Online Player has only 3/4ths of Megazone 23

The Online Player is missing 50 minutes from /Anime/Megazone-23/Watch.
It has Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3B. Missing is Episode 3A.

“Episode 1” = 1st OVA, 80 minutes.
“Episode 2” = 2nd OVA, 80 minutes.
“Episode 3B” = 2nd half of 3rd OVA, “Day of Liberation”, 50 minutes.
. . . What’s missing is:
“Episode 3A” = 1st half of 3rd OVA, “The Awakening of Eve”, 50 minutes.

The missing part introduces the characters (Eiji, EVE, Ryo, Bud, Jacob, Sion, Wang-Dai) and describes what happens before martial law is declared. From the Episode Summaries:

Gamemaster Eiji Takanaka is the hottest player on the virtual circuit, but when he takes on a job for the mysterious E=X Corp, he finds himself in real trouble! Like Shougo before him, Eiji is caught in a deadly war and running for his life; and once again the battle leads to the artificial intelligence known as EVE.[/quote]

The Online Player has just Part 3B, which starts in the middle of the action, after martial law had shut down the city.

*) - Part III: The Awakening of Eve vs Part Final: Day of Liberation.
*) - Runtime = 100 min (2 episodes).
*) - Running time: 51 minutes per episode; 2 episodes.

No wonder megazone part 3 felt like it started off odd - I thought that’s part of why it’s infamous (though the first parts are great). :wink: I’ll let them know.

They’ll be working on it after this holiday weekend. :slight_smile:

We’re recapturing Part 3 from the master. It’ll take a little while to get prepped for the site. I’ll post here when it is up and ready.

The problem has been fixed!

dragoon wrote:

Hurray, ep 3 is now 1 hour 42 minutes (2 x 51) long.

I noticed a slight discrepency on the has this:

of Episodes: 3

Running Time: 81 minutes

That last bit should be:
Running Time: 81 minutes, 81 minutes, 51+51 minutes.