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[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E02: City of the Dead[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]PbrCLejR_lE[/video]


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[QUOTE]Dead Gentlemen Productions

Lots of juicy JourneyQuest details in MacGuffin podcast 147![/QUOTE]

[B]MacGuffin Audio Podcast #147 | The MacGuffin[/B]


[size=6]Fan Supported dot Net[/size]
“Fan Supported And Creator Distributed”

ZOE started up a new site, geared towards buying products that are “fan supported”.

The list of stuff is short currently, but they’re planning on getting more creators involved.

[size=5]S.J. Tuckers CDs
Standard Action S1
JourneyQuest S1
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Aiden5 S1


I am very happy with Season Two so far! :slight_smile:


As am I!
So far it’s worth every penny of the $50 I put into it!

Especially the way Fran Kranz does Silver Tom!
Pantsless at that!


[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E03: Mewling Monkey Talk[/size]

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Man do I love Fran Kranz as Silver Tom!


[SIZE=“5”]Matt Vancil on Journey Quest Season Two | N3RDGAZM.COM[/SIZE]

An interview with Matt Vancil on JQ Season 2!


The new Making Of BTS of Season 1 from Kairos Productions.

[size=5]JourneyQuest Season 1 - Behind the Scenes Ep. 6: Protagonists[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]YpJLoJImfiY[/video]


[quote=“The Coffee God” post=122522]
Man do I love Fran Kranz as Silver Tom!

The man has a silver tongue! But I guess that’s obvious. :laugh: All the characters are wonderful. Perfect casting too I think.

Ep 3 was great!

& the Orcs are back!

Can’t wait for ep 4!! My only complaint is that it’s a shame these episodes are so short. But they always end on a note with me wanting more, so that’s a good thing! :slight_smile:


[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E04: Spry Little Bugger[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]0r9jFksyzeY[/video]


The new Making Of BTS of Season 1 from Kairos Productions.

[size=5]JourneyQuest Season 1 - Behind the Scenes Ep. 7: Antagonists[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]9A-Rro8UABs[/video]


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

If you’re into film distribution and what we’re doing to change it, take a look at this article from Washington Filmworks. It investigates how Matthew Lillard’s “Fat Kid Rules the World” and JourneyQuest are turning everything upside down.[/quote]

[size=5]Film and the Internet – Equal Access for All?[/size]


[size=6]MAYHEM Official Fiction - Round 3 - The Severe Sixteen![/size]

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Ha! You thought with all the JourneyQuest and Gamers 3 news that we’d forgotten about MAY-HEM, didn’t you? Well, you’re wrong! Behold, the aweseomly McMichael’d MAY-HEM fictions continue with The Purple Ninja vs Sir Osric and The Shadow vs Anti-Tank Sally vs Rilk!![/quote]


It’s Monte Cook!

[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E05: Bravery Favors the Brave[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]cg_NM49UHl8[/video]



[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

The JourneyQuest season two supporters patch proof is approved and they’re going into production today![/quote]


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[QUOTE][B]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment[/B]

The following was created by Kate Marshall, a member of the same Chromed writing team as Matt. She’d like to know whether she should create the rest of “Aas Nod Hul?”, or “Are You My Father?”, which would make it the very first JourneyQuest children’s book. What do you think?[/QUOTE]


That was flippin’ AWESOME!

[size=5]JourneyQuest S02E06: Better Than Sex[/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]iLi956kokYc[/video]


Rude Mechanical is back!

[size=5][B][B]Rude Mechanical Ep. 22[/B][/B][/size]

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]eJKUx5LDy3Q[/video]


For those that missed it…

58 minutes ago

Episode 7 is delayed for a week due to Gen Con. We announced this previously, but it sounds like many of you missed the update![/quote]