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Majestic Prince / Ginga Kikōtai Majestic Prince

Majestic Prince/Ginga Kikōtai Majestic Prince

Genres: action, romance, science fiction
Themes: Love Triangle, mecha, school, space
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: In the latter half of 21st century, humans leave the Earth and begin to live in space. In order to adapt to the environment in space and deal with the hostile aliens in Jupiter, genetically engineered children called “Princes” are artificially raised and trained to be pilots of armed robots "AHSMB (Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device). This is a story about one of the teenage “Princes”, Hitachi O Izuru, who studies in an academic city Grandzehle.
Number of episodes: 25
Vintage: 2013-04-04 to 2013-09-12

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Gekijōban Ginga Kikōtai Majestic Prince (movie)

Vintage: 2016-11-04

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Majestic Prince Space Robot Manga Has Anime in the Works

posted on 2012-09-25 09:35 EDT
Getbackers co-creator writes sci-fi manga in Monthly Hero’s magazine


I’m impressed that they’re licensing a show so new and are able to obtain a physical release. Does that mean that it is expected to suck in Japan or might it mean something less foreboding?

The background cast looks alright but I’m not sure about the girls with hair that resembles animal ears, especially the redhaired one with the vacuous & pouty expression in the video; I’m not a fan of that character “archetype” but maybe I’ll be surprised (Karbowski/Christian character for the dub lol).

Does the floating boy remind anyone else of Kouta from Uchuu no Stellvia?

I enjoyed the first episode.

Especially when it took actual combat for the team to finally come together. But they still have a ways to go!

Episode 2 –


Team Rabbits got medals! Good for them! But now the pressure will be on to keep up their performance as a team. And now they are celebrities as well. More pressure. I wonder if these kids can handle being instant heroes. And now the enemy has come up with something better too. The team was humiliated.

Episode 3 –


A vacation already? But no matter where Team Rabbits go, they are still the “Failure Five”. They don’t seem to be getting much R&R either, but I did like the freaky pool.

I don’t like that Captain Komine – he seems a bit too arrogant. And when things go south, he refuses to recall the team. Is he trying to get them all killed?

Episode 4 –


It was interesting to see how Rin became involved with Team Rabbits. But getting back to the current battle – it really isn’t going well at all and that Captain is totally incompetent! He still goes against all advice to have the team retreat and orders them to fight on. It was about time that he finally relented and let Rin order a retreat! What an idiot!

Izuru incurs major damage in protecting Kei and the Captain is all ready to abandon him. Izuru assures them that the “hero always makes it back alive”. Team Doberman shows up just in time to save Izuru! And that rotten Captain is miffed that he could not include them in the original fight! The Wulgaru pulls back, so the fight must have done some bit of good.

However, the team members berate themselves for another failure. They are sent back to the Academy while their units are repaired. It was funny when the team found out that their head mechanic is the heiress to Saionji Pharmaceutical, which was Toshikazu’s sponsor. However, it’s sad that these kids have no families and don’t even know what it is to have childhood friends or even childhoods for that matter.

I suspect that mysterious girl is with the Wulgaru. She is very right in saying that when people fail to understand one another, they are destined to fight. And on the way to the academy, Team Rabbits meet Team Doberman face to face. Wonder how that is going to turn out!

Episode 1 is live at ANO

I can’t help but get an unfortunate “Ender’s Game” “vibe” when watching this. That’s a bit of a negative.

I have to agree with The Stream’s review of this (ANN): a bunch of uncooperative, recalcitrant “space delinquents” shouldn’t be our #1 defense. It makes no sense, and it does set the stage for an Ender’s Game sort of BS reveal as the show goes on.

Though since Sentai already has it and plans to release it within the next 7 months I wonder if there’s a point to streaming the whole thing now.

That’s just not going to happen.
Vol. 08 which is the final JP vol. doesn’t even get released until Jan. 24, 2014, so Sentai won’t release it until at least 6 months after that.

And possibly a tad bit longer, since it seems they’re already touting it in their PRs as a “hit series” which means they’re probably going to dub it (along with Girls und Panzer and Devil Survivor 2).

So then what’s the story with their press release that says that they’ll be releasing it on home video later this year?

It’s the same typo that’s was in all of the PRs for this season (save for Photo Kano)

As you can see by the PRs:,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,4/func,view/id,127953/limit,20/limitstart,40/

My guess, they just copy/pasted that line from last season and completely forgot to change the last part to “next year” as almost every series won’t even end it’s JP release run until Nov./Dec.
Which means, it’s almost completely impossible for Sentai to release them all “later this year”.

I’d like to believe that Sentai is going to do the nigh-impossible and release 'em all this year rather than that they made such a heinous typo.

Then again, remembering the bumbled back-of-cover text on the new release of Patlabor from the related business Maiden Japan, such a typographical failing is something I accept is well within the realm of possibilities. I’m just not happy about it. I hold Sentai to higher standards because they elevated themselves to them, so it’s brutal when they fall from 'em.

So since they’ve already gotten it, but aren’t likely to release it this year, then there’s slightly more of a reason for me to watch it than there otherwise was. I’ll have to get around to it.

Episode 2 is live at ANO

Episode 5 –


Team Rabbits goes up against Team Doberman in a training match. Of course the dog gets the rabbit! And they are still the “Fail Five”. I am beginning to think that their first victory was a fluke and the team must be thinking the same thing.

Now, they will be teaming up with Team Doberman for the next mission. It must be something of a relief to know that Team Doberman has a couple of nicknames as well. “Bummer Three” – LOL

Randy gives Izuru a “training film” or “something like that” to watch and it turns out to be porn! While the others flee the room, Izuru and Toshikazu continue to watch and notice that the lead “actress” looks like Suzukaze – how will they ever be able to look at her with a straight face again?

