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Megazone 23 (OAVs)

If not then what are you waiting for?

It’s on the online player for subscribers and its also $14.39 for the older complete set at Rightstuf right now.
Megazone 23 DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

If you want the newer one its $22.49:
Megazone 23 DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

Totally worth it. This is a nice short action filled sci-fi series that is perfect to show to someone who has never seen anime before. A cool ahead of it’s time story as well.

I’m actually thinking about picking this up the next chance I get. Saw a few episodes here at TAN. The boxset is pretty cheap.

Don’t forget if you want to watch this on the Online Player it expires July 31st,2010. Great and classic show.

Ok, I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but why did they change character design every single movie? It bothered me so much I almost didn’t watch part II and III. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first one, but II and III design just bothered me, it was sketchy and not quite as interesting as the first. Is there any specific reasoning for it?

It has been way to long since I did any kind of research into the title ,but I can only assume the different character designers for each part is at least part of the reason. Sorry can’t remember anymore . Getting old does that to ya. :laugh:

Seeing that they changed directors, I am thinking the new director wanted to go another way. I personally agree that Mikimoto’s designs were better looking, that said they did look a little too familiar with Macross, which he also designed. Possibly, I think Haruhiko Mikimoto took one of his breaks. If you see his volume of work compared to others it is not as huge for how long he has been doing it.

I guess he did Eve in PartII, but her overall look changed too.

As for Yasuomi Umetsu; I do like his overall work, He is the guy who designed Kite, mezzo Forte. Megazone 23 was one of his earlier works as a character designer. it might look scetchy, but his overall look is highly detailed… probably too much for 86. Lots of lines in the hair, and angular faces. Look up his OAV take on Gatchaman in the 90’s, it looks a lot more crisp

I have no clue why it changed again for III, other than it had been a few years since PartII. And it was 89, and Umetsu just did the overseeing.

This reminds me of watching Maison Ikkoku the Movie. They drastically changed the look of the cast so much to update, or age them, that it detracted from the story.

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High-profile Eighties OAV series gets an HD-remastered release for Japanese home video

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October 29, 2015 5:55am CDT
Four-disc set will be released on November 27

TFP: Thirty Years Later: Megazone 23 Part II Anime OAV

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AIC Ad: New Megazone 23, Pretty Sammy Projects in the Works

posted on 2017-02-21 06:57 EST
Brand-new Megazone 23 work, Megazone 23 remake, Pretty Sammy sequel

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TV anime planned for Megazone 23 XI with Monogatari, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure designers

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May 07, 2017 5:45pm CDT
Campaign sits at 94% funded

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TV anime planned for Megazone 23 XI with Monogatari, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure designers

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Ongoing crowdfunding campaign met goal for promo video

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TV anime planned for remake with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character designer

Megazone 23 SIN Remake Project Meets Crowdfunding Goal on Last Day

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Project also reveals new giant transforming Garland design

AIC Launches 2nd Megazone 23 XI Anime Crowdfunding Campaign

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New campaign to supplement previously successful campaign

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Megazone 23 OVA’s Original Paper Scroll Credits Shown on Twitter

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Megazone 23 Reboot Project Only Remakes Part I & II

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