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Under Rated Anime Recommendations

This topic is for recommending what you consider Under Rated Anime. Something that slipped below the Radar when it originally aired, but what you feel is good and worth watching.

If possible link to the show thread in the forums so users can see if the show might be for them


My first Under Rated Recommendation is one of my favorite under rated titles:

Alderamin on the Sky
An anime that covers military strategy, has interesting characters and a great story.


This is a really hard one for me @Series5Ranger. While I’ve seen plenty of anime that probably didn’t get enough attention as they deserved, can’t specifically define one, since I try my best not to go by other people’s reviews.

Will try to think of something…


Well, after sleeping on it for a few hours, one did come to mind (thanks to one of your posts Series5)

Alice and Zoroku

From the just absolutely incredible OP through the final episode, it grabs you and takes you on an emotional roller coaster. You get sentimental over all the main characters, and none of them are just thrown to the side after their introduction. The art is quite beautiful too.