The mission to blow up the enemy base takes a more serious turn when they find many more of the enemy than was to be expected. Team Doberman distracts the enemy while Team Rabbits carries out the mission. It was touch and go there for a minute, but the joint team mission was a success and no lives were lost. But it looks like some of the enemy may have gotten away.

Episode 6 –


Team Rabbits bids farewell to Team Doberman as they have been ordered to return to the Academy. But the enemy is on the way too and all expect a major battle to be forthcoming, so Team Doberman is returning to the frontlines.

Back at the Academy, the team is still the “Fail Five” and even a younger student mistakenly addresses them as Team Fail instead of Team Rabbits. The team is informed that they will be graduating early and joining the army. Their instructor will also be transferring with them.

As the boys pack up their dorm room, they remember first coming to the Academy and being put together as a team. They have some mixed feelings as they leave their room for the last time. They also visit their classroom one last time and the girls meet them there. Finally, they are all ready.

Suzukaze voices her concerns to Simon over Team Rabbits and tells him that they aren’t ready for the army yet and gives him some very valid reasons. However, Simon believes that in order for them to master their skills and equipment, Team Rabbits need to put their very lives on the line.

Their ASHMB units arrive and the team is expected to give a demonstration, but they really don’t want to. I can understand that with the reputation they have at this school. Of course they are worried about failing. They take off and the boys link up into one unit which is pretty cool. But Tamaki messes up her fly by, although the male students didn’t mind too much when Suzukaze’s skirt blew up! However, the team is relieved once the demonstration is over.

The solitary graduation ceremony takes place for just the five team members and they each receive their medal of rank from Commander Simon. It’s a good thing the ceremony was private because Asagi trips going up the stairs to receive his medal. Then again, it was also filmed! Immediately after the ceremony, the team boards their transport to leave the Academy forever. It’s a bittersweet moment for all of them, but Izuru tells them that their home will be wherever their team is. Then he says that they should strive to do their best as “Team Fail”! LOL They are just getting too used to that name!

It got very emotional as the bus pulls out of the gate. The rest of the students were standing alongside the road giving them a final salute. The team stands and returns their salute. Ok, I admit that I teared up! And it looks like things are not going to be very pretty at the frontlines! These kids are in for an awful lot.

Episode 3 is live at ANO

Episode 7 –


It was interesting to see the Wulgaru up close and personal this time as both sides prep for the upcoming battle. Komine is still an idiot and seems more concerned with his appearance than with the battle plan. Although Amane helped to devise the plan, Komine gets to explain it during the press conference. But to give out so much information! Don’t they think the Wulgaru might be listening?

Team Rabbits is on standby as they settle in to their new quarters on Star Rose. But they are thinking more of the forthcoming fight. Izuru’s pit crew consider him one of the family now, but with no memories of “family”, he just tells them that “heroes are supposed to be loners”. However, Izuru is learning, especially later when his pit crew defends him.

Godinion is headed to the front and Team Rabbits awaits their orders to sortie. They are finally ordered to board the AHSMBs. But before the battle even officially begins, the Wulgaru are attacking the first line of defense. Although not completely ready, Komine gives the order to attack! This will be Team Rabbits first large scale battle – will they be able to work with the JURIA – SYSTEM? I’m a bit worried about that.

Episode 4 is live at ANO

Episode 8 –


Team Rabbits is put on reserve and they don’t seem too happy about it. Tamaki brings up the question of what the Wulgaru are like and that gives them all something to think about. That nice Komine begins the attack ahead of schedule and it has little to no effect. But the stupid man did end up attracting the enemy to them. Because of Komine’s early attack, the fleet is as yet unprepared for battle and has to scramble for the enemy’s counterattack.

Team Rabbits is called to action earlier than they expected and blast off. They are told that the enemy has already broken through the first line of defense and is headed towards the second. And they realize that most of their weapons are useless against the Wulgaru. Team Doberman joins the fight as well. But the GDF forces are already suffering heavy losses. Team Doberman and Team Rabbits are doing fairly well, but come to the attention of Prince Jiart. He goes out to meet them and he’s good!

Izuru is ordered to intercept and he quickly finds what he calls the “white fighter”. Red 5 acts without Izuru as it evades Jiart’s initial attack. And the fight is on! Izuru isn’t doing too badly and neither is the rest of Team Rabbits, although they are having some problems. Izuru is shocked to see the white fighter destroy one of his own to get to Izuru. It’s reported that Team Rabbits is not working like a team and that they are all acting independently of one another.

Too involved in his own fight, Izuru contacts Asagi and turns leadership over to him. Finally coming to the realization of being the leader, Asagi takes control of the team and issues his orders to his teammates. Komine goes into a panic when he’s told that even more of the enemy are appearing on the battlefield. Asagi’s plan did a lot of good and his team really came together. But as everyone pulls back to the third line of defense, Izuru is having his own problems. As Red 5’s battle with the white fighter rages on, even Prince Jiart is impressed with Izuru’s skill.

Once again, Komine fires off the main laser and this time the target is hit. But the enemy appears right on top of them and destroys the laser. That really annoyed Komine! It seems that his entire plan was based on that laser. Idiot! Meanwhile, Izuru takes a bad hit and Prince Jiart appears to him. He tells Izuru that they should fight again and instead of finishing him, the Prince takes off. Very strange, but I guess he enjoys fighting a strong opponent. And Izuru discovers that the Wulgaru look human and can even speak! He also realizes that the man in the white fighter resembled that girl he had once seen when he was on vacation. Perhaps another piece of the puzzle has just fallen into place.

Episode 5 is live at ANO