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Kaleido Star

Ok any of those three would be fine. I’ve been meaning to watch those three. Now to get the others interest. Please be interested someone? I so want to watch some more shwos with you guys. As for Kaleido Star, I would totally be up for buying it. But I probally woulnd’t get it in time to watch it with you guys anyway. Still not against buying it and watching it later anyway, as long as you thinkI’d like it. It looks pretty good from what i can tell.

Ok any of those three would be fine. As for Kaleido Star, I would totally be up for buying it. But I probally woulnd’t get it in time to watch it with you guys anyway.[/quote]

Not to worry, we’ll probably have another one next year, at the very least, if not several.
This is part of our little mini Gonzo feast, a Vandread viewing is after this viewing.

Yet another series I don’t own. You guys are good at picking series I never bought and watching them aren’t you :wink: Kidding :stuck_out_tongue: .

Speaking of which, (though you’ll miss out on the awesome dub for this and any conversation that goes with the dub) if you actually want to participate without the DVDs, you can always watch the subbed version of this on CR, since Gonzo put it up on there.
Just stick to the episode schedule I posted.

You should get Kaleido Star at one point, it’s actually gonna be one of the ones in that list PM for you. :wink:

I’m up for watching Nadesico or Colorful (I’ve been wanting to write a review for this on my site) soon, and I’m trying to get Orphen 1 and 2 soon…[/quote]

You definitely need to grab Orphen. And you’ve missed quite a few good sales on it too. At one point, it was on sale for $24.99 on Right Stuf.

Not to goo off topic, but yeah you need Orphen ASAP Dragoon. I love that show, and the dub is really good too. Spike Spencer always gets me with this show. I got it pretty cheap at Best Buy when it came out Dragonrider, although I forget how much I spent. Probally more then that though.

Also I LOVED the sequel series too :stuck_out_tongue: . Haven’t seen many episodes of either, but they both rule. I’m in the incredbly small minority (like 3 guys on planet earth?) with this opinion however.

Yeah I’ve seen Orphen 2 a while ago on Anime Network, not yet with Orphen 1 though. I have access to it on Anime Network Online Player, but I’ve been saving it to get it on DVD, sooner than later hopefully. :smiley:

David Matranga is one of my favorite ADV VAs, so I definitely am trying to get all his works at one point - and then the fact that Steven Foster is involved in Orphen is incentive alone. :smiley:

First DVD down.

Even for the third time through this year, this series still sucks me right in from the get go.

Everything about it just seems right on (though it did take me a bit to warm up to Cynthia Martinez in this role the first time around) to me, from the animation and music to a perfect balance between comedy and drama.

I’m so thankful you talked me into getting this one, dragoon!
As much as I love Cirque du Soleil and stuff like it, I don’t think I would have ever looked into this series without the urgings.

You’re welcome. I’m thrilled you turned out liking it. :smiley: I forgot you’ve seen this 3x this year as well. Man, we’ve sure been watching this a lot!

Heading out to dinner now then coming back to watch, will post later tonight!

Just finished the first DVD too. This too will be my third viewing of it in the last year, and it just keeps getting better and better, especially now that we know the sign posts. :slight_smile:

Jay Hickman as the Fool continues to just be pure awesomeness to me. All the little gags and Hickman’s personal comedic style interwoven between the dramatic moments continue to crack me up.

The first episode always has a special place for me, it looks gorgeous when you first see all the various themes and shows from Sora’s memory and what she’s presented with currently - especially when supplemented with the beautiful music. Every time the music themes cue it’s just a really special experience I think.

Also really loved episode 5 with Sora’s father. Jason Douglas just sounds so great, his voice is just very memorable.

Throughout these episodes and especially with ep 5 we see Sora starting to do things her own way, on her personal road to achieve her dreams. Oft-a road filled with a lot of missteps since she’s still growing and learning.

These episodes just flew by! Lately it seems 95% of the shows I’ve been watching in the last 6 months or something tend to feel like it takes a while to go through. There really is such a difference between just watching any other anime and then being so enraptured by one, like I am with this.

