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So, is there a reason behind the horribly unstable Log In Remembrance with the site? There are times when it’s been only about an hour and a half, maybe two, and I have to log back in despite selecting the Remember Me option when logging in. And then other times it could be a good two and a half hours, and taking my laptop from home to work which means I’m on different ISP’s, and I’ll still be logged in. Not to mention just coming to the forum to post this topic required me to log in again, at maybe 30-45 seconds after I’d logged in before because it had once again forgotten I was logged in (hopefully I won’t have problems starting to watch the show I came here to watch after posting this, as I run multiple tabs for the site).

I am glad to see that horrible ad service is either gone or else has fixed their loading problems (it’s been a few months since I was on the site because of that, I could watch an individual episode of a show you have hosted through Hulu faster over there than here when that problem was going on). I don’t know which solution occurred, but I’m glad that problem is gone. Now if only the site could figure out if I have a Premium Free Trial or not, even though I’ve been subscribing for over 5 years now…


Is your browser set to delete cookies when you close your browser?
I’m not having any problems at all. My main PC and my smartphone both keep me logged in.


The forums side of the site seems to be fine, keeping you logged in.
The Joomla side of the site (where watching anime resides) seems to log you out after awhile.

I’ve been having this issue as well on IE11, ever since I cleared my cookies & internet temp files last week or so.
Up to that point, I was always logged in and never had to log in on the Joomla side.

Another thing I noticed, it’s been over a week (I think), I’ve signed in many times, and I haven’t gotten a cookie from in my internet temp files.
I’ve tried Accepting All Cookies, closed my browser many times, all kinds of things, and I still don’t have a cookie for TAN.

It’s rather odd (and annoying).


Are you logging in directly into the forums?
Or are you logging in first to the Community/Online Player side first?

With the most recent update, logging into the forums should log you into both sides at once.
However, logging on into the Community/Online Player side only logs you in there and not the forums.

As far as how long you remain logged in, I haven’t experienced any problems since the last update. I can log in and still be logged into both sides for several hours.

I have IE11 also @TheCoffeeGod, and I just checked and I do have the cookie for, I wonder what the difference is.


For me, I generally login on the forums first, followed by the Community/Online Player side once I have all my tabs up.

Didn’t know about this part, since I logged into the forum before the update.
Just logged out and tested it, and it works on both sides for me.

Maybe that will fix the issue of it signing out the Community/Online Player side for me, though it still didn’t set a cookie in my internet temp files, so I don’t know what’s going on with that.


First, I normally only save my browser tabs and close my browser windows when I need to restart my laptop due to an update, and no I don’t have my browser set to clear cookies on close either.

The browser I’m using is Mozilla Firefox (I don’t trust Microshit and I only use Internet Crapiter under extreme protest and only if I absolutely have to go to that site because I can’t do whatever I’m needing to do some other way), and the last time I used the forums before making this topic was several months ago (I think over 6, but I’m not sure, someone would have to do a search for my posts).

Now, the forum did a spectacular job of Remembering Me so I just went over to the tab where I’d been watching The Familiar of Zero (I’m re-watching Season 1 before starting in on Season 2, and I’m hoping that the season that’s coming on the 20th is Season 3 since Season 4 is already here) on and selected the next ep. I still had to log in again. Now, the last time I logged in was at home and now I’m at work (it is the same computer though) so I’m not to surprised that I had to log in again. What I didn’t like was having to log in again just after 0500 CST this morning to watch an ep while I ate before leaving for work when I’d woken up in the middle of the night and had just finished watching an ep around 0200 CST this morning. Less than 3.5 hours later and I had to log in again when I was still on the same internet connection. I didn’t have this problem back when the ad service TAN was using made the pages take forever to load. I do find it rather annoying to have to log back in every couple of hours, and as I’m thinking of trying to work my way through the WATAMOTE dubs this weekend it’s going to be very annoying if every few eps I have to log back in just to keep watching the show.


Hey CoffeeGod,

Do you happen to have a cleaning program or extension installed on your machine that you use? Maybe there is a setting recently enabled on your browser or security software that has been set to prevent cookies from being enabled?




The website and the forums are set up with a sliding expiration on the login for security purposes. If you are inactive on the site even when logged in (Say you are watching a show and pause it and come back later) it will log you out.
As for logging you out when you leave work and get home and try to get back on again but are required to login again. This is because you are going from on IP to another which will require you to login again.

Hope this helps explain what you are experiencing.

Thank you,


Not that I’m aware of.
Though I have tons of things blocked, nothings really changed recently, save for me emptying my internet temp folder and cache trying to figure out what was wrong with IE when Norton killed it for several hours a couple weeks ago.

I use to have a TAN cookie up to that point.
It’s not really much of a big thing, just something I noticed.
I do have my Privacy settings on Medium-High, but I also have on my Allowed site list, so I’m not quite sure why it wouldn’t give me a cookie.


Then why didn’t I have to log back in the other day when I went from work to home? Yes, I understand having to log back in when I’ve changed IP’s that makes sense. What I have problems understanding is why it’s inconsistent in regards to how long I have to be inactive before it logs me out, and why it’s set down around the 2 hour mark. That’s such a short amount of time that it makes the Remember Me option completely useless. I’d expect that if my IP doesn’t change that the Remember Me option would keep me logged in for either 24 hours continuous (like what Yahoo! does, although it ignores changes in IP) or else to require a minimum of 10 hours of inactive time before being logged out (you know, so I could take a shower, get some z’s, and fix something to eat between shows at times, to me that is the point to the Remember Me option after all).

I guess at this point I’m down to asking if there is anyway to have the inactive delay increased to something so that if I was watching a show just before I went to bed that I don’t have to log in again the next morning. Oh, and no the Forum Trick that works for others doesn’t seem to be working for me. I left the forum tab up and logged in since my last post and it still logged me out again. Then again I keep those show tabs around to keep track of which ep I watched last and which shows I want to watch as soon as possible.


Okay, that was different. I just logged in to start working on my WATAMOTE marathon and the checkbox for Remember Me wasn’t there. No idea what happened, but now I know to expect to need to log in everytime I sit down to watch something. It works as a fix for me (so long as it isn’t a bug or something weird acting up around me, that does happen at times).

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