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Metal Fighter Miku


[size=16]Metal Fighter Miku[/size]

ANN Info Page

[quote]Genres: comedy, science fiction, tournament
Themes: wrestling
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 1994-07-08 to 1994-09-30

Plot Summary: In the near future, the sports world is dominated by Neo Wrestling, a new spectacle in which Metal Fighters challenge each other to be named champion. The story follows the girls of the Pretty Four; Miku, Ginko, Sayaka, and Nana, as they face off against the current champions, Team Sapphire. With a burnt out drunk named Eiichi Suo for a coach the girls must not only contend with problems in the arena but also unforeseen circumstances that arise in day to day life. Only through protecting their friends, understanding their enemies, and eventually challenging their idol Aquamarine, can Miku and the girls understand Eiichi’s purpose and the shady secrets behind Neo Wrestling.[/quote]


I only saw a few episodes, but I really enjoyed it. Loved the battle gear!


We’re up to episode 9 on SVOD currently.

This one surprised me a bit.
When I first looked it up after checking the schedule before it came to VOD, it didn’t sound like something I’d enjoy and after watching the first episode, I had quite a few problems with it (especially the older dub production quality).
However, after watching about 4 or 5 episodes, it started to really grow on me, though the dub quality still makes me cringe from time to time.


I actually watched this on dvd a few years ago and loved it espically as a wrestling fan. I been rewatching it on vod and it is still a fun show.


There was a Miku before the vocaloid?!

Nice, vintage anime, might check it out


Just finished up episode 11.

That nun tilling the ground and Miku feeling the aura cracked me up.
That senerio, almost word for word, was taken directly from Eiji Yoshikawa’s Musashi book.[/details]


Reminder: This show expires from the Online Player on Friday, April 22.

It’s FREE to watch, so if you haven’t seen it, now’s the time!