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Maoyu ~ Archenemy & Hero / Maoyū Maō Yūsha

Maoyu ~ Archenemy & Hero


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Genres: comedy, fantasy, romance
Themes: demon girl, demons, economics, medieval
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-01-04
Opening Theme: “Mukaikaze” by YOHKO
Ending Theme: “Unknown Vision” by Akino Arai

Plot Summary: The Human race has long been at war with the Demon race, and the powerful champion of the human race, Hero, has finally fought his way to confront and kill the king of the Demons. However, when he finally meets her it is definitely not what he was expecting. The two of them become bonded by love and a secret pact is made between Hero and Demon King to engineer equal peace and prosperity for both races. However there is a long road ahead to prepare both sides to come to peace and a war behind the scenes must be waged. Success will bring an end to the war, but failure will get them branded as traitors and executed. (from ANN)

Maoyū Maō Yūsha Fantasy Novels Inspire TV Anime

posted on 2012-06-27 11:45 EDT
Touno Mamare’s story has sold 450,000 copies since 2010

Episode 3 –


The Demon Queen’s answer to starvation? Her secret weapon? Potatoes!

maoyu - potatoes

I’m enjoying this anime so far. The Demon Queen is a little ahead of her time – well, human’s time – in her ideas and methods. I also like that she mentions slicing the potatoes thinly, frying them in oil and adding a little salt! And apparently “no one can eat just one”! These demons have some crazy ideas!

I also like that the Demon Queen is so big on education, although it must have seemed strange in those days. She also has good agricultural ideas, even to the point of using mulch made with fish. But, I can see where her wisdom could cause many problems in a close-minded society.

I’ve been thinking this one may be a Sentai title (along with the 2 other Kadokawa titles from this season) since they popped up on AoD for free as well as CR.
But Sentai has yet to send out a PR for it (or the others) as of yet.

I’m having to play serious catch up right now, so I haven’t gotten around to this one.
However, if it is indeed a Sentai title, I will have no other choice but to add it to my Watching list.

Episode 4 –


I know the Head Maid is devoted to the Queen, but she really likes to put her down. She often calls her useless and unladylike and complains about her ugly flesh. It isn’t very nice of her and the Queen is so inexperienced and unsure of herself that she believes the Head Maid. At least the merchants think she’s smart and beautiful, so I hope that boosts her confidence!

The Queen shows them another secret weapon of hers – corn this time. She explains an amazing plan to them, but they wonder what she wants in return. She tells them that she just wants an end to the war – neither a victory nor a defeat – just an end. Of course the merchants are put into shock by her request. And I can’t believe that they brought assassins with them and are so ready to use them over the Queen’s request. I know there is more profit if they keep the war going, but the Queen is offering them a more profitable enterprise it they would only just think about it.

I’m glad the Head Maid has the ghosts outside! But unfortunately, I won’t get to see how they fight. The assassins were given a signal to retreat and the merchants and the Queen make an agreement. I think both the merchants are already half in love with the Queen and one even proposes marriage to her! Whether true or just a jest, I don’t think the Hero would have appreciated it. And I don’t think the Queen has ever had her hand kissed in such a romantic way – if she’s ever had her hand kissed that is. Hero has been gone so long! I hope he comes back soon.

And he’s such a sneak! He has been returning, but only to write letters to the Queen. What a coward! Even the Head Maid knows he’s avoiding the Queen. He thinks the Queen doesn’t need him, but that is still a cowardly excuse not to see her. At least he can admit that he’s scared, but he doesn’t even find much comfort in the encouragement the Head Maid gives him. And I think it’s pretty funny that the Queen now sleeps with her life-sized Hero “practice” pillow!

maoyu hug pillow
maoyu - hero pillow 1

Episode 5 –

[details=Spoiler]It’s nice that the Queen has gained a female friend in the Knight, although they are still rivals for Hero’s affections. The New Year’s gifts from the Maids were very thoughtful and I think both the Queen and the Head Maid were deeply touched by their gesture.

