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Mardock Scramble Is Saying Farewell - Get 70% Off


*70% Off Mardock Scramble: The Trilogy online at to residents in the United States while supplies last. Limited to two per customer, per item, on all sale items. Sentai Filmworks reserves the right to adjust quantities and/or cancel orders that do not comply with this limit. Sentai Filmworks reserves the right to amend, restrict or rescind this offer at any time.


Currently in “Low Stock”

If purchased individually, with shipping costs, it comes to $22.67.

Last chance to get it directly from Sentai.



That’s a little bit of a shame. Angel Beats took only 4 days to sell out, while Mardock Scramble took 20. (As of right now, it’s still listed as “In Stock” BTW)

Rune Balot is no longer part of the Sentai family :frowning:

Makes you wonder, how long will No.6, Persona 4, A-Channel, Inu X Boku, and Tsuritama stay around during their respective “Out Of Print Sales” :thinking: