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Kurokami The Animation

###Kurokami The Animation

Genres: action, drama, fantasy
Themes: other selves, superhuman, superpowers
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 23
Vintage: 2009-01-08 to 2009-06-18

Plot Summary: In this world, there are three identical looking people in existence who split between them an energy-like force called “Terra.” This energy can be attributed to the amount of “Luck” or “Life Energy” that an individual possesses. There also exists beings who observe the human world, maintaining the balance of Terra, known as the “Coexistence Equilibrium.” These beings possess ability that surpass that of a normal human being and reside in hiding in places known as the “Pure Place” in tribes. They are called the Terra Guardians. This is a tale of battle that begins with a chance meeting between a human boy named Keita and a young Tera Guardian girl named Kuro.

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I always wanted this anime but didn’t want to buy Bandai’s 6 Blu-ray volumes.

Actually, there were 5 blur ays, and I believe 4 DVDs. However, the blurays were dub-only. I have them and I’ve watched volume one, but I never got around to watching the rest. I grabbed them while they were on sale at Right Stuf a year or two ago.

So was it any good, first vol. at least. At the time it looks to me like another wannabe Shana, so I was like “yeah…no…maybe later…”

I wasn’t impressed by this personally. Bandai made it sound really cool and then when I saw it, it was just a Shana clone (I agree) obsessed with cheap ramen and willing to be brutally (though cartoonishly) beaten with a baseball bat to get it.

If Titan were 90% about the Sasha and only 10% about fighting Titans and Eren then I think it would be Kurokami. Kurokami had a cool-sounding premise that Bandai hyped the hell out of but it barely showed up in the first volumes.

Though I’ll probably buy it…eventually. It won’t be a “Day 0” purchase for me.

Yeah, it does bare a lot of similarities to Shana. It’s not the best show, but what I saw was fun. The animation is good and the dub is pretty decent, actually better than Funi’s dub for the later seasons of Shana. I may upgrade my singles depending on how this is released, if even just for space savings.

So I can get a reference point for this, did you consider the Funi dub for Shana to be better than the original?


So I can get a reference point for this, did you consider the Funi dub for Shana to be better than the original?[/quote]
Dear God, NO! I’m not a big fan of Ocean dubs, but Shana’s first season dub was great. Funi’s dubs of the later seasons isn’t terrible, but it’s poorly cast and lacks a lot of the emotion that was present in season one. The new dub is why I’m holding off on buying it until it gets the inevitable super cheap Classic or SAVE release.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I think that I will seek out the Kurokami dub to try as I do believe that I only saw it subbed.

Now that the announcement for these shows has been made I think I would have preferred that the ones that Sentai got not have been revealed until release dates were set up for them (Release date for Funi titles means nothing, not with their delays IMO).

Super cheap classic or SAVE.

Hear, hear!!

I gonna agree hear as well. Season one was…brace for it “classic”. Tabitha St. Germain as Shana was excellent. Her "shut up, shut up, shut up"s were soo adorable. The new dubs, while not horrible in themselves, don’t feel a perfect match to the characters. Of course this could be all because of “season one” syndrome: you watch it so many times that one grows to love them and can’t see any else play them.

Perhaps if the reverse happened, we’d all be loving the original Funi dub of season one and hate the Ocean dub of later season if Funi and not Geneon went under, and Geneon rescued them. But alas, we’ll never know.

I own Shana seasons 1, 2, 3, OVA, Movie on blue-ray. I think Everything about Kurokami is better, Shana is the cheap knock-off. I just never thought that Bandai’s 5 overpriced volumes was a good deal.

Q) How are plans with Kurokami the Animation and The Big O coming along? Oh and what’s ur fav OP out of your catalog?

A) Right now, no news on either, but there are def. plans in place.

At this point, the only things that I remember about Kurokami are the kinda rocking theme song and the simuldub.

Oh, and the ramen zombie. Can’t forget that.

When will this ever get released?