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I’m going to watch this after I finish up my update today!


And for those that want to buy it.
Here’s the other official links for purchasing.


I just read this on the DGP FB page.

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions
The first online extra for the JourneyQuest DVD just went live. What’s this, you ask? There was so much extra material that wouldn’t fit on the DVD that we created an Easter Egg to link to a secret web page with more exclusive content. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for buying the DVD and supporting us![/quote]

Now, I have to hunt that down on the DVD.


They have finally passed the $20,000 mark!

Only $10,000 to go to cover the cost of S1.
After that, the money starts going to production of S2!



[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Any MMA fans in the house? You won’t believe who’s joining our JourneyQuest cast…


Oh my!
I’m just waiting on the PR to find out who it actually is, but my two guesses are Randy Couture or Oleg Taktarov.
Those are the only two I can think of that have an acting background.

See if you can guess who it is before the PR is released.


I had to post this!

[quote][size=5]The Top 10 most sexually suggestive phrases from JourneyQuest: Season 1.[/size]

by Dead Gentlemen Productions
Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 5:38pm

As compiled by Stunt Performer and Assistant Art Director Jason Jenkins. Thanks, Jason!

The Top 10 most sexually suggestive phrases from JourneyQuest: Season 1

  1. “Who cares what it’s called. What matters is what’s inside.”
  2. “Blech. Orc.”
  3. “Do something, something magic.”
  4. “And somewhere inside… my sword.”
  5. “I was too brave to spare the elderly.”
  6. “How many of those did you bring?”
  7. “Its solid stone all the way around. There’s no way in.”
  8. “There burns a hellfire no water can douse.”
  9. “Nara, is that what I think it is?”

And the #1 most sexually suggestive phrase from Journey Quest Season I

  1. “It’s a riddle pillar.”[/quote]



[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Guess what’s coming soon![/quote]


So, if you liked this series, show your support, so we can get Seasons 2 & 3!

[video type=youtube]uPhvJgEdGnA[/video]


And for those of us that have been waiting for it…

Only $6.99 in MP3 format.
You can also listen to samples of all 31 songs at that link as well.


Also, when asked about a physical release, the response was such:

As I like physical CDs much more than MP3s, I’m all for a physical release, though I don’t really expect that they’ll get enough interest in it to be a viable option.


And for those of us that supported them, here’s a warm Thank You! from them (as well as a few other humorous things).

[video type=youtube]7Vp0efaQ71w[/video]


Oh wow!
I really need to start paying closer attention to their FB page, as this was posted Thursday.

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Thursday at 8:59am

One week sale on JourneyQuest at Amazon! $9.99 for the Season One disk. If you’ve been waiting on picking up a copy and supporting the show, now is a great time![/quote]

Since I’m late posting this, there is less time for you to react to the sale, but there it is.

Looks like a lot of people are jumping on this opportunity too, as this was posted last night.


This week’s ZOE update is with Matt Vancil himself!

[video type=youtube]fqeao1xaWCg[/video]




Also, it looks like Bob Sapp is the MMA person that will be joining JQ.

From the ZOE homepage ( )


And the Kickstarter campaign has begun!

To lead you into the humor of the Kickstarter video, I kind of have to start you off with the first 3 episodes of Rude Mechanical, their new behind the scenes weekly news vids.

[video type=youtube]SsWT3j8Nw18[/video]

[video type=youtube]1zS3NolgKBI[/video]

[video type=youtube]kt6V1gThW5Y[/video]

Onward to waffles!

[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

This is it! Our JourneyQuest Kickstarter campaign is live. If you like the show, if you want us to keep producing quality content, if you want to see more, now is the time to show your support. (Also, check out our video for some awesome casting announcements!)[/quote]

-Watch the video-

[video type=youtube]WpXj7t5HOxU[/video]

[quote]What are you trying to do?

Thanks to generous fan contributions, we have entirely paid off our first season’s budget of $30,000. Our new goal is to raise $60,000 to produce a second season of JourneyQuest.

Who else is involved?

We are thrilled to have new actors joining our cast in upcoming seasons!
MMA superstar Bob Sapp will be playing our barbarian king Karn the Unpleasant, appearing first in Season Two.
TV star Fran Kranz, who played Topher Brink on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, will be playing the dashing, honey-tongued bard Silver Tom.
Genre actress Jen Page (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, Project London) will appear as Queen Starling, ruling conquered kingdoms by the side of her husband, Karn the Unpleasant.
Scott C. Brown (or his clone) is slated to play the orcish professor Strong Like Bull.

We also have internationally renowned fantasy artist Wayne Reynolds producing the cover artwork for our DVDs and poster!

Where does the money go?

Every penny goes directly towards production and contributor rewards. Our budget covers everything from production insurance to location fees, from cast and crew wages to equipment rentals, from the props and costumes and makeup of preproduction to the VFX, sound design, and music of post—everything. With their quick and efficient micro-crew, Matt and Ben have learned how to stretch a dollar to get the maximum amount of production value without sacrificing a drop of story or characterization. Nothing goes to waste.

What happens if you don’t raise the money?

Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal. If we don’t reach our goal, no money changes hands, no incentives get sent—and no new episodes get made. And that will be the end of JourneyQuest.

Can we exceed the budget?

We absolutely can. And the more we exceed the budget, the more episodes we make. Here’s how it breaks down:
If we raise our minimum, $60,000, we make another 7-episode season;
If we raise $100,000, we make a 10-episode season;
If we raise more than that, the excess goes into a fund for Season 3;
And if we raise $200,000, we shoot Seasons 2 & 3 concurrently![/quote]


[video type=youtube]0ADwU1um0ms[/video]



$16,366 in less than 24 hours!
Season 2 just might happen yet!

Maybe even enough for Season 3!!


Almost 50% to the goal in 48 hours!
This is awesome!

2 Update vids!

And the weekly Rude Mechanical.

Rude Mechanical Ep. 03

[video type=youtube]K_lQ0V1m-RQ[/video]



And, with my pledge, that nudged it over the $35,000 mark!

Don’t forget guys, you don’t have to pledge anything big if you don’t want to.

You could even pledge $1 and call it a day if you want.
However, even that $1 gets us that much closer to the goal!

And if this fails to be funded by Saturday Nov 26, 8:23am PST (god I hope not!), you don’t even have to pay that.

Think you’ll all have a $1 to spare come Nov 26?