights.

Those of you traveling from far away will be happy to hear that we have free transportation directly from the airport to the hotel, plus we’ve negotiated a great room rate if you want to stay overnight. More travel and hotel information is available here:

[size=5]Rewards and Fulfillment[/size]

Once our feature cut is locked we can put the rest of the orders together and start the shipping and fulfillment process. (Yellow Robes should have already received packages and many, if not all, posters shipped last month.)

The big challenge is that we’ve run ourselves right up against the Gamers 3 shooting schedule. Ben Dobyns, who authors all of our DVDs, is co-directing that movie with Matt Vancil. He could get a bare-bones DVD done fairly quickly, but we’ve always prided ourselves on making DVDs that are packed to bursting with extra content: commentaries, special features, outtakes, and so on. Please let us know in the comments if you would prefer to wait for Ben to complete the best-possible version of the DVD and for it to take longer, or if you’d rather receive a bare-bones edition sooner. If the latter, we would not release a commercial DVD yet and would take the time to finish that deluxe edition for the public. (Our preference is to make the best DVD that we can now, rather than creating a double-dip situation.)

As always, our first commitment as a company is to you, the supporters who are making possible something extraordinary: the creation of media totally outside the studio system that is distributed directly to the fans.

From everybody at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and our partners at Dead Gentlemen Productions, thank you for making JourneyQuest Season Two possible, thank you for believing in us, and thank you especially for bearing with our growing pains and missteps as we all work together to create something new in the world.

Here’s to the ongoing pursuit of making everything amazing!



[size=5]Bardic Immunity![/size]

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

Matt Vancil has decreed that the ZOECon badge is good for Bardic Immunity. [/quote]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

It’s so pretty! Like a big ball of cats![/quote]


[quote][size=5]ZOEcon: Changing to a “Pay What You Choose” model.[/size]

Friends, Fans and Fanatics,

You ever catch yourself in the middle of a project and realize that you’ve gone about this thing entirely the wrong way, and need to start over from scratch?

Yeah, we know that feeling too. We lost our way with the ZOEcon tickets and so we’re pulling a mulligan and rebooting.

We’re still hosting the con, it’s still going to be awesome, and there will still be filming and games and screenings and waffles on the weekend of November 9-11. And you’re still invited, and we’d love to see you! But we realized somewhere along the way that we’ve been going about this all wrong. What we really need to do is throw one hell of a party, to say thanks to you, the greatest fans and supporters any company – making films or not – could ever hope to have.

As such, we’ve decided to offer refunds on every single dime we’ve collected for ticket sales up to this point. Just as we do with our movies, we’re making ZOECon a totally free event (except for hotel rooms, you still need to pay for those if you want them!) You want to attend? Register and show up. That’s all we ask.

Our store has been set up with a “Pay What You Choose” system that allows you to pay whatever amount you feel appropriate to attend and be part of this con. You can only afford so much, but you still really want to attend? Pay what you can, from zero and up. Really want to see it happen again next year? Maybe pay a bit more. As a truly fan-supported community, we’d like to give back to you as our way of saying thanks, and at the same time allow you to contribute whatever you feel is appropriate to the operational cost of hosting this party. The recommended contribution is $99, which will help us cover the many costs associated with putting this party on.

We do ask that our fans be sure to register for the convention to sign up and reserve their space. We’re limited by the hotel itself to a cap of 250 attendees, and there are a lot more fans out there than we can fit into this convention hall. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we’re out, we’re out.

So that’s that. We’ve had our epiphany, learned the hard way, and are going back to what we do best - making cool things and setting out the contributions bucket. Because that’s just how we roll, and attempting to do it any other way has upset the natural karmic balance, so we’re doing the right thing and setting that balance back.

We will see you in two weeks at the Doubletree! Thanks for your understanding as we take on exciting new projects and endeavors!

You can reserve your tickets now at

Yours - Zombie Orpheus Entertainment


If I registered, do I need to register again?
No, you’re in the system. Check your email for a communication from our store guru, K Wiley for additional details.

If I’m supposed to be at the con as a Kickstarter backer or special guest, do I need to register or do anything different?
No, you’re in the system and we’re ready for you. Show up as planned.

Aren’t you going to lose money doing this?
We might, but it’s the right thing to do. You can help us offset the cost of the convention by making a generous contribution when you reserve your ticket.[/quote]


Fan art…
Kinda looks like they’re Total Drama Island characters rather than JQ characters though.


Fan art![/quote]


[size=5]Call for extras at ZOECon! | ZOECon[/size]

[quote]Call for extras at ZOECon!

Okay, a big part of having this con is to shoot a movie, right? Well, here’s your chance to be an extra, and appear in GAMERS 3: HANDS OF FATE!

The scheduled times we will need extras are as follows:


11AM – 2 PM Shooting Block #1 – 20 open slots, Convention Center Hallway

3 PM – 6 PM Shooting Block #2 – 20 open slots, Convention Center Hallway


11 AM – 2 PM Shooting Block #1 – 15 open slots, Exhibitor Hall (Dallas Room)

2 PM – 7 PM Shooting Block #2 – 15 open slots, LARP Area (Phoenix Room)


9 AM – 12 PM Shooting Block #1 – 10 open slots, Cass’s Room (to be announced)

12 PM – 3 PM Shooting Block #2 – 10 open slots, Hotel Lounge

We will have sign-up sheets available for each shooting block at the registration table on Friday, first come, first served. You’ll need to be there the entire time, and follow directions from the crew. We would also ask that you NOT wear your ZOECon shirts or pins during filming, as this needs to look as much like Gen Con as possible – and ZOECon hadn’t happened when Gen Con ran in August! For continuity!

If you have any questions or concerns about appearing on film, just ask one of our friendly and courteous staffers who will be on-hand at the show. We’ll be more than happy to answer! See you in three days![/quote]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

You’ve seen the game schedule, the screening schedule, and the event schedule. Now we’re happy to reveal… the shooting schedule![/quote]


Perf hats!


Perf hats for high-level JQ2 backers are done![/quote]


[size=5]IAWTV Awards PR[/size]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Congrats to ZOE member Aidan 5: The Web Series for their eight IAWTV nominations! And congrats to Bandersnatch Studios for their Best Makeup nod for JourneyQuest![/quote]