The Queen really misses Hero and is so lonely without him. Good of the coward to finally return to her! Bad of him to be gone for an entire year! I don’t blame the Queen for beating him up with her Hero pillow! And I don’t think he should have mentioned all the girls he met either. It also seems the Head Maid told Hero all about the Queen’s admirers too. Jealousy abounds!

But did Hero have to react by crying? No wonder the Queen calls him a “weakling”. Hero calls the Queen “flabby” and I like her idea of exercise – jumping up and down on her bed! They continue to call each other names until they hear the music from the New Year’s festival. Then the Queen worries that she hasn’t made herself pretty enough for Hero’s return and won’t let him see her.

He did right in telling her that it didn’t matter and tells her that she is “always pretty and wonderful”. He then invites her to dance and teleports them to the main hall. Funny that the Queen is still holding her Hero doll. They danced well together even though they both claimed they really didn’t know how to dance. And they almost kissed too! Why did the music have to end right then? And they become awkward with one another again.

Hero goes off to re-take Gate City and the Queen chides him not to stay away so long this time. I hope he visits more often as well. Meanwhile the war rages on. Both of them promise to meet next on the battlefield.[/details]

Episode 6 –

[details=Spoiler]While the Queen tries to explain the concept of war to the Big Sister Maid, Hero is using illusions to fight his battles. That was a good one with the “Dead Knight” and the fairies as floating skulls! The nightmares were a good idea too. The Queen, disguised as the “Crimson Scholar” arrives at the garrison and meets with the King of the Winter Country. She has a plan to take Bright Light Island. Interesting that they build a bridge of ice to reach the island. Good thinking!

With the Knight acting as general, the enemy is engaged. Unfortunately the bridge is also attacked by the demons. The bridge is secured, but with a heavy loss of life and many injuries. The next problem to be faced is the fact that the island is covered in natural caves – plenty of places for the demons to hide and attack. The fortress is strong with the demon’s “Ice General” in charge. But the Queen announces her plan.

She has reinforcements coming from Gate City to aid them. And then Hero teleports in! He scared the heck out of everyone too coming right into the tent like that! The Queen – um, Crimson Scholar – was happy to see him, but the Knight was even happier. The Queen didn’t seem to like the way the Knight threw herself at Hero. And I don’t think Hero did either. She was a bit too clingy!

As Hero’s reinforcements deal with the demons, the Ice General makes his appearance. As strong as this demon is – he can wipe out an entire troop with one blow – the Knight goes out to face him alone. They are actually pretty well matched. Of course the Knight wins and with the Ice General’s death, the human side has won and Bright Light Island is taken!

The Queen is happy but saddened by the loss of the demons. It was sweet of Hero to put a comforting arm around her. At a later banquet given by the Winter King, the Crimson Scholar and the Knight – both beautifully gowned by the way – are honored. I never thought to see the Knight dressed that way! Hero watches from a balcony and prefers to stay behind the scenes. I can understand that.[/details]

I tried watching this show. Like Spice & Wolf, the “economics” of the show are pretty lackluster; you’re going to learn more from the single ep of GitS:SAC with the stock-trading computer than from this whole show.

I’m not a fan of classless fanservice or the “dynamic” that the demon queen and the protagonist have. The only reason I made it through Spice & Wolf was because of J Michael Tatum completely changing how I perceived the relationship between Lawrence/Holo. Naturally I can only take the relationship in the subbed version of Maoyu as it is presented, and I’m not really sold on it.

I’d say strong female & male characters or bust, but you know… :smiley: :silly:

However, if Sentai does dub it, I’ll be on it like white on rice.

Episode 7 –

[details=Spoiler]Love triangle! As Hero and the Queen try to spend some time together, the Knight keeps showing up, looking very annoyed. At least things are a little better after the last battle, but it probably won’t last for long. And it seems there might be another lady in the picture – the Dragon Princess. Hero goes back to Gate City as the Black Knight and funny enough, the Dragon Princess announces herself as the Black Knight’s wife!

