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March 15, 2019

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there was adult content? i guess HBO must have removed it or something, because i saw more adult content in Titan AE when Drew Barrymore’s character was trying to come out of the shower and Brad Pitt’s character was laying/floating nude on the medical table.

in all honesty i think they tried to cram too much into the movie. things for older fans, but a very subdued story.

i do recall the shoulder pad wearing guy in the first scenes looking for Urso. So that was the same person? He didn’t leave much of an impression at all. Robert Downey Jr left a bigger impression in Wierd Science than that guy did in either of those movies. :confused:

and this person makes a valid point that it is good to have a Captain Marvel movie.

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The profanity & the “sex suit” made it unsuitable as a kids movie, but it seemed like it was a movie meant for kids to me.


Now that X-Men and The Avengers can be joined in the marvel cinematic universe, I agree that could be a good way to do it.

oh the “synaptic fiber crotch” whatever… i remember. Artemis playing the modern tease.

dont forget not only Xmen, but Fantastic Four now is ready to join the MCU. I could see them going to their roots, with this Skrull thing if they are still around, because they always had problems with the skrulls, and could even team up with Spiderman again.

the wierdness however is the presence of those in Endgame, tells you who to expect to return or not as sequels. Black Panther 2 is obviously going to happen, that is why he is so far from this battle, same for Spiderman. They were recently in the cartoons together also. Though i don’t think this Spiderverse would play well as the Spidey to team with him since Homecoming Spiderman got a big presence and liking and Spiderman has already been rebooted 3 times, another time might not go over very well.

Afleck probably killed to potential for any new Daredevil, and the merc with the mouth, makes him a bit redundant too. Deadpool was another not in the Endgame poster.

Blade and Punisher have recently had movies so they are really running out of big names. Shadowcat, She-hulk, Gambit, Squirrel Girl, not many large names left for MCU to use in movies, because everyone else has recently had a movie, or some streaming series.

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