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I’ve heard that a modern Western starring Marvel’s Star Lord is opening the same day as Captain Marvel.

Based on the reviews for Captain Marvel, between the two “Period Piece” films, I’d rather see the one set in the 1880s than the 1990s :wink:

Which reminds me, as I recall Jude Law stars in Captain Marvel and the “rule of thumb” for him is that he excels in period pieces. I remember the buzz from the early trailer being that he stole the show from Larson. Did that show stealing carry over to the actual film?

Also, why does Ben Mendelsohn keep getting cast nowadays as kinda wimpy, one-dimensional characters who are often cheesy villains: Rogue One, Robin Hood, Ready Player One, and now Captain Marvel?

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March 7, 2019

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I saw Capt. Marvel today. I thought it was good. Not great, mind you, but a good intro movie. The first After Credit Cutscene is what you think it is, The 2nd resolves something earlier in the movie.


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who? i have seen Ready Player One on VOD many times just shaking my head ad all the fan-service. expecting it to turn into hentai…

Really don’t know who the guy is since i tried to watch Rogue One at least 40 times and always fell asleep before Forest Whitaker’s character showed up. Disney non-Disney movies just lack… everything, and their live action version of animated films are worse.

I have seen 2 of the Iron Man’s, the Kirsten Dunst Spiderman, Ed Norton Hulk, all 3 Fantastic Four, and a plethora of the X-men movies…

Even th DC movies i have seen, the only ones i have liked is the first and 2nd X-Men movie, and the 2nd wasnt really anything to write home about. all the Wolverine movies and Logan seemd jsut like cash grabs on the name.

Disney really knows how to kill franchises. They say there are 20 Disney MArvel movies? i saw 2 of them? Seen none of the Captain America, Avengers, Thor, etc.

I was always a Fantastic Four fan, and wll those movies should never be talked about again, and hopefully isney wont rush to remake them because people are tired of the failures.

Ben Mendelsohn plays the wimpy, cynical male villain in that film whose evil plan is to obtain ownership of OASIS, the VR world, and fill it with pop-up ads. His character name was “Nolan Sorrento”.

…which reminds me, if the “mature” content had been taken out of Ready Player One, it might have done better. It seemed like a kids’ film at heart IMO, with the “adult” content tacked on.

In Rogue One, he plays Krennic, the wimpy male villain who builds the Death Star but lets Grand Moff Tarkin steal credit for the construction, and he doesn’t handle that well. FWIW, I believe that he appears on-screen before Forrest Whittaker’s character does.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Mendelsohn also appeared as a wimpy villain in a DC movie, The Dark Knight Rises: he was John Daggett, the petty rich guy who bankrolled Bane’s plan to take over Gotham City & bankrupt Bruce Wayne.

E: I hear that he might not play a villain per se in Captain Marvel as the Skrull were changed in that film from their comic book origins. On a side note it doesn’t seem that the plot summary on Wikipedia for the Captain Marvel film is written in a way that’d be clear for people who haven’t seen the film.

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March 13, 2019

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