Back home, there is another earthquake, but they don’t appear to be natural occurrences. The Queen makes a decision to return to the Underworld for a little while. But I wonder why the Head Maid looks so unhappy. The Queen is still sharing her knowledge and inventions. There is a pump house at the manor now and their new weapon is a printing press! Hero thinks it’s amazing, but I wonder how it will help in the war.

I had to laugh again when the Knight caught the Queen trying to sneak into Hero’s room that night! And with her pillow no less! At least it wasn’t her Hero pillow. The Knight is just as bad – she was bringing tea to Hero’s room in her nightgown. As they argue over who should get to go into Hero’s room, it was funny that the Head Maid appeared and said she would go in, so the ladies wouldn’t have to fight over him. The ladies didn’t like that idea either so the Head Maid tosses both of them into Hero’s room!

They wake Hero up and as they continue their “negotiations” it looks as if he may just fall back asleep. He does and that upsets the ladies even more. They both end up in bed with him and then start arguing over embarrassing moments. I doubt Hero will be getting much sleep with these two in his bed talking all night, although he’s pretending to. The Queen does tell the Knight that she must rerun to the Demon Realm to renew her Demon King license and will be gone for a few months. She will take the Head Maid with her but leave Hero behind. I wonder how Hero feels about that since he can hear her.

Interesting that she is leaving Knight in charge and asks her to take care of Hero – I know she will. The next day, Hero isn’t sure he shouldn’t go with her, but the Queen tells him that the White Night Country may need him. Then she says she’s leaving him in charge. The Earth Fairy ring she gives Older Sister Maid is kind of cool. It will let her impersonate the Queen if needed. Hero teleports them, but he and the Queen only shake hands and promise to see each other soon. And elsewhere, another plot is in the making![/details]

Episode 8 –

[details=Spoiler]Older Sister Maid has to impersonate the Queen when the Merchant visits, but he sees right through her. Thankfully, Hero is there to save the day. It seems they knew one another in the past. Both see changes in the other for the better. Hero reminds Merchant of his past promise to treat him to a feast with “lots of hot busty girls”. It was funny when Merchant asked him when he wanted his banquet and Hero just lays a hand on his shoulder and says “now”, teleporting him to Gate City in the Demon Realm.

I’m not too sure how the Merchant feels about this, especially when Hero tells him that the Queen is a demon. Hero explains that demons and humans here live a peaceful coexistence. The Merchant is a bit surprised to see others of his alliance here and Hero explains that Gate City is neutral territory.

Funny that of all the people to come and greet them, it is the Dragon Princess, with the promise of the finest banquet possible. And elsewhere, it seems the Queen has found Hero’s missing friend. After a wonderful feast, Hero asks the Merchant his thoughts. When Merchant describes the city as “an orchard where the fruit is made of gold”, Hero offers to sell it to him and names his price.

The Queen is about to enter the sacred chamber and I am a little shocked to learn that she may become something dangerous enough for the Head Maid to have to kill. Back in the human world, Hero is facing another problem. Knight pledges her fealty to Hero, but I don’t think he wants it. He is reluctant but finally accepts. Now, Hero is her master and Knight is completely his.

The Winter King receives a special messenger from the Light and is ordered to mobilize his army immediately, before “they” can escape. The Merchant also receives a note and is surprised. Knight needs to be recalled to the priory because something terrible has happened. At the estate, there is a late night pounding on the door. The Winter King has come to tell them that the Crimson Scholar has been labeled a heretic!

Stupid backwards church! They say the potato is a “demon Crop” and her farming methods are evil and she teaches nothing of the church in her practices. Thus she is a heretic and it has been demanded that she be turned over to the Light Spirit immediately. Since the Queen will be gone for two months, they cannot think of what to do, but Hero says he will take care of it.

He will allow the Older Sister Maid to be arrested as she impersonates the Queen, but once she is out of the Winter Country, Hero will rescue her. This way, the Winter King cannot be held responsible. It doesn’t sound like a very good plan to the others, but Hero is insistent and he will do it alone which causes a bit of a commotion. However, the others have no choice but to go along with him.[/details]

For once I’d like one of these shows where the protagonist is a “genius” and the show is supposed to display some “arcane” subject like economics to actually try.