Can’t wait for volume 2 tomorrow!

I’m actually in the middle of the first episode right now. Can’t really comment on it quite yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, finished up to episode 5. There are a couple things I really like. I do like the art style of the series, and I do like the lack of Gonzo’s traditionally bad CGI. I also enjoy that they included the “Don’t Sit Too Close” warnings before each episode. Very few shows do that.

As for the content of the show, I’m enjoying it. The dub certainly isn’t one of ADV’s finest, but it’s still decent and suits the show well. The stories are interesting, and overall, the show is quite fun so far. Looking forward to seeing more!

One last thing, while the OP and ED aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I really enjoy the rest of the music. I really love the melody that plays on the menus.

DVD 2 (eps. 6-9) down.

They did such an awesome job with the competition moments, even knowing what’s going to happen next, I’m still at the edge of my seat with the intensity that they portray.

Though I’ve said it many times, I just absolutely love the soundtrack to this and how perfectly it goes with the scenes.

And the Fool continues to add a humorous twist to things.

Some of my favorite moments…

[details=spoiler]I just love that diabolo battle between Sora and Rosetta. Both the intensity that they show with the characters and the music to go along with it.

Sora doing stretches and the Fool noticing the back of her shirt drop, then he moves to the front to get a peak and become dejected when he notices the front is tucked in.
Sora: “What’s wrong?”
Fool: “Oh nothing. You wouldn’t listen to me anyways.”

Sora trying out for the lead roll, but failing due to falling and becoming afraid to swing again. I love the training scenes she goes through to get her over her fear along with music.[/details]

Can’t wait to watch more tomorrow!
It’s one of my favorite DVDs.

-hides from dragoon- ><

Say what?

I didn’t do my homework. My dog ate my DVDs.

Pretear is banished into the dungeon with the Pope. Are you unable to join the viewing then?

Cody wait til you get to the good parts. The show really starts to take flight around volume 3 and 4, right now it’s just building on the early relationships.

Volume 2

The great thing about this series is the amazing designs. Very few series have this kind of creativity with the designs for the stages and all the colorful costumes. It’s not easy to come up with these things and execute it.

The Fool and Jay Hickman are amazingly hilarious. :smiley:

Volume 2 Spoilers:

[details=spoiler]- Enjoyed the Rosetta episode with the competition, but as well as watching the relationships and feelings change as Rosetta starts learns to respect Sora. There’s a definite strong use of moe in this case and it works without it being necessarily visually moe.

  • Love the Layla birthday episode! We finally learn more why her heart is so cold and why she is so focused singularly on work - since it’s her only opportunity to perhaps one day get her father’s love and approval.

  • Last episode of the Volume 2 with the Mermaid, finally begins Sora’s journey of trials and tribulations. I love the way Layla eyebrows were raised at what Sora did at the end. The rivalry is starting to heat up. [/details]

Stellar visuals, storytelling and music use throughout. Can’t wait for tonight’s Volume 3.

Oh one other amusing thing… Just remembered how in the Little Mermaid episode they portrayed Kalos as the horse that Yuri was riding on - hair and glasses and all. :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE KS, I just wish you guys picked something different this time. Maybe shorter.

Himeno has a short attention span. You have to forgive her :stuck_out_tongue:

DVD 3 (eps. 10-13) down.

This DVD covers some of my favorite episodes in the series, along with some of my favorite music.

[details=spoiler]Sora getting the lead of The Little Mermaid, and the work and thought process to make the role her own.

More character background and development for Anna.

More fun Fool moments:
-Hiding from the diabolo
-More pervy acting when Layla stays

The competition aspect when Sora gets offered the role opposing Layla in Arabian Nights.
As well as what she comes up with for the test, and the “battle/practice” between Layla and Sora on the boat.[/details]

All in all, with these episodes, I was completely sold on this show the first time through, and even now, after several watches, I just adore these episodes.