Late introduction for me

Hey anime network names Dan. I live in the United states and unfortunately was born there. I love watching anime and playing Video games so add me on steam just ask me for my steam name (It changes a lot).
Lets see i think the first anime i ever watched was The skull man so you know most people haven’t seen it but it was really good.
so thanks for reading and i hope to make some friends on here.

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Hello there lazyeye90!

It’s nice to see other new people besides me.

This place is a lot of fun.

Well,… at least you weren’t born in Somalia. Unfortunately I feel obliged to say Hello even though technically if I say Hello you can’t hear it so I’m typing it instead. Hello. Konichiwa. Gutentag. Hola.

Welcome to TAN @lazyeye90! :grinning:

You can also post your steam name here.

The Skull Man was a fun watch. One of the first few Sentai titles I saw and purchased.



Welcome to you! Enjoy looking around and feel free to jump into any conversation that interests you.

The Skull Man was a terrific anime. There are plenty of fans here.

If you have any questions, just ask. There is always someone around to answer you.

Hello and welcome to the tachytelic TAN Boards, Dan!! :smile:

Hope you have a great time posting around and making many new friends!! :3

nice 2 meet you my name is Ashton aka animefan525

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Happy i found people with common interests :laughing:

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