Could we please stop setting these shows in a “medieval” setting and having the main character bring the “Renaissance”? I realize that doing such would require the authors to actually, gasp, think but is that too much to ask? :ohmy:

If nothing else, could people stop billing these shows as being “thinkers” when they are far from it? Y’all keep getting my hopes up. That’s cruel :wink:

Episode 9 –

[details=Spoiler]The church is losing power and influence and so it is calling for a Third Crusade. At least the people are on the side of the Crimson Scholar and don’t believe that she’s a heretic. And why would they? Food is plentiful for a change, thanks to her. Good to see that there is some sense in the world.

The Winter King turns over Older Sister Maid, posing as the Scholar, to the Messenger. He has her arrested and put in chains. He tells the assembled crowd that she is a servant of the demons and she is whipped by two guards until blood flows. Still they whip her and the people weep. Bravely she rises to her feet and addresses the crowd. The Scholar tells them that she was born a serf and tells her story.

The Scholar gives the people an impassioned speech and tells them that she is human and has a soul. The people listen to her until the Messenger knocks her down with his staff. Even he felt her message. But the Scholar keeps talking. She tells everyone to never stop wishing or working, for the Light Spirit brought life to humanity. The earth brought them wealth and the Light Spirit brought them freedom – freedom to learn and improve themselves. She tells them never to give up just to make life easier and that no one can take these gifts from them. Not the king and certainly not the church.

The Messenger knocks her down again, telling the heretic to be quiet, but she refuses, telling him that she will never return to darkness. The Messenger orders the crowd to stone her, but no on moves. He tells them that anyone refusing to stone her shall be branded an enemy of the church and still no one moves. The Scholar rises once again and tells the people to stone her – that they must in order to protect themselves and their families and that she will not blame them. But only if they wish to – not because someone has ordered it. She encourages them to think for themselves. Not one person moves or speaks.

The Scholar finally gives in to all she has been through and falls to her knees. The people begin to throw the stones, but not at the Scholar. They stone the Messenger! He calls them enemies of the church and asks the Winter King why he isn’t arresting everyone. The king shrugs and the Messenger calls to his guards to behead the Scholar. A guard raises a sword to her bowed head and the people stone him with cries of “No!” Silently, the Scholar apologizes to Hero for not letting him handle things. She feels that she did what she had to. She also wishes that she could have called the Head Maid “teacher”.

The guard raises his sword again and the Messenger yells out “Kill her!” But as he brings his sword down, he is suddenly blocked by the Winter King’s sword. The King was ashamed of himself for being an “insect” but now he will take a stand. The pride of his people has moved him and he will side with the Scholar. The Knight then makes her statement, saying that she is shamed by the actions of her church. The Winter King announces that his country will offer its protection o the Crimson Scholar. The Knight says that the Lakeside Convent declares the Scholar a saint. This makes the crowd ecstatically happy! They yell for the Messenger to return from whence he came.

The Knight and the King tell the Messenger to leave and he calls them a “nation of blasphemers”. He tells them that their days are numbered now that they’ve gone against the church. He leaves and from a rooftop, Hero watches them go. I’m not sure if he’s pleased by what happened or is thinking of what’s to come from this incident. And it looks like another player is about to enter upon the stage, for he has “seen” Older Sister Maid and declares himself as one that is to rule all the world. Hero later praises the maid for what she did, telling her that words can stop an army.[/details]

Episode 10 –

[details=Spoiler]Now because of that incident and Older Sister Maid’s impassioned speech, they have picked a fight with the Central Nations and on top of that, the serfs are close to rebellion against the landowners. The people in the Southern Nations want independence. How will the royal family respond? They can free the serfs, but if they do, it would be considered an act of defiance against the Central Nations and would cause a war that they can ill afford.

Hero just can’t understand what the Central Nations and the church want anymore. Knight tells him that they want to unite the world under the banner of the Light Spirit, but in reality, they covet the world’s riches for themselves – but not just riches, they also want power, respect and knowledge. In order to keep their position, the church impoverishes everyone else. Hero just can’t see a way around this. But perhaps he has an idea……….

Merchant receives word that the Lakeside Convent has broken from the church and formed their own, calling it the “True Church of the Light Spirit” and have made it the national religion, which amuses the Merchant. He knows that it is probably Hero’s idea and considers it a brilliant move; it has thrown the Central Church into chaos. Merchant is also informed that the serfs have been freed. Merchant is also intrigued by the paper that the announcement has come on and the fact that the words seem to be stamped into it. The messenger tells him that a great many such papers are being distributed among the people. And Merchant remembers something that the Scholar once told him. Merchant makes his plans.

Unfortunately, Hero’s plan is not going well, since most peasants are illiterate. An idea is given to compose a song that will carry their message to others, but Older Sister Maid voices her reasons for it being a bad idea and comes up with a simpler song idea to attract more people to the Southern Nations. Merchant has a plan in place to make more money and perhaps ruin the Central Nations in the process. He also wants to move the Alliance HQ to the Lake Country, near the Southern Triad and the Lakeside Convent.

At Gate City, Sir Cloud Dragon complains of the lack of salt since they lost Bright Light Island and its supply. The Dragon Princess confers with the Eastern Fortress General, telling him of the Azure Demons and giving him a warning that they are the ones with the most desire to conquer the Human World. Of course, this worries the General. Meanwhile, wheat prices are rising – just as the Merchant wanted them to. His next step is to purchase the following season’s wheat from the larger landholders.

Word of this has reached the Southern Nations. The Holy Capital is slowly becoming bankrupt and the Central Nations may look to the Southern Triad for supplies. However, if that happens, their economy will also be destroyed. If they levy a heavy tax on the export of wheat and potatoes, that may save them, but it’s still a sticky situation. I really think they need the Demon Queen at this point!

The Dragon Princess meets with the Merchant to ask about a supply of salt. She tells him that salt is a very valuable commodity in the Demon Realm and I can see the sudden greed in the Merchant’s eyes. She really risked her life in coming to him too, but Merchant does see much opportunity in this meeting between them.

War has officially been declared against the Southern Nations and the church has excommunicated them as well. This is their response to the export taxes levied against them. The war will commence in ten days. This is not what Hero wanted, because he knows it isn’t what the Queen would have wanted. She would have found a different solution and avoided war. Hero asks the Winter King how long they can fight without anyone dying on either side. He says that the weather – snow – would be a major factor, so maybe four weeks. It appears that Hero may have another plan as he smiles his acceptance of the king’s word.[/details]

I also enjoyed this story and the characters very much, although I found the ending a little disappointing. For me, it seemed a little open, but perhaps that means that someday, there will be more to the story. Fingers crossed!


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Well now, a dub could definitely improve this one, with spice and wolf (can’t believe I watched that subbed) as the precedent.

Yay! Love this show, definitely adding this one to my collection.

Excellent choice, Sentai! :slight_smile:

Would knowing whether or not this will have a dub and having it up for preorder in the near future be what is known as a “pipe dream”? :wink:

Would knowing whether or not this will have a dub and having it up for preorder in the near future be what is known as a “pipe dream”? ;)[/quote]

Whether it’ll be dubbed or not is still unknown, but chances are, since it’s near the end of the month when they announced this, it’ll probably pop up on the June solicitations in the next week or two, which means it’ll go up for pre-order at that time.


Would knowing whether or not this will have a dub and having it up for preorder in the near future be what is known as a “pipe dream”? ;)[/quote]
Whether it’ll be dubbed or not is still unknown, but chances are, since it’s near the end of the month when they announced this, it’ll probably pop up on the June solicitations in the next week or two, which means it’ll go up for pre-order at that time.[/quote]
That’s better than I expected to hear.